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Saturday, December 30, 2006


Recruiting Trends for 2007

Tony Lee of Adicio moderated a panel last month at Kennedy which talked about web recruiting trends for 2007 and beyond. Also on the panel were Paul Forster of Indeed, Jeff Benrey of Trovix, Jason Gorham from CareerMetaSearch and Drew Dix of Law

Here are the trends they discussed.

#1 - Applicant Tracking Must Improve - identifying candidate source will become more important then ever.

#2 - Job boards Everywhere - more will be created centered around niches and blogs.

#3 - Smart Marketing Wins - search engines, job boards, and destination sites will continue to prove their ability to find elusive candidates through keyword buys on a targeted, per-click basis.

#4 - Cybersonic Job Alerts - more recruiters will communicate with candidates directly from their desktops and less through resume databases.

#5 Blogs & Video go mainstream - more employers will adopt cutting edge branding technologies to reach elusive, high quality candidates.

#6 - Crunch Time - a shortage of workers in several industries will be severe and how companies recruit will become a strategic differentiator.

#7 - Passive Gets Active - Finding qualified candidates will require more active sourcing techniques.

#8 - Networks are forming - Social, regional, national, cross-platform and more allow recruiters to target candidates in a range of cool ways.


Friday, December 29, 2006


New sponsor: Staff IT Now

The Fly has a new sponsor, say hello to Staff IT Now:

Staff It Now's mission is to generate the right IT candidate for the right IT job. As a first step to fulfilling this mission, Staff It Now has created Odin- an artificial intelligence program that reads, accurately matches, & prioritizes job descriptions to resumes. Staff It Now then leverages web 2.0 applications such as blogs, social networking sites, forums, etc to market, rather than post, career opportunities to highly-qualified experts that visit these web 2.0 sites often. This unique approach allows all types of organizations to actively recruit a targeted group of both active & passive job seekers in a very cost effective manner.


And if you are interested in sponsoring the RecruitingFly, send an email to info [at]

Let JobCentral help you with your job search.

Thursday, December 28, 2006


As the Jobster turns...

Everyone seems to be weighing in on the Jobster rumors so I wanted to put my 2 cents in.

As someone who runs more than 30 web sites by himself I know the true cost of doing business. That is why I actually strive to stay small and use technology and outsourcing to help manage my biz. Basically, I dont want employees. Has anyone thought that Jobster might just be slimmimg down after having built up its product? Isn't efficiency part of the lesson we have learned?

Just look at craigslist who manages a major web site with a handful of employees. If there's anything I've learned after the first bubble it's that the number of employees you have does not equal success. What matters is the technology and how you use it (and the quality of talent).

I can't tell you whether people "screwed up" or not, I dont work there. But I do know that when investors are involved all bets are off. They want a return on investment. I was somewhat puzzled this year after Jobster seemed to shift its brand image. But hey, maybe they know something I dont. Perhaps now they will learn to do more with less.

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Saturday, December 23, 2006


Monster Paying More to Power Affiliates

According to Classified Intelligence, Monster is turning up the heat on CareerBuilder when it comes to forging new partnerships with newspaper and other media sites. Basically they are offering better monetary terms to make sure they beat out their chief rival.

An article on WebProNews says this;

However, Classified Intelligence claimed the old standby, money, played a role:

...we have heard that Monster has been offering attractive deals that include economic terms significantly better than what CareerBuilder has been willing to make to its non-owner affiliates. Equally important is that Monster has been remarkably flexible in how the newspaper job sites can be branded.

Paying to power these sites must be expensive. Now you know where your $395 per posting goes to.


Thursday, December 21, 2006


Say hello to the Irish Recruiter blog

What is The Best Job in Ireland? What is the best job in Ireland for you? What job in Ireland are you best suited (and the best) for. Answer the last two questions and you will get the answer the first one.

This is the intro for the newest member of the recruitosphere, Job Ireland. Missives from an Irish recruiter.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Report: Job Boards Poised for Banner Year in 2007

A report published by Borrell Associates says adverisers are set to spend $5.9 billion in online help wanted ads in 2007 compared with $5.4 billion on newspapers.

