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Sunday, December 23, 2007


Cheezhead Holiday Video

More from Cheezhead.


Monday, December 17, 2007


Minneapolis Job Scene

Minneapolis, Minnesota conjures images of ice, snow, and frigid temperatures. But the truth is, these conditions are responsible for exceptional recreational activities because of the dry snow, which reaches average depths of 6 to 10 inches. A fun place to live – AND a great place to work!

This majestic city encompasses 16 lakes and boasts an incredibly beautiful landscape throughout the year. Initially known for its lumbering industry, Minneapolis is now well-known for its high-technology firms and the growing demand for high-tech employees. This makes it particularly attractive for young people interested in building a career in technology.

There are several colleges and technical schools located in the region which produce highly trained scientists, engineers, and other technology experts. The University of Minnesota contributes to the area's success. There are more than 1,300 high-tech firms in the city, which is one of the highest concentrations of high-tech jobs in the country, therefore, local schools still do not educate enough people for the jobs in Minneapolis to be filled.

High-tech, computer and data processing companies are continually seeking highly qualified, skilled employees. They offer a variety of job opportunities including computer programmers, analysts, technical writers, and other technical employees.

The increased need for workers in the field of technology has resulted in population growth in other areas in Minneapolis. Individuals experienced in finance, engineering, management services, publishing, and printing are in high demand in this rapidly growing city.

The financial sector is especially appealing since Minneapolis is considered part of the financial center of the upper Midwest. More than give major financial institutions are located in the region along with the headquarters of the Ninth Federal Reserve District Bank. Financial institutions have a major impact on the Minneapolis economy and there is an ongoing recruitment effort for employees in banks, savings and loan companies, insurance companies, and other financial companies.

The high-tech and financial sectors have drawn more people to the region and this has subsequently increased the need for employees in other areas, including healthcare careers, construction, education, social services, transportation, and retail. Manufacturing also has a long history in the Minneapolis region. Some of the primary manufacturing areas are electronics, machinery, medical products, food processing, and graphic arts. As a strong-hold for the manufacturing industry, there will always be opportunities for qualified workers in manufacturing.

Minneapolis was cited as one of the Top 20 Best Places to Live in America in 2005 by With this distinction to its credit, and the economic diversity and array of Minneapolis jobs available, Minnesota is an excellent place to live and work.

And with the region having one of the lowest costs of living among the 25 largest cities in the U.S., its time to look seriously at the opportunities!



Finding Jobs for Vets

There are approximately 26 million veterans in the US alone. Not all veterans and their families get enough support and funds from the government, and often may have to go back to work and find veteran jobs available across the U.S.

Before you make the decision to go back to work, you should check out They offer benefits, training and support. If they can’t get funding for you, they can help reeducate you back into the work force. It’s a great starting point so that you have someone on your side helping you, and for you to know that you’re not alone.

Another great site is Hire a Hero. This is a great networking site for jobs that are geared for military personal. An example, is a woman leaving the army to join the National Guard, she still uses her training, but has the luxury of being a civilian. Often veterans have trouble adapting to regular life again, so this site helps you still utilize your skills and training. offers a database of articles to help you practice interviewing skills, and also shows you how to look for jobs. This site allows you to post your resume online for employers to look at your skills. Also has a great resource page.

My last site I want to touch on is Veteran Job Search. This is a database of employers for want to hire veterans. It’s a search engine so it allows you to populate what area you are searching in, what field, etc. It does collect your email, so you do sort of have to register.

If you’re a veteran and looking for a jobs online, these sites are a great start. Seek out other veterans and support groups to see what they recommend. Either way, there are resources out there to make your job search easier.



Entry Level HR Jobs

Jobs in human resources are need in every industry. You can have almost your pick of where you want to work, whether it’s for an IT company, the Army, the government, education, politics, graphic design, telecommunications, and so much more.

First thing you should decide on what the average salary rate is for your qualifications. If you live in Canada and want to know all you can about Human Resources, check out This gives you a directory of all the industries in Canada, plus resources and articles on the industry. Also a great job bank of HR jobs, entry level and senior alike.

If you live in the US, you should check out HR in Motion. It holds a database of over 1.5 million jobs online and allows you to search by category, so you can choose to just search HR jobs, and than choose HR entry level jobs. When I did a quick search I find over 788 entry level HR jobs. HR entry level jobs range from $35K – 60K depending on the company doing the recruiting.

