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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Entry Level Job Search Tips

As talk of the possibility of national economic recession continue, many soon-to-be college graduates are experience an increase in concern about their ability to locate entry level jobs. Although there will continue to be positions available, competition may be tougher. This means that those about the enter into the job market need to be as prepared as humanly possible.

For starters, those about to graduate should make good use of career fairs hosted both on campus and off. Employers who attend these events usually do so because they already have available entry-level jobs. Attending career fair not only gives a jobseeker an idea of what positions are to be had in the area, but can also be more effective than applying by other means. Since these events put those looking for entry-level jobs face to face with employers, it makes it possible to give a first impression before an interview has even taken place.

Because of this, it is important for those searching for entry-level jobs to attend these events fully prepared. Many college students make the mistake of thinking campus hosted career festivals to be as casual as the classroom. Although no one is going to kick you for not adhering to a corporate dress code, your chances of finding employment are drastically increased by dressing for success.

Aside from wearing professional clothing, those looking for entry-level jobs should bring multiple copies of their resume to every career event they attend. Many employers are willing to take a copy of a promising jobseeker’s resume back to the office with them. Having this document in hand makes it harder for recruiters to forget the individual they spoke with. If the first impression was favorable, the chances of receiving an interview greatly increases.


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