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Friday, January 02, 2009


Jobs in Healthcare for Travel Nurses

With the economy struggling, employers across many industries are laying off workers left and right. Despite this, healthcare and medical jobs remain relatively secure. The reason that this industry has yet to be crippled by the same aliments that are plaguing others is simple: the services it provides are necessities.

The problem that is hurting this sector is of a different nature. With the population growing and the elderly making up a larger portion of it, there simply aren’t enough workers to fill many jobs in healthcare. Because of this, a lot of employers are beginning to seek out workers through less traditional arrangements.

One of the more popular medical jobs the shortage of healthcare professionals has created is travel nurses. These individuals are temporary help that work at hospital for an agreed upon time, usually ranging form four weeks to a year. At the end of this contractual period, travel nurses may go on to another facility in a different location or they may chose to take a permanent job offer if one is issued.

This career path has many perks. For starters, travel nurses are usually paid more than others in nursing, even though they provide the same services. In many situations, medical facilities also pay for their housing costs or provide a domicile. By nature it also provides the opportunity to travel, along with giving professionals the benefits they would receive in a more traditional setting.

Like all jobs, being a travel nurse does have its down points. Although you can request to only work at hospitals in a particularly area, fewer opportunities exist for those who limit themselves this way. Constantly being away from home can also be difficult for a variety of reason.
Another things that can be a down fall for some about this medical job is the fact that to be able to work in different states a travel nurse must be certified in all of the states that they wish to receive employment offers from.

For the most part, travel nursing agencies require that a medical professional have at least one year experience before they are willing to help them find employment opportunities. Those who think this is a viable but are just beginning their careers would have to get a little work experience before they would be able to start.


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