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Friday, September 29, 2006


Paying Jobseekers for the interview

I found this interesting thread on the PageBites blog. I can't imagine many companies paying people to interview, but hey, its a competitive market.

PageBites is interviewing in Boston.

I'm going to be in Boston from March 31 to April 4. If you are a software engineer and live in Boston, this is your chance to interview with us.

All you have to do is send your resume to with the subject line "I want to work at PageBites - Boston". Qualified candidates will be selected for an interview.

This will be a technical interview for software engineers who want to join our Palo Alto, CA office.

And of course, we will pay you for your time: $100.


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Posted by Bob at Mon Apr 10 16:00:56 2006
I have some questions for you, Ralph. I've seen PageBites' postings requesting people apply for jobs at PageBites a few times already over the course of about a month, and always with the offer to pay $100 to interview with you.

I find it difficult to believe you haven't yet found someone(s) for this/these position(s), especially given the fact that you must have lots of resumes on file. So something smells fishy to me.

Do people who pursue this interview with you end up with their resume listed on your site? Is this some kind of bait and switch?

"Oh, sorry, you don't have the skills we're currently looking for, but we'll keep you in mind in the future. By the way, we'd be happy to put your resume in our engine...."
Posted by Ralph at Thu Apr 13 11:04:56 2006
Hi Bob,

No this is not a bait and switch. We have phone screened around 50 people, interviewed around 10, and have paid all who interviewed $100. We just have high standards for our software engineers. Ask any startup in silicon valley and they will tell you that hiring is the most important thing a company does.


Thursday, September 28, 2006


Do you know a blog consultant?

I'm putting together a list of blog consulting firms. Thus far I have found the following links/firms. If you know of any other please add a comment.

Recruiting Related;
~ Gautam Ghosh
~ Durbin Media
~ JobSyntax

The NewPR: list of blog consultants
646 Industries
Albrycht McClure & Partners
Appnel Internet Solutions
Big Blog Company
Ciao! My Bella!
CooperKatz & Co.
Dryden Marketing
Easy Bake Weblogs
Gekko Blogs
Inside Blogging
Intuitive Systems
John Lawlor
Mark Carey
Moxie Design Studio
MWW Group
One By One Media
Radiant Marketing Group
Sonnet Media
Strategic Communications Group
Textura Design
Wigley & Associates
Worker Bees


Wednesday, September 27, 2006


More on Monster

Everytime I turn around I find more bad press about Monster. Just saw this on Motley Fool...

Here's the good part;

Obviously, there is not going to be much of a near-term impact on Monster's business, but the long-term impact could be substantial. This is because some recruiters are growing frustrated with trying to find high-quality talent on Monster, where a job posting may get hundreds of responses, but few responders may actually be qualified for the job.

Recruiter Scott Teger made this point in a discussion at 37signals: " is playing the numbers game. In my experience, we've probably posted 15 jobs on, received probably close to 1000 applications, and found NOT ONE qualified person. I'm sure it works for someone, because they are around and profitable, but it seems when you're looking for a position that requires talent (not just knowing how to do something), it's the wrong place." The problem is the same for prospective job seekers -- the huge amount of jobs offered makes it difficult for seekers to find jobs that fit their skills and more importantly, their interests.

For everything recruiting, checkout

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Electronic layoff notices under fire

Telling someone they no longer have a job is never an easy thing to do.Perhaps this is why a growing number of employers are choosing to sendout lay-off notices by e-mail or a text message. Career experts sayusing informal methods to dismiss an employee can lower workforcemorale and have a negative effect on a company's reputation.

Read the article from the Christian Science Monitor


Monday, September 25, 2006


New HR Recruitment Blog from Cadbury-Schweppes

Cadbury-Schweppes has recruiting blogs! It launched a UK graduate recruitment website, which features blogs and MP3 downloads to give graduates an insight into the company. Their blogs are;

According to Cadbury-Schweppes, graduates today have "a higher expectation" of being able to use the internet as the primary source of information and for communication.

The website was designed with this in mind and features MP3 downloads, with former graduates sharing their experiences from the graduate recruitment scheme. Topics include; day-to-day roles and responsibilities; training and mentoring; top tips for the graduate assessment days; and insights into the inner workings of the company.

The site also features a series of day-in-the-life blogs, by Cadbury Schweppes graduates. The blog attracted over 60,000 visits when it first launched in 2005 and contributed to nearly 4,000 applications, a 50% increase on 2004.

