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Friday, October 31, 2008


Job Search Site Launches Canadian Website

Job search site Simply Hired recently launched its new page geared toward Canadian users. The site is expected to include over 150,000 job announcements gathered from a variety of job boards, content-based websites, newspapers, job organizations and company career pages throughout the country. Currently this job search site has over seven million job announcements listed for locations all over the world.

“The launch of the Canada website is an integral part of Simply Hired’s effort to expand our mission in building the largest worldwide job search engine.” said the site’s co-founder and CEO Gautam Godhwani in a recent press release. “We want to continue making the job search process a positive experience globally and leverage the successful business model we have built in the U.S.”

Unlike many career sites where employers must sign up to have their job posted, Simply Hired pulls listings from the web and gives users the ability to access the all in one place. Since many businesses only list their openings on one or two sites, this can significantly decrease the amount of time a job seeker spends trying to find positions on the Internet. Users only have to enter a keyword and a location in the provided search field and Simply Hired yields results the job seeker would not be able to access unless they used multiple sites.

In addition to being a time saver, also has several features that make finding a job easier. Users can filter their results by location, job type, education and experience. An advanced search option is also available that allows job seekers to weed out positions that don’t match their specific criteria. Preferences can also be set so that a search only returns jobs that were added after the last checked the website.

“Simply Hired not only wants to provide consumers with a tool to simplify their job search, but can benefit employers and publishers as well,” said Sachin Shah, who is the company’s Director of Product Management. “As we expand globally, we intend to create solutions that will continue to benefit the whole Internet recruitment industry.”

Aside from maintaining their own network of job sites, Simply Hired also powers the job channel for MySpace UK and supplements LinkedIn’s job board with positions from a variety of different countries.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Chicago Job Expected Through MillerCoors Relocation

MillerCoors LLC, the beer making giant, has signed a 15-year-lease in a downtown Chicago office building, as it plans to relocate its headquarters from Milwaukee and Colorado to the Windy City. The move, a joint venture of Molson Coors Brewing Co. and SABMiller PLC, is expected in June 2009. The new offices will eventually house nearly 400 Chicago jobs.

Following a transaction to combine the U.S. and Puerto Rico operations of Milwaukee-based Miller Brewing Co. and Coors Brewing Company of Golden, Colo., the newly formed MillerCoors selected Chicago as the home city for its corporate headquarters.

The company announced over the summer that it would consolidate its headquarters and has been in negotiations with AEW Capital Management L.P., a Boston investment firm, to ink the deal for approximately 130,000 square feet of office space.

The new location provides a unique opportunity to establish MillerCoors identity as a beer company in downtown Chicago, MillerCoors chief executive officer Leo Kiely said.

“We are a beer company and you’ll know that as soon as you walk through the doors of our Chicago headquarters,” said Kiely. “The offices will showcase our brands and create a work environment that inspires our employees’ passion for beer.”

The headquarters will house a majority of MillerCoors senior executives, as well as marketing, human resources, legal, finance, information technology and communications divisions.

Chicago-based architecture and interior design firm VOA has been selected for the interior design and construction of the headquarters. As part of the project, VOA will develop sustainable and environmentally responsible designs.

The new headquarters will be ready for occupancy in June 2009 and will join Milwaukee and Golden as major business locations for the joint venture.

MillerCoors will continue to maintain significant operations in Milwaukee and Golden and plans to make major investments in both breweries, as well as in civic, cultural and sports sponsorships throughout Wisconsin and Colorado, according to MillerCoors management.

“Milwaukee will always be the home of Miller beer, and Golden will always be the home of Coors beer,” Kiely said.


Monday, October 27, 2008


HR Software Providers Recognized for Excellence

Earlier this month, Human Resource Executive magazine recognized the winners of its 20th Annual Top HR and Top Training Products of the Year awards at a luncheon held during the Technology Conference & Exposition at McCormick Place in Chicago. A variety of HR software, applicant tracking systems and recruiting software providers were awarded the honor of being able to call themselves the best in the businesses.

"For 20 years, Human Resource Executive(R) magazine has recognized excellence and innovation in the HR vendor community with its Top 10 HR and Top Training products awards," said David Shadovitz, who is the editor-in-chief and co- publisher of Human Resource Executive(R) and also the co-chair of the conference. "This year's contest attracted a much wider array of solutions that seem to be mastering software integration and the use of Web 2.0 technology. We're happy to once again be able to recognize the industry's most innovative developers and their products that are delivering on their promises and making HR's job easier during the 11th Anniversary HR Technology Conference & Exposition(R)."

