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Monday, April 30, 2007


Fly, fly away

The Recruiting Fly Guy is on vacation. Back May 7th.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Video: Ask the Recruiting Bloggers

Gotta say I really wish I could have gone to the ERE expo. From this video below I missed some great conversations about recruiting.

I think this video is a perfect primer for those who want to know more about recruitment blogs. Dennis, Heather and Joe are among the finest bloggers in the industry and if you do one thing today, watch it. More videos here.

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Recruiters aren't Marketers

Newsflash from the ERE Expo blog: "Recruiters aren’t comfortable blogging. Recruiters are not marketers. When it comes down to it, creating content that people want to read is as much of an art form as recruiting is. It takes creativity. commitment. time. Elements that are in short supply when you have to worry about filling the next rec."

-Marketing Manager for Staffing Firm

I've been saying for a while now that Recruiting is Marketing. This firm's admission is a wake up call to you all. If you are going to recruit more effectively in the coming years you must begin to use the next generation of tools like blogs, video, social networks and podcasts.

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Monday, April 23, 2007


Guerilla Recruiting Tactics

Ever thought about taking out a recruiting billboard right near your competitors office? Well get out your guerrilla recruitin' shoes. Its a labor market jungle out there.

"Esurance, an online provider of insurance products, is taking on the competition by erecting recruiting billboards right next to other rival call-center companies in areas such as Sioux Falls, S.D."

Read the full article >>


Friday, April 20, 2007


Submit your blog to the new MySpace News

Myspace is launching a Digg-like news site where users can vote. So get your blog/site/feed submitted now. Click here.



Recruiting 2.0 article

Nice article today on Career Journal about the newest trend in career web sites. At the top are videos, blogs and podcasts. Are employers getting the message? Sounds like they are.

New Report: Companies Incorporate Videos, Podcasts and Blogs into their Career Web Sites

NEW YORK (April 20, 2007) -- Many companies are revamping their career Web sites by adding interactive features and making the application process more user-friendly for job seekers, says a new report on, The Wall Street Journal’s executive career guide.

“Merely posting a recruitment brochure online is not enough to attract top quality candidates,” said Dana Mattioli, reporter, “Companies are incorporating videos, podcasts and blogs to present the human side of the company.”

Videos on corporate web sites are being viewed as an early job preview. They give job seekers a chance to understand what's involved in working in a particular position or business sector in a much more realistic way than text on a page ever could.

Corporate web sites are beginning to address candidates’ major gripe -- the feeling that their application disappeared into an Internet black hole. Addressing this concern and improving the usability of the applications has become a main focus for the top corporate career sites. The newer tracking systems enable candidates to log into their accounts and check to see if their resume has been posted and reviewed, or find out if they've been selected to interview or rejected.

Read the full report >>


Thursday, April 19, 2007


Blog added: Slacker Manager

While Slacker Manager is not new, nor is it strictly related to recruiting it does touch on enough of those topics to be included in RecruitingFly.

So welcome to the recruit-o-sphere Slacker!


Wednesday, April 18, 2007


CareerBuilder Launching Video Resumes

Well, lookee here what CB is up to ... I get the video branding thing, its a worthwhile endeavor. But the video resume thing will not take off. HR people don't have the time to watch videos all day.

CareerBuilder Launching Video Resumes for Job Seekers and Branding Videos for Employers
CHICAGO, April 18 /PRNewswire/ -- announced plans to
be the first major online job site to launch a new video resume service,
enabling job seekers to enhance their online applications with videos
highlighting their qualifications, accomplishments and other key
information. Set to launch in the second quarter of this year, the video
resume offering follows last year's launch of's Video
BrandBuilder, a unique service that enables employers to post videos of
their workplace, employee experience and job opportunities to attract
targeted candidates.

In a November-December 2006 survey, conducted by
Harris Interactive, 60 percent of over 2,200 hiring managers and human
resource professionals expressed some interest in viewing video resumes of
potential candidates. Nearly half (49 percent) of over 6,000 workers
expressed some willingness to post a video resume of themselves to capture
the attention of prospective employers.

