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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Internships More Important Than Ever for Entry Level Jobseekers

With the economy as is it, many recent graduates are having trouble to finding work. Fewer entry-level jobs are available, making it extremely important that jobseekers have the competitive edge. Individuals who have participated in internship programs have more experience and, are therefore, more likely to find a job than those who did not intern.

Individuals who will complete their education in the within the next few semesters should take this into consideration. The job market is not expected to fully recover for some time now, so it is important to have a strategy for finding employment before entering the workforce. This means that it is extremely important for those who have yet to participate in an internship program to squeeze one in now, if still possible.

Since fewer entry-level jobs are to be had, employers are looking to get the most out of the smaller number of workers they hirer. Hiring managers tend to see applicants that have been interns as more experienced and feel that these individuals require less training to be brought up to speed. Applicants with internships in their resumes are also more likely to know how to conduct themselves in a professional manner.

Another reason juniors and seniors should now take internships more seriously than before the economy took a nose dive, is the potential for networking. Many employers who have programs for students use them as a method to recruit new talent. Even if an intern is unable to secure a position at the company they worked at while in school, they may be able to get a letter of recommendation or contacts that will help to find work else where.

Internship programs with more prestigious companies have always been viewed more favorably by employers, but now they add an extra edge. Since money is tight, some companies are lowering the number of students they have work for them. Those that have managed to work for a highly publicized business will be seen as the best of the best, which can be difference of finding an entry level job right after graduation or moving back home with mom and dad.

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