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Thursday, February 28, 2008


Ohio Economy Makes a U-Turn

If you’re in the market for a new job, then you just might want to look at Ohio jobs as your next stop on your search. Not sure what’s in Ohio for you?

After a brief period of economic downturn, Ohio is moving up and forward again.

Ohio suffered a business downturn during the 1970’s due to a decline in economic health resulting from foreign competition. Ohio jobs suffered as a result. But things have turned around for them in the past 10 years. The economy has been stimulated by an abundance of factories producing plastics and the introduction of service businesses which have grown over the years.

Ohio has also taken a strong stance on environmental control and preservation through the execution of state laws to keep the state rivers and Lake Erie clean and healthy. The myriad of lakes are used for both commercial and recreational use.

Ohio jobs continue to grow in the major cities of Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati, which are the largest cities in the state. Other cities are also posting open positions and the number of Ohio jobs continues to grow throughout the state.

Take a look at the job opportunities in Ohio and consider living in the state which is the birthplace of seven former U.S. presidents. You’ll find a welcoming community of citizens who take pride in their heritage.



New York Stands Tall

New York stands tall among U.S. cities as they have weathered some of the best and worst situations presented to our country and our citizens. Their motto, Excelsior, which means “Ever Upward”, is a perfect descriptor of this diverse and vibrant city.

New York is well-known as the financial hub of the country and recognized world-wide for their contributions to the financial stability within the United States. But in addition to financial positions, New York jobs are abundant in almost every business sector imaginable - making it an incredible opportunity for job-seekers. They are third only after California and Texas in terms of population and the myriad of businesses consistently creates New York jobs for tens of thousands of people.

The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the Empire State Building are images that come to mind when considering New York as a place to live or visit. But there’s a lot more to living in New York than world-renowned landmarks. Where else can you go and find magnificent skyscrapers and mega-corporations alongside rolling mountains, flowing streams, and placid lakes?

Taking a look at New York jobs for your next career move is a smart thing to do. It is a great way to find a new job and simultaneously dive into a variety of recreational, social, and cultural entertainment opportunities.

Finding the perfect job in New York will have you moving ‘ever upward’ too!


Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Indianapolis Jobs and Business are Booming

As the capital of Indiana, the bustling city of Indianapolis has a national reputation for being one of the safest and cleanest cities in the country. This large U.S. city boasts the fact that they have more interstates converging in and around the city than anywhere else in the country.

This explains their name as the “Crossroads of America.” And it also explains why Indianapolis jobs are so attractive – ease of access and transportation in and around the city.

The city and its leaders possess an extremely forward-thinking and entrepreneurial attitude toward the expansion and development of new business and industry in the area. Corporate giants such as WellPoint, Roche Diagnostics Corporation, and Eli Lilly and Company call Indianapolis home. And the Indianapolis Motor Speedway fuels increased business growth and new employment opportunities.

If all of this not enough to make you look at Indianapolis jobs, then maybe the fact that they rank as #5 among the “Least Expensive large U.S. Cities for Doing Business.” The future for the city and its residents is secure with their commitment to economic growth.

Enter the gateway into Indianapolis and discover what’s so great about living in this diverse city!


Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Dallas: A Beacon for Business

With new businesses, large and small, continually moving into the Dallas-Fort Worth area, it’s no wonder people are aggressively hiring in this booming economic area of Texas. Dallas is centrally located in the vast state of Texas and their new slogan, “Live Large. Think Big” describes the leaders, the people, and the city perfectly.

Dallas jobs continue to grow and people moving to the area are pleasantly surprised and pleased to find a city with a healthy attitude towards change and growth. Dallas has always enjoyed the pleasures of leading art museums, numerous cultural arts centers, world-renowned sports teams, and unfathomable shopping malls and stores.

The number of Dallas jobs will continue to grow as new companies move into the area and existing companies expand operations. With its broad array of social activities, entertainment venues, and reputable businesses, Dallas is positioned well for the future.