Hmmm, guess job boards don't suck.

Read the article: Job Sites Poised For 2007 Boom

Borrell Associates distributed their 2007 Outlook on Online Advertising Revenue, and among its findings is an indication that job boards stand ready to benefit from a shift in focus. From the report:

Job boards are quickly moving downstream - away from their executive-level and managerial roots and toward what could be a more massive pot of gold: helping local small- and medium-sized businesses use the Internet to locate hourly and part-time clerks, cashiers, forklift operators, restaurant workers, drywall installers, and administrative assistants.


Tuesday, December 19, 2006


ZoomInfo zooming

The founder of ZoomInfo sent out the following note which I thought was interesting.

"2006 was a good year for ZoomInfo…we enrolled 812 new clients and saw sales grow to well over $10 million. Just last week we were honored with a Selling Power Sales Leadership award for the Top Software Sales Organization and we continue to build our presence in the market with all 10 of the top Executive Recruiting firms and 20% of the Fortune 500 using ZoomInfo’s PowerSearch. I want to thank our thousands of customers for spreading the word about ZoomInfo and for continually providing us the feedback we need to improve it. I look forward to an exciting 2007 and wish you all the best for the holiday season and the New Year.

Jonathan Stern
Founder and CEO

P.S. - If you haven’t checked our product out recently you should. We’ve listened to our customers and adapted and improved the product accordingly. Sign up for a demo and free trial today to see what’s new and improved."

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Monday, December 18, 2006


New job board blog: Fairfield County Jobs Blog

Published by the local job board, this Connecticut based blog delivers news and information surrounding the Fairfield County, CT job market.


Friday, December 15, 2006


The recruiting blogosphere welcomes Riveting Rosie

Rosie is in online recruitment advertising and has decided to start blogging. She used to write for the Charlotte Job Spot.


Thursday, December 14, 2006


CareerBuilder's Jobs by Phone

Check out CareerBuilder's new web site for cell phone users. I think we'll be seeing more of this from job boards everywhere.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Bill Humbert, the Recruiter Guy is blogging

Another recruiter has joined the blogosphere. Bill Humbert from the Humbert Group LLC.

Notes will be written that will comment on recruitment issues for candidates, recruiters, and corporations - in other words, potentially most of the working population. Look for "Focus Fridays" where I will post the job description on a position that has my focus Right Now. You may apply for those positions right from this website. The first post is an introduction. Subsequent posts were titled: "The Best Qualified Candidate Rarely Gets Hired", "Do You REALLY Want to be Happy at Your Next Job?", and Does Age Discrimination Really Exist?".

Checkout UK finance jobs on Accountant Careers.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006 Not Profitable

I'm having flashbacks to the gold rush days of Web 1.0. A few weeks ago I mentioned was going public and I wondered if they were profitable.

Today I got the answer as I read the following from an article on;

"We have not been profitable since our inception, and we may not become profitable," says in its IPO prospectus. On the one hand, that's boilerplate due-diligence text for Securities and Exchange Commission filings. On the other, it's exactly the kind of language that made Wall Street give the cold shoulder to many would-be public companies during the past few years.

Have we learned nothing from those days?



New recruiter blog found: Recruiting Bytes

Cube Management, a Portland Oregon based recruiting firm has launched their blog called Recruiting Bytes. They've been blogging since June of 2006.

About Cube Management

Cube Management helps companies accelerate their sales, by providing the Sales & Marketing talent they need to grow their business. Cube is a leading recruiting and consulting partner to mid-market and emerging growth companies in the technology, manufacturing, healthcare and business service sectors.


Monday, December 11, 2006


Article: The Battle for Talent

A writer from the Small Business Review contacted me yesterday. He was doing a story on thought leaders and blogs when he mentioned a previous article he had written on how small businesses can hire good talent.