"The interest in video resumes continues to rise with the pervasive use
of broadband Internet and video technologies," said Liz Harvey, director of
Consumer Products for "With our new video resume
service, job seekers can bring more dimension and personality to their
paper resume, and make a memorable impression on employers. Employers, in
turn, can save time and money by learning more about a candidate before an
in-person interview." implemented a video resume function earlier this year
in conjunction with a nationwide, online dream job contest it hosted with
Disney Parks. Contestants applied to win an honorary Disney Dream Job at
Disneyland for a day through video submissions. That concept will now be
applied to a larger job seeker audience on first implemented video functionality on the employer
side of its business in September 2006. Employers can purchase 60-second or
90-second videos featuring footage of their work environment, products,
benefits, mission, community involvement and more to attract qualified
applicants. Depending on the package selected, supplies
script creation, a videographer shoot of multiple locations, full editing
with transitional effects, animation, professional voice-over and music

"The shortage of qualified workers in the U.S. is fueling the emergence
of more competitive recruitment strategies," said Jason Lovelace, vice
president of Corporate Marketing at "'s
Video BrandBuilder provides a richer experience for employers who want to
effectively brand themselves to candidates, break through the clutter and
capture applicants before the competition. This not only helps to expedite
the recruitment process, it also helps to draw applicants who are the right
match for your organization. At the same time, it also benefits job seekers
who can gain insights on potential employers and make more informed
decisions on applying for a job within that organization."


Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Indeed makes smart move

Overheard by the fly. We like this move by It's a win-win for employers and job seekers.

Indeed.Com Integrated With Leading Job Posting Systems, Providing Recruiters With Added Visibility and Applicant Tracking

Employers and recruiters can include their jobs on Indeed with just a click.

Stamford, CT (PRWEB) April 16, 2007 --, the most comprehensive search engine for jobs, has been added to four additional industry-leading applicant tracking and job distribution systems. Employers and recruiters may now include their jobs on Indeed directly from the systems they use every day, while also benefiting from critical applicant tracking metrics. The four partners that have recently added Indeed are:

Applicant tracking systems:
Hodes iQ (
HRsmart (

Job distribution systems:

Job VIPeR by TMP Worldwide (
SmartPost by Bernard Hodes Group (

These four services deliver a feed of jobs directly to Indeed, keeping their clients’ listings fresh and relevant for Indeed’s millions of users. Advanced tracking allows each system to monitor the job seeker traffic provided by Indeed and report those metrics back to their users.

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Monday, April 16, 2007


Job Board Code of Ethics

Association Adopts First Ever Code of Ethics for Job Board Industry

The International Association of Employment Web Sites (IAEWS), the trade organization for the global online employment services industry, has introduced the first ever code of ethics for job boards and career portals.

Stamford, CT (PRWeb) April 14, 2007 -- The International Association of Employment Web Sites (IAEWS), the trade organization for the global online employment services industry, has introduced the first ever code of ethics for job boards and career portals. Representing over 1,000 employment sites around the world, the Association has now set the standard for business operations and practices in one of the fastest growing and most successful segments of e-commerce. That industry has grown from a handful of fledgling job boards ten years ago to thousands of sites that now generate almost $3 billion in recruiting advertising annually.

“This Code of Ethics,” said IAEWS Executive Director Peter Weddle, “reassures both job seekers and employers that a job board displaying the IAEWS Member icon is one they can trust. These are sites that treat customers and users, alike, with dignity, integrity and respect.” Dan Honig, COO of and the Chair of the IAEWS Working Group on the Code of Ethics, put it this way, “The Internet can sometimes seem like the wild west. You never know what’s going to happen to you. Well, now you do, at least when it comes to employment. This Code sets the bar for what people should expect from job boards.”

The IAEWS Code of Ethics

IAEWS Members are leaders in their industry. In acknowledgment of that role, they agree to adhere to the following Code of Ethics:

We will maintain a privacy policy that is open and transparent. We will adhere to generally accepted principles for the use of information acquired online, to include the full disclosure of what personal information is collected and how it is used and/or released to others.

For example, Members will carefully protect hosted individual passwords and clearly indicate the use of all individual contact information.

We will operate with respect for our customers and deliver our products and services as promised. In addition, we will compete fairly in the marketplace and not slander our competitors.

For example, Members will provide easy-to-find and up-to-date contact information on their sites for both employers and job seekers.

We will not engage in deceitful or deceptive business practices. We will deliver our products and services as they are represented in our sales and marketing materials and provide accurate data on their performance and our operations.

For example, Members will make every effort to ensure that all job postings displayed on their sites are genuine employment opportunities.

We will serve the interests of all of our customers—employers, recruiters and job seekers. We will resolve customer issues to the best of our ability.

For example, Members will clearly state how long a resume will be archived on their sites and respect that commitment.

Self Regulation
We acknowledge that compliance with the IAEWS Code of Ethics is a condition of membership in the Association. We will adhere to the Code in all aspects of our business operations and expeditiously remediate any areas of noncompliance.

Why a Code of Ethics and Why Now?

The IAEWS Code of Ethics was developed, ironically, because of the job board industry’s success. That success, coupled with a low barrier to entry, has led to a continuous influx of new sites online. While many of these new entrants strengthen the industry, some do not. They engage in unethical practices such as selling the contact information of job seekers to marketers without individual permission and not accurately representing the traffic their site generates for advertisers. The IAEWS Code of Ethics was created to help consumers tell the difference between those job boards that are committed to the highest standards of business and those that are not.