The top three choices for HR software, applicant tracking systems, recruiting software and training products will be featured in the HRE’s October issue and are as follows:

Other’s to be included in the top 10 of esteemed HR software and product providers included: Avature USA’s Recruiting CRM, HighRoads Inc,’s The Lab, JWT INSIDE Track, Keneza SimSJT, HumanConcepts’ OrgPlus Enterprise Blueprint, LinkedIn Corporate Solutions’ LinkedIn Recruiter and HireRight, Inc.’s HireRight Enterprise.

The top training products of the year were FraklinCovey and Ninth House’s The 7 Habits for Highly Effective People (Interactive Edition), Talent Keepers Inc.’s Onboard Connection and ELT Inc.’s Wage & Hour.


Sunday, October 26, 2008


Massage Therapy Jobs in Atlanta

Hoping to aid those looking for Atlanta massage therapy jobs, the Atlanta School of Massage recently announced the launch of its newest resource. Those who graduate from the school will now have access to a Career Services Website where employment opportunities will be posted.

The website does not only focus on jobs in the Atlanta area. Instead the school’s career search page gives graduates the ability to browse job announcements throughout the state. Currently, there are around 45 new listed positions on the website each month, including jobs at both spas and salons.

This field of employment has been growing for sometime, but now there are more individuals entering into training for these positions. Because of this, competition is increasing. A spokesperson for the Atlanta School of Massage said that it remains focused on helping it’s students find the best jobs possible. In order to this, the school maintains relationships with over 1,000 different employers in the field.

"Our graduates directly reflect our expert instructors, our proven curriculum, and the hands-on commercial experience of our popular Student Clinic," said the Atlanta School of Massage’s president Leticia Allen. "That combination gives them the ingredients for success in massage therapy careers: a strong foundation in a variety of massage techniques, scientific knowledge of the human body, sound communication skills and a clear understanding of business practices."

Because of the skills graduates from the school possess, many employers throughout Georgia prefer them.

“If we had out choice we’d only hire from Atlanta School of Massage,” said a representative of Massage Envy in a recent message to the school. “We wish all schools were as professional.”
Massage Envy operates 18 different clinics throughout the Atlanta metro area and 795 nationally. According to a recent press release, this goes to show that graduates are seen as highly marketable.

The Atlanta School of Massage was the first massage therapy school in the state of Georgia, the first to receive accreditation and the first in the state to be approved by the U.S. Department of Education to offer students Title IV funding.


Saturday, October 25, 2008


Taco Bell Franchisee Utilizes New Applicant Tracking System

Lockwood-McKinnon Taco Ventures, a Taco Bell franchisee with 20 restaurants in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and JobApp Network announced a new agreement encompassing the franchisee's restaurants with its applicant tracking system. The decision to renew and add the balance of their restaurants to the agreement was based on the results of a highly successful initial roll-out involving 10 restaurants.

JobApp Network released its enterprise-class solution for Taco Bell franchisees in late 2007 and Lockwood-McKinnon became the first Taco Bell franchisee to begin hiring with the JobApp Network QSR solution. Lockwood-McKinnon selected JobApp Network to help cut time-to-hire, cost-to-hire and reduce turnover.

JobApp Network provides a complete phone and web-based hiring solution. By utilizing JobApp, Taco Bell franchisees are able to achieve competitive hiring advantages and enable applicants to apply by phone or Web, 24x7.

"We are extremely pleased with JobApp's results and our managers appreciate the time savings and how easy it is to use. The phone and web format fits our job candidates perfectly. People are no longer just knocking on doors to find a job, but are looking to find jobs on the internet and using tools like their PC and cell phone to apply for jobs. As an owner, I appreciate the impact of the solution on recruiting, hiring and training costs," said Gordon McKinnon, an owner of the franchisee.

"Since 1998, we have processed millions of applicants on behalf of customers ranging from the 2000 U.S. Census to Church's Chicken. Our QSR solution for Taco Bell franchisees brings a superior phone and web-based solution to individual Taco Bell franchisees for a low monthly fee," stated JobApp Network Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Ken Lang.


Friday, October 24, 2008


AT&T Adding Jobs in Nevada

AT&T plans to open two call centers in Nevada that will bring at least 650 jobs to the state. A facility in Las Vegas already employs 80 people with plans to hire upwards of 350 by June. A call center in Reno will open in February that will ultimately employ another 350. These positions pay an average of $20 per hour with full benefits – a move that sets a new high mark for call centers.

AT&T has opened nine call centers in Nevada since 2007, with four more, including the Reno facility, are scheduled to open by the end of 2009.

David Condit, AT&T president of state and legislative affairs, said that the company is committed to bringing jobs back to the United States. The Las Vegas jobs are among 5,000 positions that had been outsourced to offshore locations. While foreign workers cost less to employ, there is often a language barrier that complicates the process and frustrates the consumer.

