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Thursday, July 31, 2008


Boston jobs Pay Off

Boston jobs pay better, according the most recent report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Nationally, the city is ranked as the fifth highest paying metropolitan area in the country.

In 2007, the average Bostonian was paid 12 percent higher than the national average. The report compared 77 metros to determine where workers were making the most. According to the Bureau, pay relative calculations help to make comparisons in our large and varied economy.
Installation, maintenance and repair employees in Boston made more than anywhere else in the united states. These professionals earned 15 percent more than the national average.

All of the four New England metropolitan areas made it into the top ten highest paid cities in the country. Hartford came in fourth, followed by Boston at fifth. Springfield tied Seattle for sixth place and Providence was in a three-way tie for eighth with San Diego and Minneapolis.
According to the report, San Francisco residents make the most in the country, while those in the Brownsville-Harlingen, Texas area were paid the least.

The first pay relative calculation was conducted in 2002. Since then, Bostonians have consistently been paid more than is the national average.

Although residents in the Boston area made be making more than the majority of the nation, Massachusetts’ economy is not immune to the instability that is effecting the rest of the U.S. According to the Federal Reserve Bank, the industries that are experiencing the most strife are retail, manufacturing and commercial real estate.

Because of this, the number of individuals in Massachusetts claiming jobless benefits jumped to 13 percent higher than last year during the month of June. Approximately 38,600 residents are now receiving unemployment. Despite this, the jobless rate is only 5.2 percent, which is still significantly lower than the national average.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the number of unemployment insurance claims recently increased to 406,000 throughout the country. This is an increase of 34,000. Previously economists had predicted the number of claimants to only reach 375,000.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Florida Jobs Lost to China

The number of Florida jobs lost to outsourcing has caused the state to make the list of top 10 states losing positions to China, according to the St. Petersburg Times. A recent report by the Economic Policy Institute in Washington DC found that since China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001, the U.S. has lost approximately 2.3 million jobs to the country. Florida came in number 6 on the list of states losing employment opportunities to China.

Senior internal economist with the Institute Robert Scott has said that he is surprised by the increase in the U.S imports of computers and other electronics made in China, which include Apple’s iPhones and iPods, along with circuit boards and other computer parts.

"Electronics accounted for half of the growth in the trade deficit," he said. "It's also responsible for the fact that such a large share of the jobs lost are by people with college degrees."

Executive director of the Alliance for American Manufacturing said that the report is “groundbreaking.” He believes that it accurately depicts how both U.S. jobs and the economy are being effected by trade with China. He also stated that he hopes this will cause presidential candidates to focus their debates on trade in regards to China. The AAM helped to fund the EPI’s study into jobs lost.

Between 2001 and 2007, 100,900 Florida jobs were outsourced to various employers in China. In 2007 alone, 17,000 jobs were sent overseas to the country. This is even more significant due to the recent report that says that Florida has lost over 74,700 jobs since June of 2007 and June of 2008, according to the Miami Herald.

Of the jobs lost to China, 31 percent were previously held by Floridian workers that had at least one college degree. Those who lost their jobs due to outsourcing reported making, on average, $8,146 a year less with their new employers.

The companies responsible for outsourcing jobs to China and their reasons for doing so were not specified. Despite this, it has been assumed that almost all of the positions were lost due to the fact that labor is much cheaper overseas.



Future of 500 Rhode Island Jobs Unknown

The number of residents unable to find a Rhode Island job rose again during June. According to the most recent statistics, 7.5 percent of the population is now unable to find work. This is the highest the figure has been in almost 15 years. With the national average being significantly lower at 5.5 percent, Rhode Island now has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.

A newly released state Department of Labor and Training survey showed that over 42,000 residents are without a job but looking for employment. So far this year, Rhode Island has lost approximately 8,600 jobs. The industries which have suffered the most include manufacturing, professional and business services and the financial sector.