About the IAEWS

The IAEWS is the trade organization for the global online employment services industry. It is open to any organization that owns or operates a job board or that provides products and services to those sites. Association members include commercial enterprises, professional associations and societies, newspapers and trade publications, radio stations, and affinity groups. Currently, the Association boasts a membership that operates over 1,000 job boards and career portals in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. For more information, please see its site at


Friday, April 13, 2007


The Monster Gobbles Up More Sites

Just saw this on the PR wires. Monster, Monster everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

April 12, 2007 -- Monster®, the leading global online career and recruitment resource and flagship brand of Monster Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: MNST) and Internet Broadcasting, the nations largest publisher of local news online, today announced that they have expanded their existing relationship to provide recruitment and career services to a total of 108 markets. Under the new agreement, Monster will power co-branded career sites for 120 of Internet Broadcastings local TV web sites, including those serving the top 20 markets in the country.

Markets within the relationship include (New York), (Chicago) (Los Angeles), and



New HR blog for SEM

Nicole St. Martin is a Search Marketing Analyst at She just started a blog called HR Search Marketing - Search Engine Marketing for Recruiting.


Thursday, April 12, 2007


New recruiting blog: Resume Grabber

ResumeGrabber™ is an intelligent data entry software which automates all steps involved in manual resume data entry. This software, which works on a one-click parser technology. And now they have a blog.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Jobs in Pods starts a blog

Since Jobs in Pods is already a blog I needed a way to announce new information about it. So I give you the Jobs in Pods Blog. Stay tuned to it for new client announcements and other information on the Jobcasting market.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Dice getting desperate?

I get lots of HR junkmail. This piece from Dice got my attention. They are giving away $50/$100 Visa Gift Cards if you post jobs. Is it desperate marketing or just an innovative sales tactic? If I was an HR manager I wouldn't be posting a job on a web site just because they want to give me money. I'd be posting it because I wanted targeted candidates.

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Monday, April 09, 2007


Put your jobs on an iPod

If you haven't thought about podcasting your jobs yet, just look at this;

"Apple has announced that they have now sold 100 million iPods, making it the fastest selling music player in history."

Jobs in Pods, the new podcasting job board actually creates an iTunes feed for each and ever employer who do jobcasts with us. Imagine being able to offer candidates who come to your career site the ability to download your latest audio job descriptions right to their iPod. They could hear your employees talking about working there, what the people are like, & why its fun to work there. Each and every podcast would "engage" them the way a boring old text description can't.

And remember the iPod is not just for music. People are learning Spanish, listening to audio books just to name a few alternative uses. Why not give them info on your company and jobs?

Think about it. Recruiting is marketing.



What I learned at Podcamp

On saturday I attended Podcamp NYC. It was billed as an un-conference...admission was free and there were dozens upon dozens of sessions about podcasting, blogs and social media. Almost 1,000 people showed up.

Here are some of the things I learned;

1. Jason van Orden is the Cheezhead of the podcast community.

2. As of December 1st, 2006 17 million people are listening to podcasts on a regular basis.

3. There are a lot of geeks in podcasting. Many of them are newbies.

4. The most interesting site I discovered was - they allow podcasters to distribute via cellphones. Way cool.

5. The best session I attended was "60 minutes called: How to attract media and major publishers to your Podcast/blog" by Suzanne Falter-Barnes. She helped propel "Escape from Cubicle Nation" into the mainstream which helped the author get a book deal. She has inspired me to re-design my Secrets blog to a more professional look.

You can check the Podcamp NYC site in the coming weeks as most sessions were recorded on video and people will be posting them.


Friday, April 06, 2007


New recruiter blog The Voice of IT

Bill Martineau has a new blog for IT candidates. The Voice of I.T.


Thursday, April 05, 2007 filing for IPO

The leading tech job board is finally going public.

Dice Holdings files for $100 mln IPO

Dice Holdings Inc., which provides specialized career Web sites for certain professions, said on Wednesday it is seeking an initial public offering of as much as $100 million in common stock.

Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan, Lehman Brothers and Jefferies & Company will underwrite the IPO, according to a preliminary offering document filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

It said it will seek a New York Stock Exchange listing but did not propose a stock symbol.

Details such as the number of shares or an estimated price range per share were not disclosed in the IPO prospectus as they are expected in future filings.

Both the New York-based company and certain shareholders will be selling stock in the offering.

The holding company operates for technology and engineering jobs, for accounting and finance, for U.S. government security clearances.

