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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


New Recruiter Blog: The Recruiting Edge

Often over-the-edge thoughts on sourcing, recruiting, hiring, and onboarding...

Written by Maureen Sharib and Steve Levy. Gotta love their bio descriptions...

Maureen Sharib is a General on the battlefield of names generation; her proactive sourcing stance will keep any recruiter ahead on the hiring curve. Names sourcing since 1997, her online Magic In The Method series empowers real-time tele-research. Her ERE Sourcing group is one of their finest; she has received accolades from the A. Haley School of Recruiting for her selfless work in helping to find that needle in a haystack. With a BA Economics from the University of Cincinnati and more than 30 years in the cruel world of business, Sharib is the killer app recruiters need.

Steve Levy, Mr. outside-the-box, actively sought out recruiting and OD because he was tired of HR making career decisions for him and his fellow engineers. His experience in BioEngineering, S/W Engineering, Mgmt Consulting, BPR, Supply Chain, Strategic Planning, & Patent Law is a sign that early on he was clueless - fortunately, grad work in Org Psych took him into HR and the first brick in his foundation was set. Years later, there was leading edge work in career counseling, social networking, and finally every area of recruiting and OD. All this after that BS Engineering (Tau Beta Pi) from UVM. Rapier wit aside, his real job includes being a hands-on builder and renovator of high performance recruiting organizations for challenging organizations and if negotiated, leading OD initiatives as well.

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