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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Wisconsin Hospitals Focused on Recruiting

While the population and demand for healthcare professionals in Wisconsin are growing, hospitals are having trouble filling open positions. Because of this, many hospitals are focusing on recruiting efforts.

Currently, 5.6 million people live in Wisconsin, up 5.7 percent from 2000, and hospitals are having to compete more than usual to find perspective employees. The state is specifically seeing a shortage of physical therapists, pharmacists and registered nurses.

Two of the state's major hospitals, Franciscan Skemp and Gunderson Lutheran are amping up their recruiting efforts to help fill open positions. Both hospitals say having higher learning institutions to help attract candidates helps, according to an article by WXOW.

"The universities and technical colleges have been able to draw us the applicants we need, but everything as it going, it's going to be a challenge," Frank Perez-Guerra, Gundersen Lutheran's Director of Human Resources, said in the article.

Franciscan Skemp helps its recruiting efforts by offering scholarships to students, and both hospitals offer competitive pay and security to attract potential employees.

Despite shortages, patients shouldn't have to worry about a lack of care, as there will always be a need for healthcare and healthcare professionals.

"We work very hard to make sure we have the appropriate staff and are able to take care of our patients," Perez-Guerra added in the article.

Franciscan Skemp doctors have said they are not experiencing hiring shortages as much as other hospitals in the state. Gundersen Lutheran is particularly hopeful universities will add more teaching staff to train more students and help with the shortage.


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