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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Jobcasting: Recruiting is Marketing, Part III

Ok in parts I & II I talked about how HR needs to think more like marketers when it comes to recruiting. Now I’m prepared to show you how.

Podcast your jobs.

Microsoft is doing it. So is Accenture. So why aren’t other companies?

Well the problem is that most HR folks don’t know how, nor do they have the time to learn. But I have a solution for that.

Jobs in Pods is a new marketing tool for employers. We advertise your jobs and promote your employer brand through audio podcasts which we conduct over the phone with your HR staff & other employees.

We do all the work and your podcast is published throughout the web on various podcast directories including iTunes where passive job seekers can discover your company and download episodes to their iPods.

We even give you a widget so you can place the podcasts on your own career site. Here’s a couple of examples from a couple of companies who have become early adopters of this new way to market your jobs.

Here's what Dennis Smith, Sr. Recruiting Manager for T-mobile says about Jobs in Pods:

I connect daily with the customers and job applicants of T-Mobile via our blog. The podcast talks about what we do at T-Mobile and the types of candidates I'm looking for and it's just one more opportunity for me to connect with those people that I care about - our customers and our candidates!

Here's what Martin Burns, Recruiting Manager for ZoomInfo has to say:

  1. For awhile now, I’ve struggled with deciding the value of podcasting from a business perspective. That said, once I heard what you were doing I had one of those “ah-ha” moments. This is a natural way for ZoomInfo to increase our employment branding.
  2. For employers in general, this is a great way to reach a broad audience. It’s quick and painless, and it’s much easier to convey passion about a workplace verbally as opposed to in a print job ad.

Podcasting your jobs is a smart, unique and memorable marketing tool. Now lets get started. Contact me.


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