The state could potentially lose 500 more jobs in the near future due to the U.S. Navy deciding against building a new generation of destroyers. These ships were to have been computers designed by subcontractor Raytheon Co, which may see the need to layoff a number of different workers now that Navy officials have changed their plans.

Recently Navy Secretary Donald Winter made it known to members of Congress that the Navy will only be purchasing two Zumwalt-class destroyers. Originally, these high-tech stealth ships were planned to replace the smaller Arleigh Burke-class destroyers. Price has likely played a huge part in this decision, as Zumwalts have been estimated to cost as much as twice the $1.3 billion Arleigh Burkes.

Subcontractor Raytheon will still be responsible for designing, building and installing the electronic systems on both of these vessels. These computers will be responsible for everything from commanding the launch of missiles to sending e-mails, says company spokesperson Guy T. Shields. He had no estimate on the exact number of individuals at Raytheon’s Rhode Island facility are actually working on the project.

At this point, the company is still unsure of how the Navy’s recent announcement will effect the jobs of those who were to be assigned on the originally larger scale project. “We don’t know because the Navy hasn’t talked to us,” Shields said.



Chicago Jobs in Construction Dropping

Anyone looking for a Chicago job in the construction industry may be out of luck for now.

While the construction industry in the State of Illinois as a whole is expected to grow during the near future, jobs are dropping off in the Chicago area.

According to the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Chicago-Naperville-Joliet area's construction industry employed 177,800 people in June 2008, a decrease of 3.9 percent from last year.

The Illinois Department of Employment Security notes employment in the state's construction and architecture industry is expected to grow faster than the national average through 2014.

"Employment in nonresidential construction is expected to grow because the replacement and renovation of many industrial plants and buildings has been delayed for years and a large number of structures will have to be replaced or remodeled, particularly in urban areas where space for new buildings is becoming limited," the site states. "Home improvement and repair construction is expected to continue to grow faster than new home construction.

"Remodeling should be the fastest growing sector of the housing industry and also tends to be more labor intensive," the site adds "Job opportunities are expected to be excellent for general maintenance and repair workers, electricians and carpenters, especially for workers with training and experience in construction occupations."

Possible jobs in the architecture and construction industry include:
Those looking for Chicago jobs in construction, however, may have to wait.


Monday, July 28, 2008


Finding New Jersey Jobs

Despite the fact that New Jersey’s jobless rate dropped slightly from 5.4 percent to 5.3 percent in June, the state continued to lose jobs in New Jersey as employers shed over 4,000 jobs. According to the state Labor and Workforce Development Department, the private sector, where all of the job losses occurred, did away with 4,100 positions. During the same time, public sector employers created 100 new job postings.

Labor Commissioner David Socolow believes that the circumstances of the state’s employment market are extremely similar to those being experienced on a national level for the last six months. To illustrate this, he pointed out that the total non-farm employment decline has caused the loss of 14,100 New Jersey jobs, which is a decrease of 0.35 percent, while the country has lost 438,000 positions, a 0.32 percent decrease.

For the most part, New Jersey’s employment losses happened in the manufacturing sector. The was attributed to a smaller demand for building products and home furnishings, which is to be expected considering the state of the housing market. This sector did away with 2,600 jobs in June. According to the state, another 1,000 jobs were lost due to the closure of trucking company Jevic Transportation.

These New Jersey job losses mark the end of the state’s employment expansion, says the New Jersey Business and Industry Association. The expansion began in March of 2003 and is assumed to have ended in December of 2007.

“It’s no longer a question of whether New Jersey is entering a downturn,” said president of the NJBIA Philip Kirschner. “We’re there. Any hope of a comeback in private-sector job growth this year has just about vanished with this report.”

Kirschner’s feelings toward the job market are in accord with Rutgers University’s latest economic forecast. According to the report, New Jersey has already been in a mild recession for the last six months and isn’t expected to recover until early 2010.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Texas State Jobs Have Plenty to Offer

When it comes to the government industry, Texas state jobs have a lot to offer.