If you’re in the job market right now, it will be worth your time and effort to include Dallas jobs in your search. Not only will you find it a great place to work – you’ll find a great life just waiting for you!


Monday, February 25, 2008


Anatomy of the Job Search

When searching the internet for job postings many people tend to surf straight to a nationally known job search engine, such as Monster or CareerBuilder. Although these sites may have some of the largest databases of open positions on the web, they can be frustrating. For starters, the very number of jobs posted can cause an inexperienced jobseeker to have spend countless hours online in order to sift through their options. In many cases, a good amount of time is wasted on reading advertisements and scams disguised as job listings.

In order to avoid such, it can be helpful to narrow one’s search so that it yields more specific results. For example, excluding jobs listed as available nationally often gets rid of many advertisements. Setting the job search engine to only show listings that are in specific industries, areas, or are offering salaries with in a certain range can also decrease the amount of energy expended on unsatisfying job listings.

One easy way to avoid having to read a countless number of unhelpful job descriptions is to avoid popular job search engines and go straight to the source. Many people make the mistake of completely forgetting that many employers post their own job listings on their websites. This is particularly effective when searching for a job with a business that is a chain or nationally known.

Aside from posting available jobs, many employers also make it possible for jobseekers to upload their resumes. Some employers make it possible to take preliminary tests to see which positions one would be most qualified for or if their disposition would be suited for the job they are most interested in.

Although many employers do advertise their job listings on external websites, applying directly through a company’s web site is often more effective. According to The Wall Street Journal company web sites are the second most common source of new hires, preceded only by referrals. A survey conducted by CareerXroads, a staffing-consulting firm, conducted a national poll with companies that employee over 5,000 individuals to determine this.

In order to more effectively recruit new talent many employers are beginning to focus on bettering the job listings section of their web pages with the goal of making them easier to navigate. Paul Clegg, the director of global talent acquisition at Raytheon Corp., says that his company is “paying attention to the voice of generation X and Y.” He went on to say that “their values are so different than the boomer generation, and in order to attract and retain them, we’ve got to shift gears.



Cleveland Jobs Complemented by Natural Beauty

Boating, beaches, and miles of magnificent Lake Erie shoreline are just a short drive when you’re most anywhere in Cleveland. And the performing arts and entertainment venues in this northeastern Ohio city provide an incredible array of entertainment options.

The stability of the business sectors and the healthy economic climate make Cleveland jobs a great choice if you’re in the job market. With the infamous Cleveland Clinic, MetroHealth, Summa Health Systems, and Continental Airlines located in the Cleveland region, the job market offers diverse opportunities.

Industries in the Cleveland jobs market and the surrounding counties include a huge variety of professions. Bioscience, manufacturing, healthcare, and education are some of the key business sectors. The Cleveland region boasts 30 universities and colleges, where more than 26,000 students graduate annually.

The Lake Erie waterfront of Cleveland is an easy commute via car or the extensive bus line that helps move people between their homes and their jobs. A strong sense of community pride and ownership is evident through the citizens of this friendly, inviting city.

If you’re in the market for a new career, take a look at Cleveland jobs and you’ll find that the many business sectors offer broad opportunities in many diverse occupations. And when you’re not working, you’ll have plenty of social, cultural, and entertainment choices to peruse!


Thursday, February 21, 2008


Are There Jobs in Houston, Texas?

The Museum of Fine Arts, The NASA Johnson Space Center, The Houston Zoo, and The Astrodome – all great places to visit in Houston. But what else is in Texas?

Why, there are jobs in Texas!

With a city of over 2,000,000 people, you might think finding a job in Houston is difficult. How could there possibly be enough jobs for everyone, much less jobs for someone looking to relocate?

Well, think again.

Just a quick click to takes you to a site where hundreds of jobs are listed for the Houston area. These jobs range from telecommunications to engineering, human services to It/technology, and parks and recreation to public broadcasting. These are just the tip of the iceberg with dozens of categories in between.