“Oversees call center workers encounter problems if they aren’t following a script or hear regional slang,” said Somer Hollingsworth, chief executive of the Nevada Development Authority.

Las Vegas is a prime location because of its land space (for large employee parking lots), and telecommunications infrastructure. The company is looking to train people who are interested in technology and customer service.

Though AT&T doesn’t offer its Internet service to consumers in Southern Nevada, it does provide an array of services in the northern part of the state.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008


Massachusetts Job Cuts Affect Disabled

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has imposed social services budget cuts that will affect jobs for the disabled and blind, as well as mental health programs in the state. Nonprofit advocacy groups are up in arms over the nearly 1,000 layoffs and $1 billion budget cuts, which are the result of the economic crisis.

Gov. Patrick has eliminated funding for Ferguson Industries for the Blind, a state-run business located outside of Boston, which provides legally blind persons employment opportunities in manufacturing. The facility, in business since 1906, will close its doors next month, eliminating the jobs of 25 blind workers.

The governor has also cut training programs for the mentally disabled. Stan Connors, president of Bay Cove Human Services, said these are the most dramatic cuts he has seen to people with mental disabilities. Bay Cove, which services 14,000 people with mental health disabilities, is losing over $3 million from its budget and must lay off approximately 40 people. Cuts are also being made to training programs for these constituents.

"Frankly, many of these people will end up in the hospital. Some will end up incarcerated, and, I believe, some will die,” said Connors.

Over $9 million in cuts to the state’s Department of Mental Health budget have been made. "I'm very concerned about every one of the cuts we put on the table," said Barbara Leadholm, commissioner of the Department of Mental Health. "We're cutting programs that we believe are important, effective, and support our consumers' recovery. That being said, we still had to make these cuts. We're having to prioritize in a way none of us wants to do."

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Social Networking

Monday, October 20, 2008


Connecticut Jobs Lost

The number of jobs in Connecticut fell once again between August and September. The state lost approximately 2,300 positions in a months time, according to most recent statistics released.

John Tirinzonie, who is the state’s labor economist, said that this is proof that the nation’s struggling economy has begun to effect jobs in Connecticut. He went on to say that almost every industry in the state is beginning to feel this impact.

He predicts that, if the American economic situation does not improve soon, then the positions lost statewide during the last month will only be a preview of the worsening job market that come before the year is out.

National economist have expect that the country will not recover until some time next year. No forecast has been made at this time as to exactly how many jobs in Connecticut could be lost if this is true.

Currently 1.7 million individuals hold jobs in Connecticut. The unemployment fell during the month of September to 6.1 percent from 6.5 percent. The loss of jobs and the drop in unemployment may seem to contradict each other, but as work becomes harder to come by, some begin to seek employment in areas right outside of their state of residence. This can throw statistics off somewhat.

The struggling housing market has also served to make the situation worse. With less people buying homes, construction jobs in Connecticut are now harder to come by. During the month of September the state lost 300 more of these positions, which brought industry employment down to 67,700, according to the state Labor Department.

The manufacturing industry is also struggling. Last month 700 jobs were lost, bringing employment down to 188,500. The state Labor Department has said that September had the largest month-to-month decline in jobs experienced in Connecticut so far this year.



Jobs in Rhode Island Lost

According to the most recent unemployment statistics, finding jobs in Rhode Island was more difficult for may in September than it had been in previous months. The percentage of the population without work rose to 8.8 percent last month, which is the highest its been since 1992.

Experts have said that Rhode Island entered into a recession over a year ago. Wall Street’s most recent struggle has only made the problem worse, meaning that jobs in Rhode Island are harder to come by those in many states.

Economist Edward Mazze said that the area’s suffering housing market has only added to the problem. He believes that it is unlikely that the state will recover until late 2009 or early 2010.

“We were definitely first into the recession, and right now it looks like we could be the last out of the recession,” said Mazze, who used to be the dean of the College of Business Administration at University of Rhode Island.

In August the state’s unemployment rate stood at 8.6 percent, while the national average was 6.1 percent. Approximately 1,300 jobs in Rhode Island were lost between August and September, according to the state’s Department of Labor and Training. Augusts’ Rhode Island unemployment rate was the second worst in the nation. In September the state’s jobless rate surpassed Michigan’s 8.7 percent unemployment to become the worst in the country.

Currently the number of residents who are not are working is around 50,200, a figure which the state began tracking in 1976.

During the same period last year Rhode Island lost 12,600 jobs. Of these positions, 3,300 were in the manufacturing sector, 1,900 in retail, 1,400 in the financial industry and 1,300 in the government sector.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008


Reno Area Jobs Event

In times when the economy is struggling, finding Reno area jobs can take a little more effort. Reading the classifieds and turning in your resume may simply just not be enough. A more active approach is needed in order to secure employment.

