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Thursday, December 11, 2008


Avoiding Career Scams When Being Recruited

In today's difficult economic times it is important to avoid a career scam, says TCMI, a Houston-based career marketing and management firm. A career scam can happen to any unsuspecting jobseeker who does not investigate the company they are going to work for prior to accepting a new position. In other words, if an individual has been out of work for any extended period of time, it is natural for that person to want to accept the first offer that is presented to them. Unfortunately, that particular company or role within that company may not be the right fit and complaints could begin happening quickly.

Some employers begin staffing or recruiting even while other departments are being laid off or reduced. Be sure your potential new employer is on sound ground financially. Finally, you will want to know that there is room for advancement with your potential new employer. Complaints of not being able to advance unfortunately happen when the employee has been with the company for about one year.

Fully investigating a company prior to accepting any offer will significantly reduce the potential of walking into an employment scam. Be alert to a company's environment: is it an atmosphere that is conducive to growth and free from complaints? Does the potential new employer have the financial strength to survive difficult economic times? Jobseekers, too, should not be afraid to ask questions of the hiring manager that will allow a way to measure employee satisfaction. Remember – you are your own best advocate.


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