According to the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, Texas's government industry employed 1,754,600 people in June 2008, an increase of 1.1 percent over the previous year. The Texas Workforce Commission states Texas employed 146,650 people in the state government industry in 2004, and that number is expected to reach 164,750 by 2014, an increase of 12.3 percent.

The TWC notes the government industry grew by 13,500 jobs, or .8 percent, in June 2008. This was the largest one month gain for government employment since October 2002.

The Texas state government sector consists of establishments of state government agencies that administer, oversee and manage public programs and have executive, legislative or judicial authority over other institutions. The agencies also set policy, create laws, adjudicate civil and criminal legal cases and provide for public safety and national defense.

According to Texas Industry Profiles, the average weekly wage in 2005 for a person employed in the state government industry was from $619 to $1,005. The makeup of the industry is: 7 percent administration of economic programs, 9 percent executive, legislative and general government, 64 percent justice, public order and safety activities, 12 percent administration of human resource programs and 8 percent administration of environmental programs.

Texas has a plural executive branch, which limits the power of the governor. All executive officers are elected independently, except the secretary of state, making them answer to the public instead of the governor. This also makes it possible for the branch to be split between parties.

The executive branch consists of the governor, lieutenant governor, comptroller of public accounts, land commissioner, attorney general, agriculture commissioner, Texas railroad commission, state board of education and secretary of state.

The legislative branch consists of the House of Representatives, with 150 members, and the Senate, with 31 members. The speaker of the House leads the House, while the lieutenant governor leads the Senate. The legislature meets twice per year, and the governor can call for special sessions.

The state's judicial system consists of many layers and overlapping jurisdictions. The two highest courts are the Texas Supreme Court for civil cases and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. The Texas Ranger Division of the Texas Department of Public Safety continues to provide special law enforcement services. Texas game wardens, law enforcement officers employed by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, have the same level of authority as standard law enforcement officers.


Friday, July 18, 2008


Accounting Jobs in Connecticut

The number of new Connecticut accounting jobs created during the next quarter may be a small disappointment to jobseekers. A recent survey conducted on a national level by recruitment firm Robert Half International found that corporate level hiring for accounting and finance professionals will remain unchanged in the next between now and the end of September.

Of the 1,400 CFOs that participated in the survey, 84 percent stated that they planned to neither increase nor decrease the number of individuals they employed in this field. The remaining 12 percent of CFOs were evenly split down the middle when it came to their hiring plans. Exactly 6 percent planned to make additions to staff and 6 percent planned on doing away with jobs postings.

Despite the 0 net gain in jobs, those accounting positions in Connecticut available are becoming increasingly difficult to fill. According to 32 percent of the CFOs surveyed, these positions are the most challenging to find the right employee for. Accounting slots were followed by audit and finance jobs, which 18 percent of participants believed to be the most difficult to hire for.

With employers complaining about the challenges in finding properly trained staff members, those job seekers with experience in the field shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a new workplace.

The largest amount of employers planning to hire new employees for accounting and finance positions were in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. In these states the most important skills were budget forecasting and strategic planning. Other areas that are expected to see an increase in staff numbers included Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas.

The hiring in these West South Central states is mainly fueled by the energy sector. In these two groups combined CFOs stated that the planned to hire an net 4 percent of accounting and finance professionals before the end of the third quarter.



Jobs in New York Abound

New York is a great place to visit, sightsee, and spend some time learning about American culture and history. But it is also a great place to look for employment. Jobs in New York abound in every conceivable industry and profession and the job outlook is exciting for the great state recognized around the world.

Since New York boasts an incredible tourism and visitor trade, there are an abundance of jobs that are both seasonal and year-round. And New York is well-known for its mega advertising and modeling professions which means broad diversity across the state.

But it’s not just models, advertising specialists, graphic designers, architects, chief executive officers, and financial gurus that migrate to New York. There are plenty of job listings available for mechanics, computer technicians, civil engineers, construction engineers, contract laborers, and insurance agents. New York jobs are not focused on any one single occupation and this means plenty of jobs for everyone – regardless of age, ethnicity, education, or experience.