Studies have proven that finding a job when unemployment is up can take as long as nine months of active searching. Because of this, many experts suggest attending job fairs as one important step that can make a big difference.

Job fairs allow would-be workers to maximize their time. With so many employers in one area, it is easy to speak with several actively hiring companies in one day. A good percentage of businesses even accept resumes or are willing to schedule interviews at these events.
Getting face time with an employer prior to a formal interview can also help get your foot in the door. Employers are able to get a first impression prior to anything formal, so remember dress as if you are going in for an interview and behave accordingly.

Those looking for Reno area jobs should consider attending the city’s Redevelopment Agency’s free “Job Fair and Resource Expo” on Wednesday, November 12th. This event will take place between 10 a.m. and 4p.m. at the Reno Ballroom, which is located in the city’s downtown area on Center and Fourth Street.

According to the Reno Development Agency, the fair and expo event is an attempt to utilize community connections and utilize all of the resource they have to offer in order to help job seekers. The Agency has said that their major desire is to retain or create new Reno area jobs.
Those who will attend will not only have the chance to meet with employers. They will also hopefully learn new job hunting skills.

Employers who are interested in attending the event and have available Reno area jobs, whether they be full, part time or temporary positions, are encouraged to attend the event. The fair and expo will be free of charge, not only to job seekers, but also to businesses. The deadline for companies to sign up to participate is Wednesday, November 5th.

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Medical Jobs and Universal Healthcare

This election year the reform of the healthcare system and universal coverage for all are huge issues among the candidates. Nationally, this industry is one of the fastest growing. Despite this, many medical facilities are struggling to fulfill patient needs because they understaffed. Many believe that if these political promises become new policies, then a good number of healthcare jobs will be hurt and the industry will have an even harder time bringing in new workers.

A recent anesthesiologist salary survey conducted by, a physician recruiting firm, found that 63 percent of the professionals believe that universal healthcare will negatively affect their personal incomes. This firm asked 427 anesthesiologist how they felt such changes would change their earnings and found that 29 percent believed that their salaries would remain the same. Only 8 percent of participants felt that universal healthcare would cause them to make more money each year.

“We surveyed physicians in four specialties on compensation-related issues and, overall, 42 percent of respondents predicted that universal healthcare would negatively affect their incomes, while the same number predicted no effect,” said Pamela McKemie, who is the Senior Vice President of “Our anesthesiologist respondents definitely showed the highest rate of negativity about their professional outlook under a universal healthcare scenario.”

One reason that many of those with medical jobs feel that they would be losing money is because universal healthcare would meant they would receive Medicaid reimbursement rates. Some believe that this will significantly decrease the quality of patient care, because not as much money will becoming into medical facilities. Although more people will be able to afford healthcare, those with healthcare jobs will potentially be working harder for the same amount of money or less than they are now.

According to the firm’s 2007 survey, 40 percent of anesthesiologists reported that their income for the year was the same (27 percent) or less than (23 percent) than their 2006 income. Around half of the participants said that they earned more last year than they had during the previous year. Of these individuals, 28 percent reported an increase in their incomes of between 2 and 9 percent. A slightly smaller portion (22 percent) said that they experienced an income increase of 10 percent or more. For 2008 the annual salary for the average anesthesiologist was $336,374.70, which was about a 4 percent increase from last year.

Over half of this year participants, 54 percent, said they did not plan on changing jobs in the foreseeable future. Another 28 percent said that felt they would be seeking different employment within the next 12 months.

The main reason these medical professionals said they would be soon looking for a new jobs was the desire for higher pay, which 41 percent cited as the reason behind their response. Another 17 percent said that they would be job hunting in the near future in order to find a better community for themselves and their families.

On the Brightside, 73 percent of participants said that, if given the choice to start over, they would still pick medicine as their career.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008


Atlanta Employment Job Board Launches

A new job board will help people find Atlanta employment. and numerous newspaper affiliates have announced the official launch of, the latest online job board dedicated to connecting local employers and job seekers in the metro Atlanta area.

Promoting easy-to-use navigation for candidates and employers, offers advanced searching abilities, e-mail updates and career resources. In an economy where the city is losing many jobs, the site will be to help job seekers in their search.

For recruiters and hiring managers, is a cost-efficient way to recruit qualified applicants in an easy-to-use recruitment tool. The site, which consolidates hundreds of local jobs
into one comprehensive, searcheable database, is a network of affiliate newspapers.

"We are proud to have brought numerous local Atlanta publishers together to create," says Joe Shaker, Jr., Vice President of Shaker Recruitment Consultants. "This alliance allows us to provide an unmatched local career resource for both job seekers and employers in the Atlanta region."

