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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Systems Admin Jobs Among Top Positions This Year

If you're wondering what technology jobs Tempe (Click here) has to offer, you may want to consider companies looking to fill systems admin jobs ( or a number of other top tech positions.

A recent article from CyberCoders found that our nation is still in the midst of a technology hiring boom, and because the positions employers are looking to fill are diverse, there is little to no chance that we will experience a downfall similar to the dot-com bust in 2001.

"Despite the economic difficulties of the last few years, we are seeing an increase in demand for technology jobs month over month," CyberCoders CTO Matt Miller said. "There is a heavy demand for job candidates with experience using JavaScript, C#, and SQL, MySQL, and PHP. Developers are required to build rich dynamic web applications, and with the mobile and web industries moving faster than ever before, engineers are needed across a multitude of verticals.

"Companies must have a diverse tech team that can handle web, mobile and app development as companies grow," he continued. "We are also seeing companies continue to pay high salaries for these difficult to fill positions."

The top 10 tech skills employers are looking for include:
  1. JavaScript
  2. Java
  3. SQL
  4. HTML
  5. C#
  6. CSS
  7. MySQL
  8. PHP
  9. Linux
  10. AJAX
The top 10 tech jobs employers are hiring for, along with average yearly salaries, include:
  1. Product manager - $106,000
  2. IT manager - $94,000
  3. Systems engineer - $87,000
  4. Database administrator - $85,000
  5. Software engineer - $82,000
  6. Mobile developer - $81,000
  7. Quality assurance engineer - $80,000
  8. Network engineer - $77,000
  9. Systems administrator - $67,000
  10. Web designer - $53,000

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Arizona Nursing Jobs Benefit from Health Emergency Grant

Those with Arizona nursing jobs will be better prepared for a public health emergency thanks to a new round of federal funding.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently awarded an $11,894,000 Prevention Health Emergency preparedness grant to the State of Arizona. The funding will help to ensure the safety of state residents in case of a public health emergency.

All 50 states, eight territories, and four cities are sharing the CDC Public Health Emergency grant. Funds are aimed at advancing public health preparedness for laboratory testing; surveillance and
epidemiological investigation; community preparedness; distribution of protective medicine in an emergency; emergency operations coordination; and emergency public information and warning.

"Although Arizona is already well prepared in the event of a public health emergency, this funding will
add an additional layer of protection to ensure a rapid response," Gov. Jan Brewer said in a statement. "Arizona received high marks on the last CDC report card on public health preparedness. I have no doubt that, with continued cooperation between the state and local and tribal officials, Arizona will remain a leader in emergency preparedness."

About 83 percent of the funding, which is being handled by the Arizona Department of Health Services, will be given to local governments and tribes for resources and training supplies. This will benefit those with registered nursing jobs Arizona (Click here) and other healthcare professionals.

A good chunk of the money will be used to enhance an existing statewide communication system that allows ADHS to coordinate with local hospitals and county health departments during a public emergency.

"These funds will allow Arizona’s public health system to remain poised and on its toes," ADHS Director Will Humble said. "We have, and will maintain, the critical infrastructure needed for a coordinated and effective response to any public health emergency."

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