In addition to many of the traditional jobs typically associated with large and small cities, the great state of New York – and particularly New York City – is always searching to fill a variety of positions related to the tourism and entertainment industry. Chauffeurs, hosts and hostesses, hotel and resort clerks, ushers, lobby attendants, housekeeping, and security guards are in high demand.

Bartenders, waiters, and waitresses will also find employment opportunities beckoning them as they enter the gates of one of the greatest states in the United States. Fun, excitement, and entertainment are just steps away and these positions offer a great opportunity to earn money while enjoying and observing the nightlife and astounding activities throughout the region.

If you’re in the market for a change and are looking for a job that offers great pay, personal fulfillment and lively entertainment, then look no further than New York! You’ll quickly find that New York jobs have something to offer everyone and it’s waiting just for YOU!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Tourism a top industry in Florida

Tourism jobs in Florida are among the top in the state and country, and it is expected job openings in the industry will continue to grow.

In 2007, there were 991,300 people directly employed by the Florida tourism industry. The United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics notes in May 2008, the Florida leisure and hospitality industry had grown by 1.8 percent over the previous year.

The State of Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation notes in 2007, the state's leisure and hospitality industry employed 922,676 people, and that number is expected to reach 1,092,314 by 2015, an increase of 2.3 percent. In particular, the Orlando area employs many tourism workers.

In Orlando, a popular tourist destination, some of the largest employers are in the tourism industry, including: Fun Spot, Sea World, Silver Springs, Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, Westgate Resorts and Wonder Works.

About 76.8 million people visited Florida in 2004, making it the top travel destination in the world. Tourism brings in about $57 billion to the state's economy.

According to Visit Florida, 23.8 million people visited Florida during the first quarter of 2008, a 3.4 percent increase. In 2007, tourists spent $65.5 billion and the state received $3.9 billion in sales tax revenue from tourists.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta's Econ South report notes Florida's tourism and hospitality employment grew by 4.6 percent from the third quarter of 2006 to the third quarter of 2007. Most of the growth was in food service restaurants and amusement parks. Taxable tourism-related sales were up 2.8 percent, and hotels and the Orlando International Airport saw surges as well.

"Rebounding international traffic, stimulated by the relatively weak U.S. dollar, explains some of this increase because a weaker dollar relative to many other currencies makes U.S. tourist destinations more financially attractive for international travelers," the site states.

The tourism industry in Florida shouldn't slow down any time soon, according to the FRBA's report. While domestic tourism may slow down because of the housing market, international tourism should remain strong.

"If the dollar remains relatively weak, Florida's tourism industry will benefit in 2008," the site adds. "More Canadian and overseas tourists will likely take advantage of a favorable exchange rate to visit the Sunshine State. Typically, foreign visitors stay longer and spend more money than domestic tourists."

The BLS states nationwide, the leisure and hospitality industry employed 13,723,000 people as of June 2008. In May 2008, there were 603,000 job openings and 1,146,000 people were hired. In 2007, 2.8 percent of those in the industry were union members and 3.2 percent were represented by unions.

The BLS notes in June 2008, the average hourly wage for those in the industry was $10.88 at an average of 25.4 hours per week. In 2007, full-time workers received a median weekly salary of $440, union members received $580, those represented by unions received $572 and non-union members received $431.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Cleveland's Job Market Gloom

Right now may not be the best time for those searching for Cleveland jobs. In May the city’s unemployment rate jumped to 7.2 percent from April’s 6.2 percent. This means that the Cleveland now has the highest jobless percentage in Ohio. Since this figure is well over the national average of 5.5 percent, jobseekers in the area are likely experiencing more difficulty than most.

In a recent public address at Cleveland’s City Club, Governor Ted Strickland expressed his concerns about that current job situation. Despite current problems he stated that he believes that Ohio’s economy will pull through and manage to survive the national recession that many are feeling apprehensive about.