Another site to use if you are looking for human resource entry level jobs, is This site also allows you to search jobs specifically for entry level positions. You can also post your resume, and build a portfolio for potential employers to find you.

Either way, the internet has a vast market of resources to help you find that Human Resource entry level job that is perfect for you.



Finding Employment in South Carolina

If you live in South Carolina, or are thinking of moving there, there are a few things you need to keep in mind: Carolina the state, has a population of over 4 million, so you should have no problems finding a job with that kind of population. When looking for South Carolina jobs, a great starting point is This site gives you a list of all employer jobs from government, to schools, to hospitals. This is a great starting point. It also has a link to the local papers to help you with your job search.

One thing to keep in mind is knowing the industries of the State. South Carolina is big into agriculture. Some examples of what they produce are; tobacco, poultry, cattle, dairy products, soybeans and hogs. Or if you are looking more to look into the industrial field, South Carolina makes textile goods, chemical products, paper products, machinery, and is known for tourism.

There are many schools and hospitals as well, so if working in the education field interests you, you should have no problem finding jobs in South Carolina. If you are new to the state, moving to Columbia is the capital and largest center. This would be the best place to look for jobs. The next largest city is, Charleston, and than Greensville.



Houston Teaching Jobs

With a population of 2.14 million there is no shortage of schools in Houston. If you are looking for a university or college job, there are over 55 colleges and universities alone in Houston.

If you are looking for teaching jobs, one of the best places to start would be Rice University; which is known for being the leading teaching and researching universities in the US, and ranked the 17th best university. Another great site to check would be the University of Houston which has over 36,000 students from 130 countries, so if you’re looking for diversity, you’ll find it there.

Or if you’re looking for jobs in Houston at a religious university, than the Houston Baptist University might be more up your alley. HBU is ranked in the top tier among best universities offering master degrees. If you’re looking to teach law, Houston is home to four law schools. Or if you’re looking to teach in the private industry, Houston has over 300 private schools.

Whatever your needs are, the best place to start is the school website you are interested in. They should always have a Houston jobs section. Or checkout Cheezhead. Whatever level you want to teach at, you should have no problem finding a position in such a vast education market.



Boeing Fills Jobs in San Antonio

One major employer in the San Antonio area is aircraft manufacturer Boeing Co. Recent statistics show that aside from helping Texas' economy by contributing $3.52 billion, Boeing also employes 5,200 different individuals statewide, with 1,500 of these being jobs in San Antonio. According to the San Antonio Business Journal, the average Texan employed by Boeing makes a salary of $68,741 a year.

A large portion of the San Antonio jobs with Boeing are a product of the company's contract with the United States Air Force to provide both routine maintenance, repairs and overhaul services on the KC-10, KC-135, and C-17 aircraft. Recently, the Air Force announced that it would be renewing it's contract with Boeing for the service of the KC-135, a $1.1 billion contract. Because of this, Boeing has decided to add another 200 San Antonio jobs.

In addition to the jobs being created for the renewal of the Air Force contract, Boeing has other plans for jobs in San Antonio. The 787 “Dreamliner”, an aircraft originally scheduled for delivery in May 2008, will be modified in San Antonio. The company now plans to deliver 109 of these aircraft by the end of 2009. Once the new Boeing 787 enter service, the company plans to create approximately 400 new San Antonio jobs.

Between both the Air Force contract renewal and the 787 modification site, Boeing will soon have to hire 600 new employees in the San Antonio area. Those interested in working with the company should visit their website where they will find a link to available jobs online.

Those who are interested in similar jobs but do not want to limit their search to Boeing alone, may like to try out the industry specific job search engines, such as Once at the sites main page one can limit their search to available San Antonio jobs.


Sunday, December 16, 2007


Keys to Finding an Entry Level Job

You're embarking on a job search but you think you have no experience. Remember that everyone has some type of experience though! Your job is to evaluate your past life and identify the skills, knowledge, and experience you have gained throughout the years. Turning that information into a resume to find entry level jobs may initially be a challenge, but once you begin the process you will find that it is fun and exciting to identify your many skills and experiences.

Think about some of the experiences you have enjoyed in the past and your resume will start to come to life:

Finding an entry level job when you have life experience is a challenge, but when you position yourself as a person with varied experience through these multiple channels, you will find that your resume is quite impressive. An employer who is looking for an innovative, creative, experienced, and ambitious individual will see the potential in you!

When you write your resume, write for success!



