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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Sales Executive Headhunter Blog

Meet Thad Greer. He is the Managing Partner with Priority Recruiting Solutions, Inc. a nationwide executive search firm. His blog serves as a recruiting/job hunting resource for employers and candidates alike.

View his blog.


Tuesday, February 27, 2007


New recruiter blog: My Retail Career

Here's a new blog from a retail recruiter. Brad Attig is Managing Partner of -- "my goal is to provide the best professional career services for the retail executive. My 7 years as an executive recruiter in the retail industry paired with my 15 years as a retail executive gives me a unique perspective."


Monday, February 26, 2007


New blogger: Recruitment Redefined

The Recruitment Redefined Blog is compilation of opinions and insights into the world of recruiting with a focus on outsourcing, people, processes, strategy, technology, and management.

Recruitment Redefined is brought to you by Q4B (Quantum Solutions for Business, Inc) - an executive and recruitment consulting firm specializing in strategic talent acquisition solutions.


Friday, February 23, 2007


Podcast with LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman

I just finished listening to this great podcast with LinkedIn's Reid Hoffman. If you get a chance give it a listen. There lots of valuable startup advice and interesting stories. He also talks about his time at PayPal.



New job blog from HotGigs

Here's a new blog for the recruiting block: Hotgigs

Written by Doug Berg, formerly of

Doug Berg, 40, is a technology entrepreneur with a long history of successes as a visionary solutions provider in the recruiting and staffing industry. He has been an IT director, managed his own very successful IT consulting and staffing firm, and founded, a technology careers site that received more than $110 million in venture capital and was voted the #1 IT career site by PC Week (now He grew U.S. revenues to more than $30 million. Doug's current venture, HotGigs Inc., includes online staffing exchange, a revolutionary marketplace portal for consultants, staffing firms, and the organizations that hire consultants.


Thursday, February 22, 2007


Shaker Recruitment's Job Board Network

Recruitment advertising giant Shaker, has quietly been moving into the job board business. As you can see from this graphic they have put together a network of regional job boards, no doubt for use by the very clients they sell to.

They got my attention last year when they scooped up a site in my backyard, For this site, they put together a coalition of newspapers in the state and combined operations. (Poor newspapers, they couldn't even build their own site...)

The other sites appear to be a mix of stand alone operations with no print support and some with print involved. After they took over CTjobs, I heard they asked clients who were paying a few thousand a year for unlimited postings to pay $24,000 instead. Thats no typo. Even a single ad on the site costs $300 and if you want print its $50 more. A little pricey if you ask me. At those prices you might as well use, ...gulp, Monster.

I found the ad for these sites in their latest newsletter but nowhere does it say that they're Shaker run sites. Its obvious that they are given the fact their press releases originate from Chicago, and the domains are registered to them.

Why the secrecy? Do they not want clients to know some of their money is going back to Shaker?

I guess Shaker wanted a way to deliver more value to their clients jobs since print is losing so much effectiveness. I'm sure revenue from creating display ads has tanked along with classifieds. But to me, Shaker is just another print to web wannabe. I mean they aren't even linking their sites to each other so I hesitate to call it a network. I would also give their sites an 'F' for search engine friendliness.

But hey, what do I know. I'm just a recruiting fly on the wall.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Rating the Car Sales Job Candidates

Ok, here's a new tool to help you evaluate a candidates salesmanship skills. Apparently its only for car salesman. Wonder if they will create one for other types of products.

Car Sales Simulator® from Hire the Winners LLC allows any dealer to find and recruit the best salespeople 24/7, by placing car sales applicants into the shoes of a sales rep and getting a profile of their performance before making a hiring decision.

Atlanta, GA PRWEB February 20, 2007 -- The Car Sales Simulator® is changing the way car dealers hire salespeople. Since its launch, two years ago, over 1,500 simulations have been completed by car dealers across the nation. The Car Sales Simulator®
( has helped dealers slash turnover costs by putting the proper focus on the hiring process by providing a systematic, cost-effective way for dealerships to identify and hire top sales candidates by having them take a multiple-choice, online assessment featuring video clip simulations of various customer situations. The Car Sales Simulator® measures their aptitude for the car business allowing dealers to see what a prospective, auto sales, job candidate can do as opposed to what they say they can do.

