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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Rating the Car Sales Job Candidates

Ok, here's a new tool to help you evaluate a candidates salesmanship skills. Apparently its only for car salesman. Wonder if they will create one for other types of products.

Car Sales Simulator® from Hire the Winners LLC allows any dealer to find and recruit the best salespeople 24/7, by placing car sales applicants into the shoes of a sales rep and getting a profile of their performance before making a hiring decision.

Atlanta, GA PRWEB February 20, 2007 -- The Car Sales Simulator® is changing the way car dealers hire salespeople. Since its launch, two years ago, over 1,500 simulations have been completed by car dealers across the nation. The Car Sales Simulator®
( has helped dealers slash turnover costs by putting the proper focus on the hiring process by providing a systematic, cost-effective way for dealerships to identify and hire top sales candidates by having them take a multiple-choice, online assessment featuring video clip simulations of various customer situations. The Car Sales Simulator® measures their aptitude for the car business allowing dealers to see what a prospective, auto sales, job candidate can do as opposed to what they say they can do.

Recognizing the incredibly high turnover rate of auto salespeople (upwards of 50% - NADA 2006 Survey), Hire the Winners LLC has developed a totally new, first of its kind, automotive specific, interactive simulation designed to screen sales prospects, evaluating their suitability for selling cars, identifying the strong candidates while also identifying those prospects better suited for employment elsewhere.

Test-taking job candidates are cast in the role of an automotive sales rep faced with trying to sell cars to virtual, on-screen customers. By watching video sequences and selecting what to say and which questions to ask, job applicants probe the customer's needs; suggest an appropriate vehicle; take them on a test drive; and defend the purchase recommendation amid customer concerns and objections; and even dealing with them when they get a bit testy; all the while interacting with a hard-charging sales manager looking to protect his margins. One misstep by the job candidate and customer's are out the door. If the customers do leave, the applicant has to decide how aggressively to pursue them to get them back in. Like in the real world of auto retailing, the test-taking, job candidate must seek a win-win solution that offers a fair deal resulting in a sale.

On completion of the 25-minute simulation, prospects are graded on their responses and their scores are compared to sales leaders in the auto industry, identifying test takers with real sales skill and aptitude. Results are immediately available to dealers for their review.


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