I checked it out and thought it worthy enough to pass on, so here you go:

Hiring Skilled Workers When the Unemployment Rate is Falling
A strong economy is a good thing. But for small businesses, it brings a fresh challenge: When the unemployment rate is low (it hit 4.4% in October), how do you compete for talent? How can you convince candidates to choose you rather than that Fortune 500 company that may be offering signing bonuses and stock options, in addition to gold-plated benefits and high salaries?

continue reading >>


Friday, December 08, 2006


Career Site Wetfeet Gets Acquired

Universum Completes Acquisition of WetFeet, Inc. Combined company will help top employers attract, recruit, and retain talent through a global product portfolio including research, consulting, media solutions, software and online career communities.

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) December 8, 2006 -- Universum, the global leader in employer branding, today announced the completion of its acquisition of WetFeet, Inc., the recruitment solutions provider that helps top employers more effectively attract, hire and retain the right talent.

The acquisition brings together the industry’s strongest players to create the premier employer branding company in the world. WetFeet is the third company acquired by Universum this year, following earlier acquisitions of Jungle Media Group and Career TV. The combined company provides a comprehensive suite of best-in-class products to serve and advise global clients -- including the majority of Fortune 200 companies -- on how to redefine their brand image, both locally and globally, to attract and retain top students and young professionals. The company’s products include not only best-in-class research but also consulting, communications planning, custom media solutions (print, events, online career tools and communities, TV and video production), and on-demand hiring management software.


Thursday, December 07, 2006


Millennials: the next generation of hires

I was flipping through my copy of the Kennedy conference manual from last month and pulled out a few interesting pages from some of the sessions. Here's some tidbits on millennials and their habits from Jennifer Floren, CEO of Experience.

Born between 1982 and 2002 they number 80 million. They are your future employees.

Most "wired" generation ever: internet, instant messaging (IMing) and cell phones, social networking, uploading videos and photos.

Free time spent online each week: 43% spend more than 10 hours online. Google, Yahoo, MySpace are their most common destinations.

Free time spent with other media each week: 75% spend less than 2 hours reading magazines, 67% spend less than 2 hours reading newspapers.

Top 3 resources in their job search: Networking, University career centers, internships.

Where they're headed: 43% plan to stay in same state as their college, 23% plan to return home, 28% plan to relocate.

Search accounting internships at College


Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Simply Hired News

Simply Hired, the world's largest search engine for jobs, divulged details on its budding relationship with The New York Post and MySpace. So what's the story? Simply Hired coyly revealed that not only has it brought its job search capabilities to, the Web edition of the country's 5th largest newspaper, it has also launched Resume Post, its resume syndication service, on MySpace Jobs.

Hat tip to the Bugler


Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Human Resource Experts: exact match domain

This is a perfect example of something called an exact match domain which Oaseo alluded to recently.

Created by the marketing company HRmarketer, its SEO in the most purest form. Do a Google search on human resource experts and its the #1 result.

Note that the keywords are not only in the domain but part of the title on the page and mentioned at least 2 times in the opening paragraph.

And if you are an HR Expert you can get added to their directory.

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Monday, December 04, 2006


The thing I hate about Newspaper sites

I just don't get newspaper websites.

So many of them publish their offline content but they still refuse to LINK to the sites they write about. Case in point: this article in the Worcester Telegram which references my site CHIMBY. The author makes note that it's a good starting point for a reader who is contemplating a job search. But they don't make it a hyperlink!

Blogs don't do this. They link to any and everything. So why do the newspapers continue to frustrate users by not enabling hyperlinks in their articles?

To me it's just another reason why newspapers don't understand the nature of the web.


Friday, December 01, 2006


Best of the Web Directory offering 10% off

Good SEO techniques include getting your site or blog listed in directories. BOTW is one of those. They just announced a discount so I thought I would share...

Use the following Promo Code to Save 10% on ALL web and blog directory submissions as well as all category sponsorships and be entered to WIN a 50" Sony WEGA HDTV with matching stand:

Promo Code: SONY4ME

When submitting your sites and signing up for sponsorships, simply use promo code: SONY4ME during the checkout process. The discount promo code will expire and the contest drawing will end on December 31, 2006, midnight EST. So from now until the end of the year, you can save 10% on all new directory submissions, blog directory submissions and sponsorship advertising (in both directories).



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