Recognizing the incredibly high turnover rate of auto salespeople (upwards of 50% - NADA 2006 Survey), Hire the Winners LLC has developed a totally new, first of its kind, automotive specific, interactive simulation designed to screen sales prospects, evaluating their suitability for selling cars, identifying the strong candidates while also identifying those prospects better suited for employment elsewhere.

Test-taking job candidates are cast in the role of an automotive sales rep faced with trying to sell cars to virtual, on-screen customers. By watching video sequences and selecting what to say and which questions to ask, job applicants probe the customer's needs; suggest an appropriate vehicle; take them on a test drive; and defend the purchase recommendation amid customer concerns and objections; and even dealing with them when they get a bit testy; all the while interacting with a hard-charging sales manager looking to protect his margins. One misstep by the job candidate and customer's are out the door. If the customers do leave, the applicant has to decide how aggressively to pursue them to get them back in. Like in the real world of auto retailing, the test-taking, job candidate must seek a win-win solution that offers a fair deal resulting in a sale.

On completion of the 25-minute simulation, prospects are graded on their responses and their scores are compared to sales leaders in the auto industry, identifying test takers with real sales skill and aptitude. Results are immediately available to dealers for their review.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Bullhorn Blogging

Bullhorn, a provider of recruiting software has invested big time in blogging. Their new Bullhorn blogging community features several different blogs for the recruiting industry. They say;

"So many of our customers have told us they believe that using Bullhorn and interacting with us and our customers is like being part of a community. Through our new online community, which we’ve dubbed “The Bullhorn Blogger,” it is our hope and desire that you find interacting within the Bullhorn community to be an empowering experience. We encourage you to freely share your ideas, best practices and experiences to benefit yourself and fellow community members. We’re an industry built on relationships and ideas, by sharing them as a community the power of many becomes the power of one."


Saturday, February 17, 2007


SEO tip for your Domain name

There's a recent patent by Google which indicates that the length of your domain’s registration is important for ranking. Why? Because many spam sites have short registrations and a longer one indicates that you’re building a site with substance and are in it for the long haul. I'd recommend at least minimum of 2 years for your domain name and if you can afford it, go for 10 years.



Latest news on Jobster

Take a look at what the recruiting blogs have to say about the latest jobster news. Click the "Blogs" or "News" links to filter results.

Just another way you can use



Job board directories and sites

Using RecruitingFly's search engine one can discover highly relevant results for job board directories and other sources for employment websites.



Recruiting Software: the Ultimate Guide

By utilizing our vertical search engine to search for HR related products such as recruiting software, RecruitingFly lets you discover what the recruiting community has to say about these products.


Friday, February 16, 2007


Winning the Talent War, Business Week article

A guest editorial by Lars Galgaard, CEO of SuccessFactors, an on-demand performance and talent management solutions company, explores what it takes to effectively manage talent. Understanding what's required is critically important, Galgaard points out, given findings of a recent survey conducted by SuccessFactors and the Human Capital Institute where 98 percent of executives and human resource professionals indicated the competition for talent is increasing in their industry. In order to win the talent wars, Galgaard says companies first have to know themselves.

Full article



New blog: Recruiting, Talent, and Job-Hunting

Recruiting, Talent, and Job-Hunting: Straight-Talking Answers in a World of Smoke & Mirrors

Josh is the owner of a small staffing firm, having been in the staffing space only a few years prior to venturing out on my own. "Prior to executive search, I worked as a sales & marketing professional for multiple software companies. Before that, I was a hard-charging Sergeant in the Marines."

Semper Fi dude, blog on.

view blog


Thursday, February 15, 2007


Accenture recruiting in Adwords

I noticed that Accenture is recruiting via Adwords. Discovered it on one of my job boards this week.

Get the Poor Recruiters Guide to SEO


Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Everybody's bashing the job search sites

I came across this article detailing some of the new firms getting VC money for job search related businesses. Has a bit of a negative spin on the whole industry.

Look, technology will not solve the entire problem of matching job seekers to employers. Never has, never will. There are tools that will assist you but nothing will ever take the place of this highly humanized process.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


50 resumes for every job

A recent survey indicates that nearly 27% of Human Resource (HR) Managers say they receive more than 50 resumes, on average, for each open position. Nearly 13% of HR Managers receive over 100 resumes per job opening. When screening these resumes, these managers frequently search the following key words:

* Problem solving / decision making (56%)
* Leadership (44%)
* Oral / written communications (40%)

Read full survey results



Are small companies more attrative?, a leading provider of on-demand compensation management solutions, has released results of its Working for a Small Business Survey. The survey finds that despite the perceived gap in pay between small and large companies, employees remain at small businesses for other reasons: work/life balance, commute, loyalty, their boss, and relationships with co-workers.


