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Friday, April 20, 2007


Recruiting 2.0 article

Nice article today on Career Journal about the newest trend in career web sites. At the top are videos, blogs and podcasts. Are employers getting the message? Sounds like they are.

New Report: Companies Incorporate Videos, Podcasts and Blogs into their Career Web Sites

NEW YORK (April 20, 2007) -- Many companies are revamping their career Web sites by adding interactive features and making the application process more user-friendly for job seekers, says a new report on, The Wall Street Journal’s executive career guide.

“Merely posting a recruitment brochure online is not enough to attract top quality candidates,” said Dana Mattioli, reporter, “Companies are incorporating videos, podcasts and blogs to present the human side of the company.”

Videos on corporate web sites are being viewed as an early job preview. They give job seekers a chance to understand what's involved in working in a particular position or business sector in a much more realistic way than text on a page ever could.

Corporate web sites are beginning to address candidates’ major gripe -- the feeling that their application disappeared into an Internet black hole. Addressing this concern and improving the usability of the applications has become a main focus for the top corporate career sites. The newer tracking systems enable candidates to log into their accounts and check to see if their resume has been posted and reviewed, or find out if they've been selected to interview or rejected.

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