Rural Physicians In Demand

Strong demand to fill physician jobs in rural areas of the United States continues to plague the nation. According to the National Rural Health Association, just one out of 10 doctors practices in rural areas, where one-fourth of the nation's population lives.

But this can be good news for the physicians themselves.

There is an ongoing myth that physicians in rural America are not as well trained as doctors in larger metropolitan areas. But this is definitely not true – all physicians are equally well trained, required to maintain licensure, and required to keep up with medical advances to maintain certification.

The financial compensation for physicians in some areas may not be as high as in larger metropolitan areas, but the proportionate cost of living mirrors the economics of the region, and physicians fare well from a monetary standpoint. There are also other financial incentives and non-financial rewards for becoming a rural doctor.

Physicians may be wise to choose work in rural areas for many reasons:

Many rural physicians are able to negotiate attractive sign-on bonuses or annual financial incentives for long-term commitment to a community. General practitioners are in highest demand and specialists are less likely to be attracted to rural regions.

With more than 50 million people living in rural areas and these numbers growing, the demand and crisis for physicians in rural areas will continue. This creates opportunities for doctors who are looking to establish a much-needed practice in areas where their medical skills are highly valued and rewards reach far beyond medical care.



Las Vegas Employment Booming

Synonymous with gambling and a glamorous night life, Las Vegas is well known for its tourism industry and for being an entertainment mecca of the world. But Las Vegas has much more to offer than entertainment and gaming.

As a major center of financial, business, and services, the city has effectively parlayed the entertainment capital into a mega city for job-seekers. An extremely diversified economy offers Las Vegas jobs in many areas of business and the benefits of living in one of the most exciting cities in the world is a great "plus."

Entertainment and tourism are obviously critical to the city's economy, brining more than 37 million people annually to visit the city. Visitor's spend billions of dollars annually and over 20 percent of jobs in the Las Vegas area are gaming related. This offers opportunities in casinos, show places, public transportation, hotels, restaurants, and other places where tourists frequent.

In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, Las Vegas was not spared the decline in tourism that many other larger cities experienced. The city saw much of their local economy suffer as a result of decreased tourism and fewer visitors to the city. Coupled with the issues plaguing the city around attracting visitors to other areas of the city in addition to casinos, Las Vegas searched for the answer to even more economic and job growth.

And they succeeded!

Thanks to the leadership and vision for the future of this great city, jobs have increased significantly in the past few years. New commercial and residential developments began to materialize in the mid-2000’s and this created a need for more employees in construction, engineering, and interior design. The completion of some of the new development and expansion of city tourist attractions successfully drove increased population growth.

The growing population has created new demands for construction in the residential, commercial, office, and industrial areas of the city. An ongoing demand for highly skilled construction workers continues to be a need in this economically booming city.

An increase in population growth requires more jobs in the areas of service industries and financial sectors. More people also mean a need for more schools and child-care facilities. There is a high demand for employees in the educational system, including teachers, guidance counselors, administration, and maintenance personnel.

Las Vegas, Nevada has experienced phenomenal population and job growth over the past twenty years and the outlook continues to be promising. With Nevada's low taxes, it makes the city an attractive place to live with lower costs of living.

The gaming and tourism industry will continue to fuel the economy with the influx of tourists and visitors to this great city; but the financial, construction, service, and educational sectors also continue to grow. The future outlook for growth and high demand for individuals in these jobs creates a wealth of opportunities for thousands of job-seekers.

Las Vegas is a great place to live, work, and play. And remember, what happens in Vegas, continues to drive the need for even more jobs!


Friday, December 14, 2007


Finding Part Time Jobs in Dallas

Dallas is the third largest city in the state of Texas, and the ninth largest in the US. Dallas has over 1.2 million people. If you are looking for a part-time job in this wonderful city, I am sure you’ll have no problem.

Dallas started out in the farming industry, and over a 100 years later, has almost any industry you want to work for. It has a large oil sector, a large telecommunication industry, and is known for having more shopping centers per capita than any where else in the US.

If you are looking to work part-time in Dallas, you’ll have no problem especially if you want a mall job. Dallas has the largest metro-center per capita in all the US. Dallas has places like Highland Park Village, the 2nd ever shopping center in the US, or the North Park Shopping Center. That would be a great place to start looking for Dallas jobs.

Or a great site to search jobs in Dallas is Ju-ju. And other job banks to try are Simply Hired or Cheezhead under part-time jobs. Either way because of how large the city of Dallas is, you should have no problem finding part-time work.



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