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Thursday, February 28, 2008


Ohio Economy Makes a U-Turn

If you’re in the market for a new job, then you just might want to look at Ohio jobs as your next stop on your search. Not sure what’s in Ohio for you?

After a brief period of economic downturn, Ohio is moving up and forward again.

Ohio suffered a business downturn during the 1970’s due to a decline in economic health resulting from foreign competition. Ohio jobs suffered as a result. But things have turned around for them in the past 10 years. The economy has been stimulated by an abundance of factories producing plastics and the introduction of service businesses which have grown over the years.

Ohio has also taken a strong stance on environmental control and preservation through the execution of state laws to keep the state rivers and Lake Erie clean and healthy. The myriad of lakes are used for both commercial and recreational use.

Ohio jobs continue to grow in the major cities of Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati, which are the largest cities in the state. Other cities are also posting open positions and the number of Ohio jobs continues to grow throughout the state.

Take a look at the job opportunities in Ohio and consider living in the state which is the birthplace of seven former U.S. presidents. You’ll find a welcoming community of citizens who take pride in their heritage.


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