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Thursday, December 10, 2009


Orlando Construction Jobs Result from High-Speed Rail Legislation

New legislation that supports the creation of a high-speed rail system will help to create Orlando construction jobs.

The state Senate and House of Representatives recently passed a comprehensive rail transit policy for the State of Florida. Experts say the legislation sets the stage for the future of Florida's transportation industry.

The biggest impact Orlando will see from the legislation is further construction of the SunRail line, a 61-mile project located in Central Florida. That project will create about 10,000 jobs immediately and will result in more than 250,000 jobs and $8.8 billion in economic benefits during the next 25 years.

"A hundred years ago, Henry Flagler’s railroad brought Florida into the modern age and laid the foundation for the Florida we live in today," Mayor Buddy Dyer, who also serves as chairman of the Central Florida Commuter Rail Commission, said. "A century later, a new kind of rail transit has arrived in the State of Florida - a transit system that sets the state on course for a more prosperous future for generations to come.

"This groundbreaking accomplishment is a testament to the cooperation and partnership that began in Central Florida with historic, unanimous support for SunRail and ultimately developed between communities and elected leaders around our state who shared our vision for the transformational power of rail transit," he added.

In addition to creating hundreds of thousands of jobs, the legislation also will allow Florida to leverage billions of dollars in federal funding to build a high-speed rail. President Barack Obama has set aside $8 billion from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for transportation projects throughout the country.

The Florida Department of Transportation has already applied for $2.5 billion of that funding, which would be used to build a high-speed rail line connecting Orlando and Tampa, laying the groundwork for an Orlando to Miami corridor.

"Today, the Florida Legislature put the interests of Floridians first by supporting commuter rail in Central and South Florida," Sen. George LeMieux said. "With support for rail from the state, Florida’s chances of winning federal high-speed rail money greatly improve. A high-speed rail corridor will put Floridians to work, it will drive economic development and create new mega-corridors of activity beneficial to our state."


Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Las Vegas Retail Jobs Created

At least one new store is helping to create Las Vegas retail jobs.

Rainbow Apparel recently announced that it will open a new store at the Edmond Town Center in West Las Vegas, a move that will create new jobs and help to stimulate the local economy. Construction on the store is expected to take between five and six months.

Rainbow USA Inc. is a national chain that specializes in junior, plus size and children's apparel. The store's presence follows the opening of Amaya's Beauty Supply, which also recently moved into the Edmond Town Center.

The 135,000-square-foot Edmond Town Center is considered to be the primary shopping center in West Las Vegas. The complex is anchored by a Buylow Supermarket and also contains an AutoZone, Wells Fargo Bank, Urban Wear, Save 99, Instant Tax Service and Executive Barbers.

Councilman Ricki Y. Barlow has been working to attract new businesses to West Las Vegas by traveling around the country and speaking to various retailers about development opportunities. His efforts helped to bring Rainbow Apparel to Edmond Town Center.

"What this lease agreement means is that even in an economy that's not so bright, there is still an opportunity within the inner city for a company such as Rainbow Apparel to come in and employ individuals from the neighborhood so they're not only gainfully employed but to give them the chance to walk to work due to the store being right inside their community," he said.

"It also gives the surrounding residents an opportunity to shop right inside of their neighborhood versus going outside of their neighborhood, which will generate new dollars right inside our community," Barlow added.

The City of Las Vegas has been heavily involved with developing Edmond Town Center. Most recently, the Las Vegas Redevelopment Agency offered Buy Low Market Inc. several financial incentives to attract the development of a much-needed grocery store for the West Las Vegas area.


Friday, December 04, 2009


State of Oregon Jobs Created by Green Wave Project

A new green project that will use waves to make energy is helping to create and save State of Oregon jobs. Visit to learn more.

Ocean Power Technologies recently announced that it has selected Oregon Iron Works, Inc. to construct the company's commercial wave energy PowerBuoy system in North America, which will be located off the Oregon coast.

The two companies estimate that the initial construction project will help to create or sustain about 30 jobs during the next nine months.

"The partnership that we are developing with OPT and other Oregon companies fits perfectly with our goal of providing jobs for Oregon's green economy," Gov. Ted Kulongoski said. "It's exciting to see that Oregon has the chance to play a leading role in the development of this global industry and help achieve our national goals of energy security and reduction of our dependence on fossil fuels."

Construction of the first PowerBuoy system will be phase one of what is expected to be the 10-PowerBuoy Reedsport wave power station. The other nine PowerBuoys will be constructed during phase two of the project, which will generate about 1.5 megawatts of electricity once completed.

PNGC Power, a regional generation and transmission public electric power cooperative, is considering purchasing some of the electricity on behalf of their customers and has already partially provided funding for phase one of the project. The company estimates both phases of the project will create or sustain more than 150 jobs in fabrication, assembly, installation and maintenance.

"OPT has identified the Oregon Coast as one of the world’s top sources for future wave energy development, and Governor Kulongoski’s leadership has helped to enable the realization of its potential to create green jobs and prosperous coastal communities," Mark Draper, CEO of Ocean Power Technologies, said. "We are committed to responsible development of renewable energy resources, and look forward to playing our part in that positive future. "



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