Monday, February 12, 2007


Next Generation Resume Webcast

On February 16, from 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. ET, the Human Capital Institute (HCI), a global professional association and educator in talent management strategies, will present "The Next Generation Resume," a webcast that will explore how technology has impacted the resume creation process, and how the changes are likely to impact the candidate evaluation process. HCI webcasts are free to all HCI members and registered guests.


Friday, February 09, 2007


Bogus blog-based job boards

Much of the buzz surrounding blog based job boards has been positive thus far among most in the recruiting industry. But here's someone who has a different take. After reading his post I must say it does have some merritt.

Whereco says:
  1. As a developer who might want to look for a job, it is a very big pain to try to go to all of the various boards to see what is posted. There are too many of them.
  2. It is true that most of these boards are syndicated, but still I don’t particularly want to have 10-15 feeds going all the time just to look for a job. And I don’t want to have to try to search out all of the appropriate blogs.
  3. Each board on it’s own does not have a lot of postings from any one area. The areas with the biggest number of posts are New York and California, which is not a surprise. However, for the area I live in (Atlanta) I see maybe 1-2 posts per month. This is not a very good selection if I am actively looking.
  4. The whole idea of “passive” job seekers seems pretty bogus to me. I simply don’t think the employers will end up with any/many resumes coming from people who are not actively looking. I don’t look at the job ads on the blogs… unless I am actively looking. I don’t even bother skimming the headlined job on the main site.
  5. I don’t think the ad will be seen by more eyes this way, since most of the blog readers don’t actually read through the associated jobs. Most of the blog readers are, well, there to read the blog. Just because the ad goes across multiple blogs, it’s still primarily being seen by people that aren’t there to read the ads.
  6. Pretty soon now these blog-based services will be overtaken with recruiter ads, in which case this will all be a moot point. There are no restrictions on these services for direct-post only, so it’s just a matter of time. Think what happened with Craigslist.
While services like Simply Hired's Job-a-matic will certainly create more exposure for job listings, it remains to be seen if the value of that exposure will result in more quality hires. Theoretically it should. But if one were to visit Cheezhead for example, how would one even find those jobs? The only link to them is in the dropdown list under each of his posts. So unless the 'blog boards' give these jobs some premium exposure on the homepage, the value to the advertiser isn't as great as you think.


Thursday, February 08, 2007


VIDEO: I want to be an HR Manager

Hat tip to Gautam for discovering this hilarious video from the folks at

Find jobs in London at Canary Wharf Jobs.


Wednesday, February 07, 2007


New recruiter blog: Recruiting in China

Frank Mulligan writes about HR & recruiting in China from his blog: Talent in China


Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Niche job board auction starting

The ebay auction for AdminCareers and AllWebJobs is starting here.



Good advice for writing job descriptions.

I came across this new blogger who writes about recruitment advertising. He's got a great post about how to write effective copy for your job description. Their company is called PostBetter.

He says;


Monday, February 05, 2007


Recruiting blogs: International IT Jobs

The international recruiting blogosphere is catching on. Introducing International IT Jobs.

e are a team of Global IT Recruiters and Global IT Consultants. We got together to find real solution for IT hiring managers and IT career seekers. As the world is ‘flat’ both the communities should be able to seek the best – Globally!

Visit their blog.


Friday, February 02, 2007


New blog for Biotech Jobs

Clifford Mintz, of BioInsights, offering services related to bioscience and biotech careers, pharmaceutical and science jobs. Also offering the services of science career development, biotech career development advice, regulatory compliance training and resume preparation.

Visit the BioJob Blog


Thursday, February 01, 2007


New blog: HR XML

For the techie in you, HR XML is a blog about the technical aspects of the HR XML protocols.

"The HR-XML Consortium is a member-driven organization with more than 100 organizations represented. The Consortium enjoys participation of individuals and organizations located throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. The HR-XML Consortium has affiliate chapter member agreements with HR-XML Consortium Japan and HR-XML Consortium Europe. These are separate entities organized under local law."



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