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Monday, October 20, 2008


Connecticut Jobs Lost

The number of jobs in Connecticut fell once again between August and September. The state lost approximately 2,300 positions in a months time, according to most recent statistics released.

John Tirinzonie, who is the state’s labor economist, said that this is proof that the nation’s struggling economy has begun to effect jobs in Connecticut. He went on to say that almost every industry in the state is beginning to feel this impact.

He predicts that, if the American economic situation does not improve soon, then the positions lost statewide during the last month will only be a preview of the worsening job market that come before the year is out.

National economist have expect that the country will not recover until some time next year. No forecast has been made at this time as to exactly how many jobs in Connecticut could be lost if this is true.

Currently 1.7 million individuals hold jobs in Connecticut. The unemployment fell during the month of September to 6.1 percent from 6.5 percent. The loss of jobs and the drop in unemployment may seem to contradict each other, but as work becomes harder to come by, some begin to seek employment in areas right outside of their state of residence. This can throw statistics off somewhat.

The struggling housing market has also served to make the situation worse. With less people buying homes, construction jobs in Connecticut are now harder to come by. During the month of September the state lost 300 more of these positions, which brought industry employment down to 67,700, according to the state Labor Department.

The manufacturing industry is also struggling. Last month 700 jobs were lost, bringing employment down to 188,500. The state Labor Department has said that September had the largest month-to-month decline in jobs experienced in Connecticut so far this year.


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