Advertise on RecruitingFly



Older Workers More Loyal to Employers

Workers 55 to 64 have been in their current jobs roughly three times as long as their younger counterparts. Employers who are looking to reduce turnover might want to consider hiring older workers, not recent college graduates, according to a new study. The study, released Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, shows that workers ages 55 to 64 have been with their current employers a median of 9.3 years, while workers ages 25 to 34 have a median tenure of only 2.9 years. HR professionals say the mix of a tight labor market and baby boomers postponing retirement has encouraged employers to hire and retain experienced older workers. (Inc)



The Forgotten Resume

Yesterday I got a suprising phone call from a recruiter. As she introduced herself she began pitching me a job I "would be perect for".

I haven't been in the job market in quite a while. 6 years to be exact. So her call was very surprising based on the 6 year old resume profile she found on me on a site called Data Frenzy. I politely explained that I work for myself now and she asked if I would pass the job lead on to anyone I could recommend.

She called me despite my resume showing that my resume was last updated in the year 2000. Was this a desperate attempt at sourcinga potential candidate? Or was she just oblivious to the resume details?

I managed to login to the Data Frenzy site to try and delete my resume. But when I got in there was NO way to delete my profile. All I could do was remove the resume details and change my personal info to some "gobbledyguck" text. Hmmm, I wonder how many other forgotten resumes there are out there?

My guess is a lot.


Friday, September 22, 2006


RecruitingFly Offering Sponsored Links

If you visit the homepage of RecruitingFly, we now offer the ability to purchase text links on a weekly or monthly basis. A 7 day text link ad is just $17 or a 30 day is $65. Visit this link to sign up now. Or click the 'advertise here' in the Sponsor box.

Promote your recruiting blog or product. Target recruiting professionals from across the country, the UK, Australia and India. RecruitingFly is the most comprehensive directory of recruiting and HR blogs online today.

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Top ten colleague irritations

From a new survey by SkillSoft;

1. Seeing other people not pulling their weight – 56.1 percent

2. Bosses changing their minds about what they want you to do – 37.3 percent

3. Lack of support from bosses – 29.7 percent

4. Pressure from bosses – 28.6 percent

5. Interruptions by bosses – 23.8 percent

6. Feeling put-upon by bosses - 22.2 percent

7. Lack of support from colleagues – 21.6 percent

8. Bullying behaviour by bosses – 17.8 percent

9. Feeling put-upon by colleagues – 11.4 percent

10. Bullying behaviour by colleagues 9.2 percent

* respondents could pick more than one colleague irritation


Thursday, September 21, 2006


New UK Recruitment Blog: Online Recruitment - the bigger picture

Interesting stuff about online recruitment, media consumption, online trends, employer brands, print media and more. Written by Tim Elkington.

Search internships at College



New HR Blog: The HR Cafe

The HR Cafe is for HR executives and focuses on topics such as leadership, employment law, benefits, compensation, training and more.

Created by: Stephen Meyer is president of Business 21 Publishing (, which publishes newsletters and conducts conferences in the HR, Safety and Finance fields. He was formerly director of publishing at Hay Group.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006


New HR Blog: TriNet's HR Blog

TriNet’s HR Blog provides insights, commentary, and information about the latest in HR and human capital management trends.

About the company: TriNet is a Canadian provider of HR services and guidance that encompass more than just one HR function. We serve all of their HR services needs by implementing and maintaining our Total HR services model: a powerful mix of experienced HR professionals, turn-key HR services, and industry-acclaimed HR technology.

Read more HR blogs >>



New Recruiter Blog: The Recruiting Edge

Often over-the-edge thoughts on sourcing, recruiting, hiring, and onboarding...

Written by Maureen Sharib and Steve Levy. Gotta love their bio descriptions...

Maureen Sharib is a General on the battlefield of names generation; her proactive sourcing stance will keep any recruiter ahead on the hiring curve. Names sourcing since 1997, her online Magic In The Method series empowers real-time tele-research. Her ERE Sourcing group is one of their finest; she has received accolades from the A. Haley School of Recruiting for her selfless work in helping to find that needle in a haystack. With a BA Economics from the University of Cincinnati and more than 30 years in the cruel world of business, Sharib is the killer app recruiters need.

Steve Levy, Mr. outside-the-box, actively sought out recruiting and OD because he was tired of HR making career decisions for him and his fellow engineers. His experience in BioEngineering, S/W Engineering, Mgmt Consulting, BPR, Supply Chain, Strategic Planning, & Patent Law is a sign that early on he was clueless - fortunately, grad work in Org Psych took him into HR and the first brick in his foundation was set. Years later, there was leading edge work in career counseling, social networking, and finally every area of recruiting and OD. All this after that BS Engineering (Tau Beta Pi) from UVM. Rapier wit aside, his real job includes being a hands-on builder and renovator of high performance recruiting organizations for challenging organizations and if negotiated, leading OD initiatives as well.

