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Monday, March 24, 2008


Best and Worst Cities for Employment

Buffalo has statistically fallen at the bottom of the national rankings for job growth for many years, but not any more. Not only has the city created more New York jobs than a good portion of the larger metro areas in the state; it has also out performed 15 major Florida metros in creation of new jobs last year. In the past, Florida job growth has caused many of the state’s cities to make it to the to top of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ list of best area’s for employment.

Over the last year, Florida has been relatively hard by the nationwide real estate crisis. With fewer individuals finding themselves able to purchase new properties and bank foreclosures at a record high, real estate values are falling. This has taken its toll on Florida job growth, making it harder for the state to compete for having a better employment situation.

Buffalo, which consists of Erie and Niagara counties, was responsible for the creation of approximately 2,500 New York jobs from January 2007 to January 2008. This increase in employment helped the city take the 101st spot on the list of 310 U.S. metros with the best raw job growth.

Also helping New York job growth make the list was the worsening conditions that have hampered Florida job growth. Overall, eight Florida metros lost jobs last year and another seven were unable to create more new employment opportunities than Buffalo managed. Suffering the most Florida jobs lost were the Tampa-St. Petersburg area, which lost 11,700 jobs, Bradenton-Sarasota, which saw a decrease of 11,100 jobs, and Cape Coral-Fort Myers, which was down 10,800 jobs.

Topping the list for the greatest increase in available jobs nationwide was Houston, Texas, which saw an increase of 95,300 new employment opportunities during the course of the last 12 months. Following Houston, was Dallas, which created 83,500 new jobs. The remaining cities that filled the list’s top five positions were New York city, with 77,400 new jobs, Seattle, where employment was up by 47,600 new positions, and Atlanta, which created 35,600 new jobs.

Detroit topped the list of cities that lost the most jobs over the course of last year with a decrease of 29,700 available positions. Los Angeles, which lost 17,100 jobs, was runner up for the unwanted first spot. Rounding out the top five were the three above mentioned cities which were responsible for the most Florida jobs lost.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008


VBA Jobs

Looking for a way to exploit your expertise and talent as a VBA developer? Well, the time couldn’t be better than now! VBA jobs are plentiful as businesses are scrambling for ways to create new and better programs and processes to streamline the delivery of products and services.

And what better way than to use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Through VBA jobs, you are able to support and organization in the creation of friendly graphic user interfaces, including forms and automated processes to support the business needs.

As an experienced developer who has utilized the VBA tool, you are able to breathe new life into an existing application or new organization through new development processes. Viewing VBA jobs as an opportunity to have a positive impact on the business positions you well for today’s new business world.

Organizations are searching not only for programmers, but for people who have technical skills and who understand the changing business environment. They are seeking creativity and flexibility in their development team. Your technical knowledge provides you with a knowledge-base to be a key leader on the business team when it comes to software development and deployment.

VBA jobs are not just jobs for someone who wants to sit and program. They are jobs for the developer who wants to be an active, energetic, and compassionate member of the business team. They offer plenty of opportunities to interface with business leaders, customers, and end-users.

Broadening your own skills and experience through full team collaboration will strengthen your ability as a leader in the field of application development.

Interested in doing more than just development? Then find the perfect VBA jobs that allow you to make a positive difference today and tomorrow!


Monday, March 17, 2008


Florida Job Breakdown

RailAmerica Inc, located in Boca Raton, recently announced that it will be doing away with 95 Florida jobs effective June 1st. According to Scott Williams, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, the company, which is a short line and regional rail service provider, is reducing it’s staff as a result of a planned merger with Florida East Coast Industries Inc, which is owned by the same parent company as RailAmerica.

The merger will cause the company to relocate it’s Boca Raton operations further north to Jacksonville. This news comes at a time when the Southern Florida job market is already struggling with losses. At this time the city has an unemployment rate of 4.8 percent, up from 4.6 in December. A year ago in January the jobless rate was 3.9 percent. The Florida Agency for Workforce Innovations estimates that 6,200 Florida jobs were lost since December between West Palm Beach and Boca Raton. Approximately 20 to 30 employees are expected to relocate to Jacksonville with the company.

In February 2007, the private equity firm Fortress Investment Group LLC, which is based in New York purchased RailAmerica for $1.1billion. RailAmerica currently operates 41 railroads totaling about 7,800 miles throughout North America.

Also planning changes in Boca Raton is the LexisNexis risk management group. The company plans to remain a presence in the area, but has plans for consolidating ChoicePoint Inc.’s data center with it’s own operations. According to Chief Executive Jim Peck, there will be some Florida jobs done away with, but it is too early to tell whether or not they will take place at the Boca Raton site.



