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Sunday, October 05, 2008


Untraditional Healthcare Jobs: Travel Nurses

With a national shortage of professionals to fill available healthcare jobs, many employers are becoming more open to creative ways of making sure they are fully staffed. The newest method of doing this is through travel nurse agencies. These firms are a lot like temping agencies, but usually involve longer terms of employment and the workers who take these assignments often move from state to state.

Individuals who become travel nurses usually have at least two years experience in a more traditional medical environment. Although a travel nurse may take on positions only in their own state, those who want to expand the number of healthcare job offers they receive have to be licensed to practice in every state they wish to work in.

The assignments that are offered can range anywhere from 8 to 52 weeks, but the average contractual work period is 13 weeks. Like with most temp agencies, at the end of this agreed upon time nurses can decide to extend their assignment, accept a permanent position or take another job.

Aside from getting to travel, nurses who have this sort of healthcare job receive many benefits. These individuals are usually paid a significant amount more than others with the same amount of training and experience. Many employers also pay for housing for those who have taken assignments away from their own homes. These individuals also often receive bonuses on top of these perks.

Because of the amount of travel involved, nurses who are best suited for these jobs need to have a flexible lifestyle and be okay with being away from home for extended periods of time.

Registered nurses aren’t the only ones who can begin this sort of untraditional career. Positions exits for RNs, LPNs LVNs, radiologic technologits, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists and many other healthcare positions.

Those who believe they would enjoy being travel nurses should research the various agencies that specialize in assisting employers with their staff needs.


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