A quick search using your search engine of choice reveals dozens of sites dedicated to job searches in the Houston area. And with the median resident age of 30.9 years old, Houston boasts a relatively young population. This means plenty of jobs in child care services, education, healthcare, and technology. The presence of a large population of young people in Houston brings with it a demand for employees in these business sectors to support the burgeoning population.

In addition to being a great place to work, Houston is a great place to live too. Home to sporting events, zoos, and many public recreational facilities make it a vacation-land in itself!

The job outlook is good for Houston and the housing is affordable. The surrounding area offers a wealth of opportunities for an exciting and entertaining personal and social life. Start your job search in Houston today and you’ll end up in one of the largest and most beautiful cities in the United States.


Sunday, February 17, 2008


Recruiters or Not?

You’ve decided you want to find a new job and your first stop is the internet. What do you do now?

In addition to the many job boards and websites accessible through your job search engine, you may want to consider a recruiter to support you in your efforts. Many jobs are not advertised and having a recruiter can help you to identify these jobs, which are often higher paying jobs. The recruiter is able to connect you with jobs that you would otherwise have overlooked or that may not have been advertised.

Recruiters may save you time, particularly if you are searching for a job in a highly competitive field. And it doesn’t cost you anything to utilize a recruiter. His or her fees are paid by the employer. It’s to the recruiter’s advantage to help you negotiate a higher salary too, since his compensation is typically a percentage of your salary. Recruiters can also help you enhance your resume to highlight your strengths and accomplishments.

Whether or not you decide to use a recruiter to help you find a job, you still need to be aggressive in your personal search. Finding a job via the internet is a great option that helps you personally identify open jobs, evaluate opportunities, and establish contacts through networking.

Don’t leave your future up to just one person or one strategy – approach your job search with multiple facets to optimize your chances of landing the perfect job sooner!


Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Checking Out Job Search Engines

Searching for jobs online has become increasingly popular due to connivance and easy. Employers are beginning to trust their job listings to web pages designed to help both companies and those seeking for work, turning their eyes away form more traditional means of finding new employees, such as local newspaper help wanted sections. Both employers and would-be employees stand to benefit from this trend in office place recruitment. The problem is many job seekers do not know how to avoid many commonplace errors when searching for a job online.

For starters many people make the mistake of using only large, nationally recognized job search engines. Since these websites are so well known, posting a job listing with them often costs much more than with a smaller web page. Because of this, companies with smaller budgets are more likely to announce their openings with less expensive and lesser known sites. In many cases they may use only locally known web pages or industry specific sites. Those looking for jobs online might find that the extra few minutes it takes to find such job search engines beneficial, partially due to the smaller competition for each available job listed.

Another common mistake made by those searching for jobs online is sending out a generic resume in bulk. Although this may sound like the fastest approach to reaching the largest number of potential employers, it can actually be a wonderful way for job seekers to shoot themselves in the foot. By sending out a resume this way, jobseekers rob themselves of the time they could take to tailor their cover letters and other information to each specific job they are applying to. This personalization is extremely important because it adds professionalism an air of sincere interest in the position being applied for.

Due to the ease of applying for jobs online many make the mistake of sending in their applications for positions that they aren’t qualified for. In many cases the applicant meets some but not all of the minimum qualifications and hopes this will be overlooked. For the most part, employers know what is the least they will take in an employee’s experience or education and aren’t willing to budge on this. According to, this is a self-defeating strategy because it trains recruiters and employers to ignore such applicants, who, for the most part, they view as less intelligent.

Due to the large number of job listings on the internet, searching for a job online is a great idea, but those looking for work shouldn’t limit themselves to the web. Although employers are increasingly likely to rely on job search websites, there are still those who prefer the older methods of getting available positions out there. Therefore searching for employment using more than one method often pays of more quickly than a narrow approach might.



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