SRC, a division of Shaker Recruitment Advertising and Communications, is a full-service consultancy that facilitates the creation of local online job boards by fostering strategic alliances among local newspapers.

The network of affiliate newspapers includes: The Atlanta Voice, The Citizen, The Clayton-News Daily, Crossroads News, Gwinnett Daily Post, Henry Daily Herald, Newton Citizen and Rockdale Citizen.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Background Checks Change at Nevada College

One reason to conduct background checks on potential employees is to avoid theft in the workplace. A recent national fraud examination organization found that the average loss to a company from fraud and theft from its employees is $9 for every employee each day. Added up, that is over $2,000 a year per employee.

In many cases, businesses that are the victims of workplace theft who did not conduct pre-employment background checks later find out that the employees who are guilty had records of such charges in the past. This is why the College of Southern Nevada is now strengthening its background check policy.

CSN recently decided to make this change after an employee who was accused of stealing money from the college was found to have past criminal convictions. The worker in question has been charged with trying to deposit several thousand dollars from the college into their private bank account in August. Had CSN conducted a more thorough background check, this could have been avoided.

After discovering that this individual had failed to disclose their criminal record when they applied for the job, CSN fired this employee. At this time, the college is not disclosing the individuals name because both local law enforcement and CSN campus police are still investigating the case. According to CSN’s chief of police, no arrests have been made.

CSN is currently beginning the process of conducting background checks on all staff members who work with the campus’ money, said a spokesperson in a recent news release. In addition to these individuals, CSN also wants to make sure that investigations are conducted on employees who handle “sensitive” information such as Social Security numbers of other workers and students. This will hopefully cut back on the risk of identity theft.

Prior to this incident, CSN required all job applicants to disclose their criminal histories, but only ran background checks on workers who were applying for positions in child care and public safety.

Despite the recent accusations, Spokesperson K.C. Brekken recently said that background checks on all employees may not be necessary. According to her, the information yielded during such investigations would have little to no relevance on how an individual could perform certain jobs on campus.


Monday, October 13, 2008


Employers Can Post New York Jobs For Free

With the economy suffering, many employers are having to cut down on their recruitment costs. Finding new talent can be difficult enough without having to struggle to get the word out about a staff vacancy. One website is making it easier for employers to post New York jobs. allows employers to post jobs online free of charge. In addition to this, the website pulls vacancies from elsewhere on the web and lists them in one convenient place.

Employers aren’t the only ones who benefit from this website. Those looking for New York jobs are also able to use for free. This enables those who are unemployed to not have to worry about spending money they don’t have just to find work.

The website is part of a large employment network called, which provides free job posting for New York, Boston, Washington, D.C. and California. The section that deals with New York jobs breaks down into several additional categories.

Jobs posted on this website are monitored for content, in hopes of ensuring quality. Despite this the main page warns job seekers about possible scams.

Aside from posting public sector jobs, the website has a section for government positions and another that handles internships. Since many companies use their internship programs as a part of their recruitment strategy, making these positions just as important as other jobs announced online is some cases. They also offer students valuable experiences that make them better employees.



Background Checks

Deciding which employees to hire may be one of the most important decisions an HR manager makes. Picking the right people to work for a company can result in numerous benefits for the workplace. The right talent can come up with new and useful ideas, raise revenue and increase customer service. Hiring the wrong individuals can likewise hurt a company in various ways. Office theft, workplace violence and even lawsuits can happen when background checks are not done on would-be employees.

By finding out a little more about who they hire, HR managers stand to avoid these sort of problems. The size of the business in question and its needs can make a difference in what elements of an applicants past are important during a background check.

One of the first things that employers tend to look into is an applicant’s criminal history. A large portion of individuals who are responsible for violent or criminal actions at their place of employment are later found to have such problems in their past. Since these things can cause lawsuits and put other employees in danger, responsible businesses are very concerned about this part of applicants lives.

Companies that look into potential employees criminal pasts are also often looking for drug related charges. Since workers who use drugs have been found to miss many days at work and can be responsible for serious workplace accidents, employers can save themselves a lot of money by avoiding hiring these individuals. A drug test often also helps to make sure that an would-be worker hasn’t used an illegal substance in their recent past.

Another important thing employers look into when doing background checks is the work history of applicants. As many as 40 percent of workers have been found to lie on their resumes. These falsehoods can be anything from fudging salary figures to claiming to have degrees that they do not. Knowing this, hiring mangers often double check to make sure that an individual is as experience as they say they are.

When hiring for a position that will entail handling large sums of money or costly goods, many employers also look into applicants financial histories. Many businesses prefer not to hire workers that have known money problems for these jobs because they feel that the temptation to steal may be to great. A past filled with unexplained unpaid bills, bankruptcy and actions from credit agencies are also seen as a sign of irresponsibility by many employers.