It also operates for capital markets and financial services professionals in the United Kingdom and for technology professionals in India.

The company said its revenues had more than doubled to $87.1 million in 2006 from $35.8 million in 2004.


Wednesday, April 04, 2007 Announces Official Launch of Website

Lincoln Park, NJ -- Apr 03, 2007 -- /prbuzz/ -- New Jersey-based announced today the official launch of its job board review site for jobseekers and employers. Job Board Reviews is designed to help both job seekers and employers find the best possible job boards and job sites for their needs, industry and position. was created to help solve the problem so many job seekers, have of applying for jobs and never hearing a response. Employers and hiring authorities have also wasted tons of dollars in time and fees for posting open positions to job sites with no traffic that are never seen and never get filled.

Job Board Reviews offers an organized and easy to use format to gather important information about job boards such as number of resumes, number of jobs, and traffic stats on job boards all in ONE place. also offers up-to-date news on job boards, recruiting, and job hunting, newsletters for employers and job seekers, and special coupon codes and discounts for registered members of the website. The best part is that membership is free to join and sign up for newsletters, browse reviews of job sites, and special discount rates. was created to address two of the biggest concerns in the online recruiting and career hunting industries: time and money.

• Time – helps job seekers and employers find the most useful places to post their resumes and jobs that will be seen by the targeted audience and get the quickest response. Almost every one who uses the Internet to either find their next career move or potential employee complains that they are just not getting the response they hoped. Job Board Reviews will help you learn from others what works and does work in your field or Industry.

• Money – Employers spend a lot of money trying to find the next fit for their open positions. Not only is it very expensive to post an open position on a major job board, there is also a lot more competition for the “good” potential employees. Browsing, searching, and posting also takes a lot of time and everyone knows time is money. will help you learn more about job sites and compare costs and also help find alternatives to those costly job boards. provides several key features for both job seekers and employers:

Job seekers’ Highlights on include:
- Free sign-up -- no membership fees
- Reviews of job sites and services for your industry or profession
- Job Board Alternatives
- Community Forums
- Webinars and PodCasts on Job Hunting
- Reviews of Resume Posting Services
- Resume Writing Help
- Salary Surveys
- Share their experiences and learn from other job seekers experiences

Employers’ Highlights on include:
- Free sign-up – no membership fees
- One Place to search all possible job boards (Major, Niche, and other alternatives)
- Job Boards Reviewed and Rated
- One Click to post all your jobs on various job boards
- Community Forums
- Special coupon codes and pricing for members
- Webinars and PodCasts on Recruiting
- Updated Job Board News and Press Releases

In addition to the unique services is offering both job seekers and employers, there is also a vast amount of recruiting and career information and new services and additions arriving at the website weekly.

Stop by and review a job site you have liked or dislikes, add a new job site, or just reach out to connect with others in your field.



Return of the dot com hiring frenzy?

Are the days of foosball tables and free lunches returning to the recruiting landscape?

According to this USA Today article it is...complete with rafting trips for new hires and wine tasting events.

This quote from the article sums it up;

"I remember the '90s hiring boom, and I thought that was the peak. I would say this time hiring is even more aggressive," says Barbara Massa, recruiting services director at EMC, an information management and storage company based in Hopkinton, Mass. "All the companies want the 'A' players. … You're doing things for candidates that, a couple of years ago, you wouldn't have to even budge on."


Tuesday, April 03, 2007


new survey says talent shortage escalating

FYI---Today's job market is increasingly in the hands of the candidate, according to a study released today by Development Dimensions International (DDI), a global human resources consulting firm and Monster(R), the leading global online careers and recruitment resource and flagship brand of Monster Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: MNST).

The study, titled "Slugging Through the War for Talent: Selection Forecast 2006-2007," reveals that 73 percent of staffing directors report competition for talent has increased since 2005, while 79 percent expect it to further intensify in 2007. "Candidates are in a very powerful position--organizations need to think about hiring as a competitive practice if they want to attract the best people," said Scott Erker, senior vice president of DDI's Selection Solutions. "Right now, there is a significant gap between what candidates want and what employers think they want. That's dangerous for organizations, because many don't understand the motivations of the candidate sitting right in front of them."


Monday, April 02, 2007


Jobs in Pods featured on's resident podcast expert, John C. Havens, says our site is way cool.



New company HR blog: HCA

A Career at HCA is a terriffic new blog from a company! The recruit-o-sphere has been dying for more blogs from actual employers and HCA is at the top of the class with their newest blog. Kudos to them for taking recruiting to another level.


Sunday, April 01, 2007


JobCoin adds features

JobCoin , the web 2.0 job board tech provider has added some new features via and FeedBurner, Startup Meme is reporting.



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