Texas Governor Rick Perry on Jobs in Texas

Despite mounting fear of an economic recession, Texas Governor Rick Perry is confident in the state’s economy. So confident that he, in fact, ordered business tax cuts for over 370,000 area employers. These tax cuts will come from a one-year suspension of the tax that replenishes the state’s unemployment fund.

This news comes at a time when the Texas jobless rate has increased for the second month in a row. Nevertheless, the state reached a 31-year low of 4.1 percent at times last year and continues to remain below the national unemployment rate of 4.8 percent.

Although the unemployment rate rose over the last two months, Texas job creation continued. This makes it apparent that part of the rise in the percent of the population unable to find work could be a result of new residents recently attracted to the area. In 2007, Texas created more jobs that any other state in the nation.

According to the Texas Workforce Commission, which approved the tax cut, there is already enough money in the fund to handle unemployment payments for the rest of the year. Overall, these tax cuts will save area employers approximately $90 million, which will hopefully be put towards expansion and the creation of new Texas jobs. As a result, the area economy could actually benefit from less money in the city’s coffers.

When asked to comment on the tax cuts Governor Perry said “I believe in truth-in-budgeting: when government levies a tax and collects more money than is needed, we must either stop collecting the tax, return the money or both.”


Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Entry Level Job Search Tips

As talk of the possibility of national economic recession continue, many soon-to-be college graduates are experience an increase in concern about their ability to locate entry level jobs. Although there will continue to be positions available, competition may be tougher. This means that those about the enter into the job market need to be as prepared as humanly possible.

For starters, those about to graduate should make good use of career fairs hosted both on campus and off. Employers who attend these events usually do so because they already have available entry-level jobs. Attending career fair not only gives a jobseeker an idea of what positions are to be had in the area, but can also be more effective than applying by other means. Since these events put those looking for entry-level jobs face to face with employers, it makes it possible to give a first impression before an interview has even taken place.

Because of this, it is important for those searching for entry-level jobs to attend these events fully prepared. Many college students make the mistake of thinking campus hosted career festivals to be as casual as the classroom. Although no one is going to kick you for not adhering to a corporate dress code, your chances of finding employment are drastically increased by dressing for success.

Aside from wearing professional clothing, those looking for entry-level jobs should bring multiple copies of their resume to every career event they attend. Many employers are willing to take a copy of a promising jobseeker’s resume back to the office with them. Having this document in hand makes it harder for recruiters to forget the individual they spoke with. If the first impression was favorable, the chances of receiving an interview greatly increases.



Reno Jobs

A survey of Northern Nevada’s key industries targeted for growth showed signs for expansion in the next three years, despite economic uncertainty, according to a report released on February 27th. This means that there will likely be a significant increase in Reno jobs.

Participants from advanced logistics, advanced manufacturing, clean energy and bio-agriculture businesses said that they intended to create 808 new jobs in Reno and else where in Northern Nevada. These companies also plan to spend $127 million on expansion and occupy an additional 500,000 square feet of land.

According to Tracey Buxton, Business Builders program manager for the Reno-based Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada said that “the survey is a positive indicator that these companies have confidence in the region and are continuing to invest in our communities long-term.” The agency, working alongside the Carson City-based Northern Nevada Development Authority, conducted the survey from August to December of 2007.

Chuck Alvey, the executive officer of EDAWN, believes the results are encouraging considering the large amount of attention that has been given to the region’s struggling economy of the last year. Citing the housing slump, he went on to say that “there are challenges out there, but we keep saying look at these other sectors, and there’s optimism for growth.”

The survey, which interviewed 77 executives, found that 39 of these planned to expand in both size and staff numbers by 2011. Twenty-five of these participants provided specific estimates for said expansion, which totaled over $127 million planned in capital investment.


Saturday, March 01, 2008


Philadelphia Jobs Highly Diverse

The “City of Brotherly Love” has a lot more than tourist attractions to its credit. Philadelphia’s historical attractions and tourism are a vital part of its reputation, but the job opportunities in this large northeastern city also draw a crowd.

In addition to tourism, Philadelphia jobs are plentiful in many different business sectors. IT/computer positions abound along with finance, telecommunications, education, and healthcare positions. Philadelphia is home to many pharmaceutical firms, hospitals, medical schools, and medical publishing companies as well. Education and healthcare jobs are key drivers in the city’s economic growth and stability.

Some of the largest employers in the area include the federal government, the Philadelphia school district, University of Philadelphia and Hospital, and Temple University. Philadelphia jobs are also continually created by Merck and Company, MBNA, and DuPont.

The diversification of business in Philadelphia, along with its strong historical heritage and tourist attractions, make it a good choice for job-seekers. Free yourself of a dead-end job and join the independence of Philadelphia jobs.



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