Thursday, October 09, 2008


Illinois Jobs Decline for the 3rd Consecutive Month

The number of Illinois jobs fell by 3,500 in August, according to the state Department of Employment Security, making this the third consecutive month that businesses reduced the number of individuals they employee. This has not happened in the Illinois in over five years. As of last month, 5,976,100 people held jobs in the state.

Due to population growth, employers must create thousands of new jobs every month to keeping the unemployment rate steady and offer work to newcomers. Because of this, the drop in Illinois jobs also created a rise in unemployment.

Statistics from DES show that the state’s jobless rate increased from July’s 7.2 percent to 7.3 percent. According to the U.S. Labor Department, the national unemployment rate also rose to 6.1 percent. As of a year ago, the state’s unemployment rate was 5.2 percent, while the national average was 4.7 percent.

The area of employment that experienced the greatest decrease in Illinois jobs was trade, transportation and utilities, which lost around 3,300 jobs during the month of August. In July employers in the industry did away with 2,000 positions. Despite this, it remained the largest employer in the Illinois, with approximately 1,216,200 individuals working in this sector. Other industries that lost jobs last month include manufacturing, which did away with 700 jobs, and the government sector, where 1,000 jobs were done away with.

Employers in the construction industry added 900 new jobs statewide, which is surprising when one considers that the housing market crisis has severely injured this industry throughout the nation. Overall, construction in Illinois has lost 7,900 job during the last 12 months. As of last month, 261,900 people worked in this sector.

Another industry that increased the number of jobs it provided during the month of August was education and health services, which gained 500 new jobs. Due to the necessity of the work provided by this sector, it has remained almost unaffected by the struggling economy. Over the course of the last year, employers in Illinois have added 10,600 jobs in this industry, raising the number of individuals it employees to 791,100.


Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Internships More Important Than Ever for Entry Level Jobseekers

With the economy as is it, many recent graduates are having trouble to finding work. Fewer entry-level jobs are available, making it extremely important that jobseekers have the competitive edge. Individuals who have participated in internship programs have more experience and, are therefore, more likely to find a job than those who did not intern.

Individuals who will complete their education in the within the next few semesters should take this into consideration. The job market is not expected to fully recover for some time now, so it is important to have a strategy for finding employment before entering the workforce. This means that it is extremely important for those who have yet to participate in an internship program to squeeze one in now, if still possible.

Since fewer entry-level jobs are to be had, employers are looking to get the most out of the smaller number of workers they hirer. Hiring managers tend to see applicants that have been interns as more experienced and feel that these individuals require less training to be brought up to speed. Applicants with internships in their resumes are also more likely to know how to conduct themselves in a professional manner.

Another reason juniors and seniors should now take internships more seriously than before the economy took a nose dive, is the potential for networking. Many employers who have programs for students use them as a method to recruit new talent. Even if an intern is unable to secure a position at the company they worked at while in school, they may be able to get a letter of recommendation or contacts that will help to find work else where.

Internship programs with more prestigious companies have always been viewed more favorably by employers, but now they add an extra edge. Since money is tight, some companies are lowering the number of students they have work for them. Those that have managed to work for a highly publicized business will be seen as the best of the best, which can be difference of finding an entry level job right after graduation or moving back home with mom and dad.

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Wisconsin Hospitals Focused on Recruiting

While the population and demand for healthcare professionals in Wisconsin are growing, hospitals are having trouble filling open positions. Because of this, many hospitals are focusing on recruiting efforts.

Currently, 5.6 million people live in Wisconsin, up 5.7 percent from 2000, and hospitals are having to compete more than usual to find perspective employees. The state is specifically seeing a shortage of physical therapists, pharmacists and registered nurses.

Two of the state's major hospitals, Franciscan Skemp and Gunderson Lutheran are amping up their recruiting efforts to help fill open positions. Both hospitals say having higher learning institutions to help attract candidates helps, according to an article by WXOW.

"The universities and technical colleges have been able to draw us the applicants we need, but everything as it going, it's going to be a challenge," Frank Perez-Guerra, Gundersen Lutheran's Director of Human Resources, said in the article.

Franciscan Skemp helps its recruiting efforts by offering scholarships to students, and both hospitals offer competitive pay and security to attract potential employees.

Despite shortages, patients shouldn't have to worry about a lack of care, as there will always be a need for healthcare and healthcare professionals.

"We work very hard to make sure we have the appropriate staff and are able to take care of our patients," Perez-Guerra added in the article.

Franciscan Skemp doctors have said they are not experiencing hiring shortages as much as other hospitals in the state. Gundersen Lutheran is particularly hopeful universities will add more teaching staff to train more students and help with the shortage.