He went on to discuss how his plans for tax reform measures will attract both corporations and new jobs to Cleveland and the rest of the state. During this part of his speech he mentioned the city’s thriving medical and bio-science sector, stating that this area is part of the transformation that will take place in Cleveland’s economy.

Gov. Strickland believes that the job stimulus package he is currently supporting will make a huge difference for those searching for employment. This initiative will dedicate more than $1.5 billion in order to create new jobs throughout Ohio.

In his address, Strickland also mentioned the problems that the rising cost of gas are causing Ohio residents. He stated that he is unhappy with the fact that federal government has yet to action to fix this problem. He went on to say that he believes that the condition has reached the level that requires being declared a national emergency.

Workers aren’t the only ones feeling the pain at the pump. Gas prices are causing many employers to decrease their payrolls in order to remain profitable. Continental Airlines, for example, announced on June 5th that it will doing away with approximately 3,000 jobs.

Although the company has yet to say how these cuts will be divided between pilots, flight attendants and other employees, it has mentioned that Cleveland will be one of the areas that will experience some of the greatest reductions. Continental workers are now being offered a year’s worth of health insurance coverage and various travel perks in exchange for volunteering to leave the company.



Pre-Employment Background Check Tips

Everyone knows that a having a history of criminal activity can deter employers certain employers from hiring you. Lying on your resume, if caught, will have your would-be boss tossing it in the trash can. But almost 80 percent of Americans, according to a survey conducted by Visa, are unaware that neglecting to pay bills in a timely fashion won’t only result it constant phone calls from collection agencies; it can also cause hiring managers to purposely lose your number.

Although there is currently no proof that overwhelming debt or unpaid bills has any correlation with job performance, an increasing number of employers are now delving into applicants credit histories when conducting pre-employment background checks. Some believe that the manner in which you handle your own personal financial affairs is a testament to your character. Those who have had extended credit problems are seen as irresponsible by some employers.

This type of background check is common for those who will be involved in the handling of a companies finances or those who will be in close proximity to valuable merchandise, such as jewelry. Companies do not want those who can’t not manage their own funds to be responsible for large sums of their business’s money nor do they want individuals desperate for cash to be tempted by items which could easily be stolen and then later sold. Although these types of work environments almost always look into a person’s credit history prior to hiring, they are not the only ones who do so. A background check involving this aspect of your personal life could be requested by any sort of employer.

Still, businesses cannot make your the subject of an investigation without your permission. According to federal law, employers must get written consent to look into your past. When signing a consent and disclosure form, read the small print. If you are aware of the fact that you do not have pristine credit, ask about an employer’s policy only after receiving an offer of employment contingent of the results of a background check. By waiting to discuss such matters until after finding out if they will even be relevant, you avoid tainting a hiring manager’s opinion of you.

If you are informed that the company does check into credit histories when conducting background checks, then take the initiative to explain what they are likely to find. By being the one to address the concern, you give yourself the ability to show the human side to your problem. If medical bills, a divorce, or any similar circumstance has effected your credit then now is the time to explain to an employer why you have had some problems. In many cases you will find that the person in charge of hiring will respect your honesty and be more likely to overlook a less-than-perfect financial history.



Maryland Job Outlook

Although Maryland’s jobless rate remains significantly below the national average of 5.5 percent, it climbed to the highest it’s been in the last 2 ½ years in May. In April only 3.6 percent of the state’s population was collecting unemployment benefits, but in May it increased to 4 percent. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the only state that did not experience at least a small rise in joblessness was Louisiana.

Despite rising unemployment, the area’s economy continued to fair better than elsewhere in the nation. Approximately 1,100 Maryland jobs were created in the month of May, according to preliminary statistics after seasonal adjustments. Andy Bauer, regional economist for the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond’s Baltimore office, said this figure shows decent job growth.

