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Friday, March 05, 2010


What Seattle Jobs Are Most Popular to SU Students?

A new report may help students preparing for Seattle jobs better know what to expect when they graduate.

A recent article from the Seattle University Spectator explored the notion of whether or not the famously "job friendly" majors are translating into secure careers once students graduate. Daniel Pascoe, executive director of the Career Services Center, said that question is hard to answer.

"The exact number is difficult to determine," he said. "The extent to which we can help students is limited. We give them the tools, but the hiring itself is up to the student and potential employer."

Pascoe noted that, because of the economic downturn, careers in globally-focused employment industries are now the strongest. That includes green jobs, such as those in environmental engineering or environmental science, and traditionally successful careers, such as those in information technology and medical services.

The U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that education and health services each increased by 1.8 percent during 2009, while the government industry grew by 1 percent. At the same time, however, the construction industry lost the most jobs, decreasing by 18.3 percent.

Several Career Services counselors at Seattle University have stated that such a gaping hole in one industry can negatively affect other industries surrounding it. For instance, a drop in the construction industry affects the real estate sector.

Counselors at the Career Services Center and the Albers Placement Center reported that management and entrepreneurship are the most popular business majors.

Overall, nursing majors remain the most popular at the school, with 446 of the 4,490 declared undergraduates taking nursing. Business finance is a close second with 254 students, followed by psychology majors with 233 students.

On the opposite side, film studies, clinical lab science string performance, theater and music are the most unpopular majors, as each has less than 10 registered students.


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