Tuesday, October 07, 2008


NASA Expected to Cut Fewer Jobs

NASA is expected to cut fewer Florida jobs at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral than it had originally expected to in 2010. The planned layoffs are directly tired to the retirement of a shuttle that will happen during that year.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Congress has been informed that the worst case scenario of 6,400 lost jobs that the agency said they expected in April has been re-evaluated. Some officials are now saying that NASA is expecting to reduce this figure by at least 1,000 fewer jobs, making the highest number possible to be somewhere around less than 5,000.

NASA has declined to comment on the number of jobs to be cut until later in the week, when it will be releasing its improved employment forecast for the Kennedy Space Center on October 8th. Congressional staff members have said that the decrease in the numbers that the agency is expect to announce are due to “transition” jobs that NASA was incapable of factoring into the equation back in April.

The Florida jobs that may be cut in 2010 are the result of NASA retiring the shuttle in order to start the Constellation moon rocket program, which the agency says is not expected to begin its flights till 2015. NASA will only be able to start this program if it is able to conquer budget and technical issues that have been problems with the program’s Ares I rocket and the Orion capsule.

NASA’s Cape Canaveral location is not the only one expected to cut jobs when the shuttle is retired. Others include the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, and the Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans, Louisiana. Out of all of these, the Kennedy Space Center is expected to have to cut more jobs than any of the others.

“Out best guess has been 3,000 to 4,000, not 6,000 to 7,000,” NASA Chief Mike Griffin told a Senate committee back in June. According to him, the first estimate did not take into consideration around 3,000 jobs that would be created by new programs like the Ares V heavy-lift rocket and the Altair lunar lander.

Officials in Florida have tried to discourage NASA from trying to fix the losses of long-term, high skilled jobs with temporary positions for construction or demolition work. NASA once again declined to comment on the number of jobs will be cut or what type of work the “transition” jobs will be until the official figures are released.

“NASA will submit the Workforce Transition Strategy report to Congress on Wednesday,” said NASA spokesman Michael Cabbage. “We will be happy to comment on the report after members of Congress have had an opportunity to review its content.”



California Requires EMT Background Checks

Any emergency medical technician in the State of California will now have to undergo a background check.

At the end of September, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed Assembly Bill 2917, which will require the 70,000 EMTs in California to complete mandatory criminal background checks. In 2007 many problems were revealed with the state's licensing and certification program for EMTs, according to an article by The Mercury News.

"EMTs provide vital services that help Californians in their time of need, and because of the critical role they play, it is important that we have a universal statewide standard that will prevent those who are unqualified or have a past criminal history from becoming EMTs," Schwarzenegger said in the article.

"By signing these bills into law, we are increasing safety and accountability within the emergency medical services field and ensuring that Californians have the best EMTs available at any given moment," Schwarzenegger added.

Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill similar to Assembly Bill 2917 in 2007 after noting some loopholes would prevent authorities from learning about rescuer misconduct. The new bill also requires EMTs to be certified in the county they work in and asks for a state-run central EMT registry.

Such a registry would allow officials to track EMTs statewide and identify rescuers in areas of need after disasters. A registry also would allow for a single set of standards for certification, disciplinary orders and conditions for probation. Also, employers would be able to ensure EMTs have had a background check and whether action has been taken against their certification or license. However, EMT fees would be raised to pay for this.


Sunday, October 05, 2008


Employer Receives Over 60,000 Resumes for Las Vegas Jobs

With unemployment steadily rising across the nation, tourism has been seriously effected. Fewer people can afford a vacation, let alone gambling away their much needed money. This is in turn effects employers ability to offer Las Vegas jobs in this industry.

Already this year two new major hotel-casino projects have been put off until economic conditions are better. Because the current market is oversaturated with job seekers, employers who still have vacant jobs in the area are now receiving an overwhelming number of resumes.

Wynn, which will soon be opening Encore, is in the process of trying to hire staff for 5,300 new jobs. The company began accepting application in July and has already received information from more than 65,000 interested job seekers.

“Without question, the combination of the current economic climate and Wynn’s reputation as an employer of choice contributes to the high levels of interest among applicants we are currently experiencing,” said Stephanie Rosol, who is Wynn Las Vegas’ vice president of human resources. “However, the fact remains that we are still looking for people who share our dedication to excellence and passion for impeccable, personalized service. This is truly an exciting time. There’s a rich and varied talent pool out there right now and Wynn proudly offers great jobs with great pay and competitive, comprehensive benefits.”

The positions with Wynn’s Encore that applicants are vying for are for everything imaginable that a hotel and casino will need to be fully operational. Jobs exist housekeeping, hotel operations, security, food and beverage preparation and service along with retail and casino positions. Aside from hiring for the Encore, Wynn Las Vegas has opportunities available for job seekers.