Accountant provides accounting jobs in the UK via its employment Web site.


Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Monster vs The Bloggers

There's an interesting brew-ha-ha simmering between a exec and a few bloggers. You can read about it here and here.

I wish I was a fly on Monster's wall.

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New job board blog: Bill Warren of JobCentral

The recruitosphere just got a little bit bigger today when Bill Warren, a legend in online recruiting circles launched his blog on JobCentral. We look forward to his insights. His blog is called Internet Recruiting: Past, Present & Future

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Joel Needs a MySpace page

Web stats are a treasure trove of information. This morning while viewing keyword activity for the Fly, I saw that somebody tried a 'cheezhead' search on google. Actually they were IP address: from Denmark using IE 6, on a Windows XP machine with a resolution of 1024x768. (Now if I only knew their name!)

Anyway I thought it was cool that my recent "cheezhead in action" photo post was #3 so I scrolled through the rest of the top 10.

I saw a MySpace profile for Cheezhead so I clicked and saw this.

28 years old
(216), OHIO
United States

Now I know that Joel lives in Ohio, and has a kid so at first I really thought it was his page. Upon further review it appears to be a musician who is a single father of one. (I'd swear that pic of the kid looks like a young Joel).

Last time I saw Joel, he didn't have dreadlocks.

So Joel, if you are reading this how about putting up a cheezhead profile that ranks better than his.

Labels: , expanding HR podcasts, the world’s largest online community for HR professionals, is thrilled to announce that it has expanded its online learning efforts to include more educational webcasts and podcasts. Beginning October 1st, will launch a comprehensive new webcast series that will deliver award winning content to their audience of global HR professionals and business leaders. In addition, 450 archived webcasts, their transcriptions and their podcasts will be made available to all registered members of


Monday, September 18, 2006


New Recruiter Blog: Online Recruitment Marketing (UK)

Whats it about? News, views and information about Online Recruitment and Online Marketing.

Written by Mike Taylor who has a background in Online Recruitment and Online Marketing having previously worked for IBM and Nokia in HR and recruitment. Whilst at Nokia Mike was responsible for Nokia UK's online recruitment strategy.

Mike runs, an online recruitment consultancy offering advice to companies on how to use the internet to recruit new employees.



Web 2.0 Logo Generator

For those of you who are "graphically challenged", here's a simple tool to help you create a Web 2.0 looking logo.

Browse and search recruiting blogs.


Friday, September 15, 2006


Employer branding articles

Make your employer brand more about substance and less about spin
Employers need to become much clearer and consistent about how they manage their workers and what they want from them if they are to make the most of their employer brand, the man who coined the term has warned. Simon Barrow, who this month publishes the first book on the concept, has warned that, while companies are more than happy to bandy about the idea of having an employer brand, few in reality understand fully what this means. (Management Issues)

Only a Quarter of Organisations Measure Employer Brand Investment
Despite employee engagement being the current buzzword, an international Employer Brand survey of over 500 HR executives by global talent solutions business, Bernard Hodes, found that only six out of 10 employers have a formal employer branding effort in place. One possible reason is that Employer Brand programmes can be hard to justify to the bottom-line. Only a quarter, (24%) of respondents noted that their organisations were able to measure their employer brand in terms of recruitment and retention. Even fewer, one in eight (13%) indicated that the value of their employer brand is calibrated by their overall company performance. (OnRec)



Google Recruiting Video

In today's job market, videos like these are a competitive advantage for companies willing to invest in them.


Thursday, September 14, 2006


The OnRec Chotchke's

It wouldn't be a conference without chotchke's. Most 'creative' goes to the Dotjobs juu juu b's...


Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Cheezhead in Action: Tales from OnRec

Just saw Joel's presentation. He videotaped it too so I suspect he will publish it soon.



Tales from OnRec: Job Boards Rising

Classified Intellingence reports that spending on & effectiveness of job boards are on the rise.

They announced the report to us at OnRec yesterday and it aint good news for print. Here's a few snippets of interest.

* Job board effectiveness (especially among niche boards) is growing fast.

* Percentage of annual hires: 25% of respondents say more than 50% of their open jobs are filled through job boards.

* Niche boards will have the fastest growth in the near term.

