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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Studying for Broward Family Therapist Jobs

Are you thinking about pursuing Broward family therapist jobs (Click here) for your future career? If so, it's important to make sure you get the best possible education before you begin working.

Family therapy is a very interesting and rewarding career to get into. These employees help people deal with a variety of problems that affect the overall family dynamic. You'll spend a lot of your time in one-on-one and group sessions trying to identify and treat those problems.

Before you can begin working as a family therapist, however, you first have to obtain the proper education. There are a few different educational paths you can take depending on what you want your future career to look like. All states, including Florida, also require that you become licensed before you can begin working as a family therapist.

Here's a look at the degrees programs you may want to consider, according to


Friday, March 25, 2011


CT tech jobs - Ajax, PHP, Java, Design

A Southport Connecticut company is seeking several tech candidates with certain skillsets from programming to systems to design. Learn more about each of these postions on their job board of choice,

Digital/Interactive Designer - eWayDirect Inc. - Southport
eWayDirect is currently seeking an interactive ...

System Administrator - eWayDirect Inc. - Southport
eWayDirect System Administrator will ensure continued ...

Senior level Java and AJAX Developer - eWayDirect Inc. - Southport
eWayDirect is seeking senior level Java and AJAX ...

Senior PHP Engineer - eWayDirect Inc. - Southport
eWayDirect is a dynamic, rapidly growing Internet ...

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Thursday, March 24, 2011


King Soopers Jobs Spared From Photo Lab Closures

King Soopers jobs (Click here) were spared as the company did away with its photo labs.

Earlier this year, King Soopers announced that it would close all of the company's photo labs by February 5th, citing the increasing popularity of digital photography and the need for more retail space throughout the stores.

"As digital continues to become more popular, we have made the difficult decision to close our photo labs," King Soopers Spokeswoman Kelli McGannon told "By doing so, we will be able to utilize this retail space to expand our core grocery business that will add to our customers' shopping experience."

Fortunately, the decision to close the photo labs did not result in any job losses. Traditionally, photo lab managers would be given the option of being laid off, taking a pay cut, or taking the position of the least senior person who would in turn be let go.

However, King Soopers allowed these employees to instead become part-time all purpose clerks, or fill any checking or night crew positions available. Another bonus - employees were allowed to maintain their current pay rate of $16.81 per hour, according to the United Food & Commercial Workers Union Local 7.

King Soopers is a brand of Cincinnati-based Kroger Company, one of the largest retail grocery store chains in the nation, with sales of $82.2 billion last year. The company operates a variety of stores in a number of different states throughout the country.


Friday, March 18, 2011


Jobs for Torrington CT

Up until now there hasnt been job board in the Litchfield County area & Torrington Connecticut. But that area is definitely seeing some job growth particularly in Torrington.

So here is our new site for that region.

Its already stocked full of jobs in Torrington. The Litchfield County labor market has an unemployment rate around 8% and includes towns such as Sharon, New Fairfield, Goshen, Canaan, Cornwall, Washington, Litchfield, Torrington, Watertown and Thomaston.

Torrington is the largest city with approximately 35,000 people. It has a large manufacturing base and top employers include MBI, Dymax, Wittmann Battenfeld, Inc., Litchfield Woods Health Care Center and the Charlotte Hungerford Hospital.

Among the most common occupations in Torrington are Sales and office occupations, 25%. Management, professional, and related occupations, 24%. and Production, transportation, and material moving occupations, 19%. Approximately 79 percent of workers in Torrington, Connecticut work for companies, 9 percent work for the government and 6 percent are self-employed.

View all our torrington ct jobs.

Labels: ,, a Connecticut based job board company has released an updated list of job boards. Their network has expanded along the east coast in northern and southern areas such as the mid atlantic region and northern New England. Latest sites include one for Torrington Connecticut and New Jersey.

Connecticut Jobs

New York Jobs

Massachusetts Jobs

Rhode Island Jobs

Mid-Atlantic Jobs

New Jersey Jobs

Baltimore Jobs

Philadelphia Jobs

Washington DC Jobs

New England Jobs

Burlington VT Jobs

Brattleboro VT Jobs

Nashua NH Jobs

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Wednesday, March 09, 2011


New iphone app for finding hidden jobs

Hidden jobs are everywhere. You just have to know where to look. I believe todays job seekers need to "company hunt" not job hunt. They need to look for companies that are growing/expanding. And these companies aren't necessarily on the job boards. I've recently created a new app to help you find these jobs.

Its called the ā€˜hidden jobs appā€™ and it tracks hidden job announcements across the U.S. in a simple interface that accesses a proprietary database which I update daily. If you have an iphone (or ipod touch or ipad), Iā€™d appreciate if you download it and give it a review. (.99 cents). The app lists stories and announcements from companies that are expanding or announcing hiring plans and then links to that article inside the app so you can read it.

Download it here >>

I got the idea after seeing some of Jim Stroud's posts on the subject and thought to myself. There should be an app for that. So I found a developer on elance and the app was done in less than a month. Its intended for job seekers, career coaches, reporters or anyone who wants to learn about companies that are hiring.


Monday, March 07, 2011


DC unemployment rate inching downward

The job market in Washington DC is starting to heat up. Most job site indexes rank them 1 as far as the most compeititve cities to find a job. According to CareerCast "Looking at U.S. cities with the most available job openings, for the eighth month in a row Washington, D.C., finished as the best city to find a job, and its overall Index score continued to grow, rising 7 points to 138."

This job board is one of the best reources to find Washington DC jobs. IT jobs, healthcare and government still lead as the major drivers of this job growth. Other top job growth can be found in dc internships, software engineers and physical therapy jobs.



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