Encore is expected to open in December of this year. Already suite reservations are being accepted for dates as early as January 2009. The hotel and casino will have 11 retail outlets, seven different bars and lounges, five restaurants, along with a nightclub and a spa and salon.



Untraditional Healthcare Jobs: Travel Nurses

With a national shortage of professionals to fill available healthcare jobs, many employers are becoming more open to creative ways of making sure they are fully staffed. The newest method of doing this is through travel nurse agencies. These firms are a lot like temping agencies, but usually involve longer terms of employment and the workers who take these assignments often move from state to state.

Individuals who become travel nurses usually have at least two years experience in a more traditional medical environment. Although a travel nurse may take on positions only in their own state, those who want to expand the number of healthcare job offers they receive have to be licensed to practice in every state they wish to work in.

The assignments that are offered can range anywhere from 8 to 52 weeks, but the average contractual work period is 13 weeks. Like with most temp agencies, at the end of this agreed upon time nurses can decide to extend their assignment, accept a permanent position or take another job.

Aside from getting to travel, nurses who have this sort of healthcare job receive many benefits. These individuals are usually paid a significant amount more than others with the same amount of training and experience. Many employers also pay for housing for those who have taken assignments away from their own homes. These individuals also often receive bonuses on top of these perks.

Because of the amount of travel involved, nurses who are best suited for these jobs need to have a flexible lifestyle and be okay with being away from home for extended periods of time.

Registered nurses aren’t the only ones who can begin this sort of untraditional career. Positions exits for RNs, LPNs LVNs, radiologic technologits, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists and many other healthcare positions.

Those who believe they would enjoy being travel nurses should research the various agencies that specialize in assisting employers with their staff needs.


Thursday, October 02, 2008


Green New York Jobs Lead the Nation

The recent push to be more environmentally friendly will soon create millions of jobs, according to the Green Job Index released by the U.S. Conference of Mayors, Mayors Climate Protection Center. As of now, the U.S. economy generates over 750,000 positions that assist mother nature. This figure is expected to increase to 4.2 million over the next thirty years. Currently, the number of eco-friendly New York jobs makes the area the number one metro in nation for this type of work.

The report was prepared by Global Insight, Inc for the Center and found that the top ten metros with the largest number of green jobs make up 23 percent of this kind of work nationally. New York topped the list with 25,021 jobs. Washington, D.C. came in second place with 24,287 positions, followed by Los Angeles, which had 20,136 jobs. The report analyzed a total of 363 different U.S. metro areas.

According to the report, over half of the current green jobs, around 419,000, fall into the category of Engineering, Legal Research and Consulting. This shows the important role that supportive or so-called “indirect” jobs have in moving the economy towards energy independence. The second highest category of jobs was Renewable Power Generation, which had 127,000 jobs. Third on the list was Agriculture and Forestry, a category of employment that supplied 57,500 jobs.

The report projects that, by the year 2038, 40 percent of electricity in the U.S. will be created using alternative resources. In addition to this, 30 percent of the fuel needs of American vehicles will be met through eco-friendly means. The process of going green will create many New York Jobs and positions elsewhere.



65 Baltimore and Washington D.C. Jobs To Be Lost

Rising fuel costs and other economic problems are causing American consumers to have less money to devote towards new vehicles. Because of this, the automotive industry is suffering. In hopes of saving their profits, many in this sector are laying off employees. For similar reasons, CarMax Inc. recently announced that they will be doing away with 600 positions, 65 of which will be Baltimore and Washington, D.C. jobs.

The company plans on cutting these associates from the part of its work force that is devoted to service operations. In the region alone, CarMax has six used-car superstores and one new car store, according to Trina Lee, who is the company’s public relations director.

Throughout the Baltimore and D.C. area, CarMax employs around 1,590 people. The jobs that stand to be eliminated will mostly be those that are responsible for the reconditioning of the cars. The 65 individuals who will be laid off only represent a faction of the associates who hold this job with the company in this region, said Lee.

Approximately one-third of the planned layoffs are a direct result of the sales decline the company experienced in the second quarter, which ended on August 30th. The sales of new vehicles fell by more than 25 percent during the course of the last year, dropping from $104.8 million to $77.8 million.

Because of the difference in price, used vehicle sales did not experience as drastic of a loss of revenue. This area of the company’s profits dropped 12.5 percent. During the same period of time the sales of wholesale vehicles fell by 15.8 percent.

The other two thirds of the layoffs are part of the company’s efforts to minimize the costs of reconditioning vehicles. According to a recent press release, the company is in the middle of restructuring its cosmetic operations.



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