Effectivess Scale of Recruiting MEthods

1 = least effective, 5 = very effective

Referral Programs = 3.9
Online Job Sites = 3.5
Social Networks = 2.8
Career Fairs = 2.7
Print = 2.4

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


New Recruiter Blog: Matchsticks, a UK blogger

Emma Hackforth is a Headhunter,Talent Manager and Execuitve Career Coach who develops and supports fast growing companies to grow through Outstanding Talent Aquisition and Development. Her blog is called Matchsticks - Igniting Successful Futures.

Welcome to the recruiting blogosphere.



Get to knowHR blog

There's a new blog in town. KnowHR Blog is a blog about simplicity, form and function in human resources. KnowHR is a product of iFractal LLC, which provides organizational communication consulting to some of the leading companies in the world.


Tales from OnRec 2006: Talent and Taleo

The founder of Taleo, Yves Lermusiaux gave a talk today called "Getting Top Talent: what really matters". He showed us lots of charts and numbers about what employers are doing to lure talent but I thought the following statements were the most interesting for recruiters;

* The cost of turnover = 9% of company revenue.

* Senior executives (large companies) spend 27% of their time recruiting. The 500 largest companies expect to lose 50% of their senior execs within the next 5 years.

* 40% of companies don't have a leadership succession plan.

Monday, September 11, 2006


On to OnRec

Despite a cab driver who had to ask me for directions to the hotel, and despite being randomly selected for the "watch list"at the airport (which prevented me from printing my boarding pass last night) I have made it to Chicago for the OnRec conference.

I'm looking forward to hearing Joel, Shally and Steve give their talks. I'll send them your regards from the recruitosphere.

While I'm here I will also be attending the first ever meeting of the IAEWS...International Association of Employment Web Sites. Its the first time a large number of job boards have ever gotten together to swap stories. If I discover anything of interest, you'll be the first to hear.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


The Good, the Bad, the Honeywell Blogs

The good news is Honeywell has integrated some employee blogs into their careers page.

The bad news is that out of a measley 3 bloggers, only 1 has regulary posted items. The others have none or very few. Plus the fact that no RSS feeds are available. Hello, anyone home at Honeywell?

Hey Gautam, sounds like a blog consulting gig waiting to happen!

Thursday, September 07, 2006


New Employment Law blog: Workplace Professor

Workplace Prof Blog is designed for law school professors teaching Employment Law, Employment Discrimination, Labor Law, Benefits, and related courses. The goal of the blog is to provide daily information on topics related to scholarship and teaching, and to help professors get to know each other better by profiling new employment/labor law professors and highlighting the recent accomplishments of established professors. Typical postings list recently-published scholarship, provide information about upcoming conferences and symposia, discuss pertinent news and legal developments, highlight new job opportunities, and review new teaching materials.

View the blog

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SEO Tip: keywords in file names

Matt Cutts, who is Google's webmaster go-to-guy confirms that keywords placed in file names helps with search engine ranking. Here's the quote;

"Most bloggy sites tend to have words from the title of a post in the url; having keywords from the post title in the url also can help search engines judge the quality of a page."

And here's the full post.

Most blogs already include keywords in their file names for each post. But if you are creating static html pages (or dynamic url's) , it's imperative you name them appropriately to rank well.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006


New HR Blog: Compensation Force

Compensation Force: Practical news, information, tips and musings about employee performance and compensation. Compensation consultant Ann Bares is the Managing Partner of Altura Consulting Group. Ann has more than 20 years of experience consulting with organizations in the areas of compensation and performance management.

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Blogs, the new homepage

Here's yet another use for a blog. The homepage of your corporate website. This is from Stephan Spencer's recent post.

"It is amazing what you can achieve in regards to SEO just by reaching into your Web 2.0 toolkit. A corporate brochure is about as Web 1.0 as you can get, yet even brochureware can be transformed in ways you may never have thought possible and boosting search visibility in the process.

To prove that point, we redesigned our site and launched it this month. It’s a typical corporate website, with a portfolio, testimonials, case studies, an article library, bios of our executives, information on our services, etc. The redesigned site is now powered by WordPress, a popular blogging platform."


Tuesday, September 05, 2006


If it aint a blog, dont call it one

I was reading a press release from TalentPen on their new assessment hiring system when I clicked through to their web site. I noticed a link to a blog, or so I thought...

After clicking a link called "Personality Blog" I got a static html page with a couple of 'entries'. But their was no RSS feeds, no way to comment, no archives.

Are these guys kidding? If they're trying to promote their product how about creating an actual BLOG! I dont need some lame attempt at blog-like web page.

Someone at TalentPen needs to rethink their marketing strategy.



New HR blog: HR eSources

Ian McKenzie has been blogging about HR issues since 2001. Has an extensive archive on a vast variery of topics. More about Ian

H.R. eSources



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