Still, there were not enough jobs created to provide employment to the 13,000 people that entered the state’s workforce or to make up for the 2,6000 jobs lost in April. Bauer believes that the drastic increase in the number of individuals looking for employment was caused, in part, by a large group of college students entering the workforce. If this does not end up being the case then he believes something may have go wrong when the government adjusted the statistical information in hopes of accounting for seasonal changes. At this time, it is believed that May’s influx of jobseekers is the largest increase in the workforce in the last 12 years.

Either way, Bauer said that Maryland job growth and unemployment statistics remain positive when one considers that employers are currently challenged by the slump in the housing market, credit problems and high gas prices. “We’re a strong service state, and the service industries are still doing pretty good except for the finance industries related to the housing market,” he said.

Anirban Basu, chief executive of Baltimore economic and policy consulting firm Sage Policy Group, is less optimistic. “I would expect the nation’s unemployment rate to b e roughly 6 percent by year-end and that Maryland’s unemployment rate would be in the range of 4.5 to 5 percent.”

Overall the state’s employers created 26,800 new jobs during the last 12 months. The industry that was responsible for the largest gains in employment was education and health services, which generated 11,400 jobs. Other industries that were responsible for new positions included professional and business services, which added 9,400 jobs, and leisure and hospitality was responsible for 5,400 new positions.

Problems with the housing market and credit crisis caused financial activities employers eliminate 2,300 jobs in the last year. These issues also effected the construction industry, which cut 1,800 positions. Manufacturers did away the most jobs, cutting approximately 3,700 positions during the last 12 months.

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Landing a Marketing Internship

With the Internet in almost every home in America, companies have found a new way to reach consumers. Developing a decent web presence can make or break a company. Because of this, a growing number of employers are placing a large focus on creating an online marketing strategy. The problem is that there are few colleges training students for this growing field.

Because of this, Dallas-based SEO 1 Services has created a Internet marketing internship program geared towards exposing students both the company and search engine marketing along with aiding them in gaining work experience. This program will be open to a variety of majors including journalism, web development, business management, graphic design and information technology.

The company realizes that since search engine marketing is drastically under represented in academia, few students have an accurate idea of their interest in the field. SEO 1 hopes that through offering this internship program they will be able to help individual who have an interest in learning more decide if this is the right career choice from them.

This Internet marketing internship program will focus on giving students hand on experience through a variety of different search engine optimization projects that relate to their chosen disciplines. A recent press release from SEO 1 said that it will also provide those picked to participate with “constant communication” with their mentor who will provide them with feedback, input and helpful advice. The interns will also have the chance to network with some of the best SEO professionals in the industry.

Unlike many internships, the program SEO 1 has in mind will be somewhat flexible. Internships may vary in length, depending on both the availability of the intern in question and the company, but could potentially last as long as 6 months. The company is also offering the possibility of telecommute internships for those not located in the area.

The company has stated that participating in the program may lead to an intern being offered an entry level SEO position, though this is not guaranteed. Letters of recommendation and/or certificates of completion will be given to those who complete their internships. Those interested should submit their resumes through the internship section of the corporations web site.


Friday, July 11, 2008


Experience a Law Internship

Law internships are a great way to gain real-life experience in a law firm that will position you well for future career success. Most internships require completion of the second year of law school and many of them are paid. Serving as an intern provides practical on-the-job experience which enables individuals to apply their education and knowledge of the law, while under the mentorship and direction of experienced legal staff.

Responsibilities for legal interns vary among law firms. Law firms specialize in a particular type of litigation or have multiple departments internally which segment their focus. Internships generally involve legal research and preparing court documents under the direction of an assigned attorney. Research can be based on legal research or policy research depending on the needs of the law firm.

An interesting aspect of law internships is related to responsibilities associated with currently incarcerated inmates. Many inmates seek assistance from lawyers to appeal their cases and interns research the case and prepare a summary document for review by attorneys. They may be required to summarize recent court opinions, news, or other current events that could affect existing cases.

