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Sunday, July 30, 2006


New Recruiting Blog: Volt Insider

VoltInsider: This blog is authored by Dale Olson, a Technical Recruiter employed at Volt’s largest branch office in Redmond, WA (more about Volt). It has been designed to provide an alternative medium for professionals in the local IT industry to engage with a recruiter and get real answers from a Volt Insider.


Saturday, July 22, 2006


More recruiting blogs

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Sunday, July 16, 2006



Authors: Setve & Russ: "Evil HR Director"


Thursday, July 13, 2006


New HR Blog: HR Horizons

HR Horizons: Strategies for managing the 21st century workforce

Author: Nick Roy: A Human Resources E-Zine that explores developments in society as they relate to managing the most important aspect of any business, the employees. Material for this publication is gathered through field research and conducting extensive literature reviews.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006


New HR Blog: EASI Blog

Welcome to our new EASI Blog, where you will find regularly updated information on HR issues of interest, including HR law, testing, interviewing, and all kinds of practical information and news regarding HR and I/O psychology.

Author: Michael M. Harris, Ph.D.
As Chief Blogger, I have 2 years of experience under my belt in this capacity, having been a major contributor to George’s Employment Blawg. I am also VP of Litigation Support Services at EASI Consult LLC, and have worked on a variety of projects over the years.

So, stay tuned, visit frequently and be sure to leave COMMENTS as you see fit in response to my postings. See you again soon, I hope!


Saturday, July 08, 2006


New HR Blogs

Frontline Source Group - Temporary staffing agency and employment permanent placement firm in Dallas Fort Worth Texas. [ATOM]
HR eSources - Long running blog of business related links. [ATOM]
HR for the Leader in You - Discusses health care, employee relations issues, leadership, and mediation. [ATOM]
HR Horizons - Free lance writer discusses human resources management.
HR Lori - News and information on human resources in California. [RSS]
HRevolution - Commentary on human resources related news and issues. [ATOM] Blog - Discusses products aimed at human resources executives. [ATOM]
HRmegablog - Features human resource related news from around the web. [RSS]
HR's Brand New Experience - Updates and commentary on current events in human resources. [RSS]
Human Resources Blog - Features news headlines and human resources related information. [RDF]
My Blog of HR, and Technology Stuff - Australian blog discussing human resources.
On Demand Workforce Management - Get the latest happenings in the HR industry worldwide now. [ATOM]
Pappy's Blog - Personal blog of a human resources specialist. [ATOM]
PayPerBlog - Resource for payroll and human resources specialists. [ATOM]
Perfect Labor Storm - Labor focused headlines for human resources specialists. [RDF]
Secrets of the Job Hunt - Features tips, tricks and techniques for successful job hunting in today's competitive job market. [ATOM]
SystematicHR - Technology focused posts on human resources. [ATOM]
Talentism - Human resources blog focused on finding and adding talent. [RDF]
The Future of Work - Discusses the changing nature of work. [RDF]
The HR Blog - Links to human resources and recruiting information from around the web. [RSS]
The Human Capitalist - Commentary on human resources technology, services and outsourcing trends. [RDF]
The Sykes Group's OnPoint - Provider of leadership, motivation, customer service, and presentation tips, techniques, and resources. [RSS]
Value Added HR - Focuses on organizational culture and social networking. [RSS]
Yarddart - Commentary from Jobster's first employee.



New Recruiting Blog: HR, and technology stuff

My blog of HR, and technology stuff
A blog from Australia about Human Resources, technology and any other random stuff I type.

Authored by Michael Specht: Over the last 15 years I have worked in the HR technology industry in a multitude of roles ranging from software development to management both in Australia and overseas. I specialise in the development and implementation of solutions to effectively manage people data, ranging from traditional HR/Payroll systems to comprehensive employee portals. I am an active member of the Australian Human Resource Institute (AHRI) and current convener of their Victorian HRIS Special Interest Group. I have spoken and written on the impact of HR/workplace technologies on enterprises.



New Recruiting Blog: Resourcing Strategies

Resourcing Strategies
HR, recruitment, staffing & employment articles, trends and soundbites from Andrew Marritt
Employment is, for most people, about choice. They choose their employer in a similar way they choose their car, house or partner. Employers need to realise it’s no longer good enough to be satisfactory, to be successful they need to create brand champions. To do that employees have to ‘buy’ into the brand, their jobs every single day. The smart manager and HR professional needs to understand what drives their employees and how to engage them to be passionate evangelists.

This blog was set up as a way of getting this message out & engaging with others who share my passion. I hope it makes people think, reconsider and connect with the rapidly changing dynamics of contemporary employment and employment markets.



New Recruiting Blog: OnTalent

OnTalent - random thoughts about talent relationship.

Authored by Doug Miller, the vice president of marketing at "Thanks for reading On Talent. I publish this blog-- it's my point of view. If you like it please tell others about it. If you don't--tell me. That's the point, it's a conversation. On Talent is consistent with the philosophy of my employer,, but it doesn't represent the official position or views of the company. I must be doing okay so far 'cuz no one's called me on it."



New Recruiting Blog: Hiring Technical People

Hiring Technical People
Hiring technical people and being hired isn't necessarily easy, no matter what the economy is doing. Use the tips here to hire better, or find a new job.

Authored by Johanna Rothman



New Recruiting Blog: GoodRecruits

GoodRecruits - Recruiting, finding top recruits, and hiring
Recruiting and hiring discussion, news, tips, and information.

Authored by Robert Merrill, a technical recruiter and talent consultant for executives, hiring-managers and job-seekers.



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