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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Checking Out Job Search Engines

Searching for jobs online has become increasingly popular due to connivance and easy. Employers are beginning to trust their job listings to web pages designed to help both companies and those seeking for work, turning their eyes away form more traditional means of finding new employees, such as local newspaper help wanted sections. Both employers and would-be employees stand to benefit from this trend in office place recruitment. The problem is many job seekers do not know how to avoid many commonplace errors when searching for a job online.

For starters many people make the mistake of using only large, nationally recognized job search engines. Since these websites are so well known, posting a job listing with them often costs much more than with a smaller web page. Because of this, companies with smaller budgets are more likely to announce their openings with less expensive and lesser known sites. In many cases they may use only locally known web pages or industry specific sites. Those looking for jobs online might find that the extra few minutes it takes to find such job search engines beneficial, partially due to the smaller competition for each available job listed.

Another common mistake made by those searching for jobs online is sending out a generic resume in bulk. Although this may sound like the fastest approach to reaching the largest number of potential employers, it can actually be a wonderful way for job seekers to shoot themselves in the foot. By sending out a resume this way, jobseekers rob themselves of the time they could take to tailor their cover letters and other information to each specific job they are applying to. This personalization is extremely important because it adds professionalism an air of sincere interest in the position being applied for.

Due to the ease of applying for jobs online many make the mistake of sending in their applications for positions that they aren’t qualified for. In many cases the applicant meets some but not all of the minimum qualifications and hopes this will be overlooked. For the most part, employers know what is the least they will take in an employee’s experience or education and aren’t willing to budge on this. According to, this is a self-defeating strategy because it trains recruiters and employers to ignore such applicants, who, for the most part, they view as less intelligent.

Due to the large number of job listings on the internet, searching for a job online is a great idea, but those looking for work shouldn’t limit themselves to the web. Although employers are increasingly likely to rely on job search websites, there are still those who prefer the older methods of getting available positions out there. Therefore searching for employment using more than one method often pays of more quickly than a narrow approach might.


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