Some of the more mundane tasks associated with law internships relates to the administrative side of the business. Office management, tracking news clippings, monitoring websites, reviewing newswire services, and filing documents may be part of the assigned responsibilities. Although these may appear to be unimportant, they are an effective way to learn more about the legal system and how attorneys operate on a day to day basis.

In addition, many law internships require the interns to research emerging issues, conduct needs assessments, participate in systems designs, and participate in dispute resolution activities. They can gain much experience and exposure by creating surveys, observing courtroom activities, and participating in interviews and attorney meetings.

Law students who participate in law internships are well-trained for a future career in the legal arena. The knowledge they gain and the benefits derived from their internship to the legal firm are extremely valuable.

Searching the Internet for a law internship that fits your education and personal passion is just a click away. Not only will you be enhancing your future career, you’ll be making a difference in the lives of others with your work.


Monday, July 07, 2008


When Not to Touch a Background Check

Standard procedure in today’s world of interviewing, assessing, and making employment decisions typically includes an employment background checks.

This type of investigation is meant to confirm that you are the best candidate for the job based on the information provided on your resume and application, your character, your credit worthiness, and other factors that may impact your ability to perform well in your job.

Consent forms for background checks give potential employers broad latitude to check into your background – including credit history, vehicular moving violations, criminal convictions, and a variety of other things. But it’s just as important to know what they are not allowed to check as it is to know what they are allowed to check.

Companies which utilize agencies for background checks are regulated by the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act national standards. This organization ensures that they are only allowed to check into approved background information. It also clearly states that there are certain background areas that the agencies are not allowed to check.

Some of the areas that are disallowed for inclusion in employment background checks include:

  1. Accounts placed in collection that are more than seven (7) years old
  2. Paid tax liens after seven (7) years
  3. Records of arrests, civil lawsuits, or judgments after seven (7) years

Bankruptcy can be included, however, it cannot be used as a reason to discriminate against you if you filed for bankruptcy. When you personally file for bankruptcy, it is a protective measure to right your credit.

Make sure you know what is being investigated in your background when providing consent. Being prepared for something negative or detrimental that may be uncovered and discussing it with your potential employer directly is your best bet for success.


Thursday, July 03, 2008 Updates ATS Offerings

Trying to find the right solution for a company’s applicant tracking problems can be difficult, particularly so for a small to mid-sized business. These workplaces suffer something that larger corporations usually don’t have to contend with, limited funds, which means that the focus must be placed on getting the best program for the least amount of money. believes that it’s recently released nowHire Elite Business Edition can provide quality applicant tracking solutions about a price that is affordable to smaller companies. According to a recent press release, the software program is geared towards offering both small and mid-sized offices the same hiring management advantages enjoyed by their larger clients.

This new edition is web-based and focuses on making it easier to automate the recruiting process, which for many smaller businesses can easily become overwhelming. For its larger corporate clients nowHire created a automated system that follows applicants through the employment process, from start to finish, and also monitors the continual professional development of current and new employees. The company believes that this program, which is a “talent management system”, is too much for the needs of smaller businesses.

“We’re increasingly talking to companies that know they need to automate their recruiting and hiring, but just don’t need to invest the time and budget to bring on a full-featured, enterprise ATS,” Joseph Impastato,’s founder and chief executive office, says. “Still, they want to be sure the basic system can be scaled to their talent management needs as they grown.”

One of the better features of the Elite Business Edition is the fact that it allows companies to offer what they call an “Extreme Support Philosphy”. NowHire provides toll-free phone and email support to job applicants in hopes of showcasing employer responsiveness. The goal is to help the candidate feel more assured that their application has been received and is important to the company they have applied to. NowHire believes that this customer-service feature will impress job applicants by giving them the feeling that they are applying for a job with a company that has a “culture of communications” and values the time of potential employees.

Other features of this ATS system include applications geared toward allowing users to easily manage job requisitions, candidate’s, interviews and background checks. The Elite Business Edition also helps out in the pre-screening and ranking of candidates and scheduling interviews.

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