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Monday, March 05, 2007


Recruiting is Marketing, Part II

Stay tuned tomorrow as I unveil a brand new way to market your jobs.

Last time I expressed concern that HR professionals don't understand that recruiting is marketing. It couldn't have been more perfect timing as two respected authors recently noted.

First Seth Godin says this in his post entitled Marketing Your Jobs;

Here's what's missing from the hiring equation: organizations try to treat jobs like commodities and as a result, often end up treating themselves as commodities. All jobs are the same, our job is a little closer and we pay a little better, call us. Sure, companies all brag about the work environment and benefits and such, but when they come right down to it, they're not so different...

Let me really understand who the boss is going to be, what the office is like, what the work is like. Sell the job, not the job opening.

Then Lou Adler wrote its time to blow up the job description. He gives 12 different reasons why you don't need one. But I think this quote sums it up;

As more good candidates go online to look, the objective of a job description should not be to pre-qualify the person, but rather to generate interest in the position and company. You don't need a job description to do this.

He continues...Once you have a particular job in mind, it's better if you emphasize the results, opportunities, and challenges involved in the job, rather than composing a laundry list of specific skills and desirable characteristics.

Recruiting is marketing. Job postings are just a commodity. They all look and sound the same. It's time to take your recruiting to the next level. It's time to start acting like a marketer. Stay tuned tomorrow for a way to do just that.


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