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Saturday, December 27, 2008


Eco-Friendly Job Search Ideas

When conducting a job search many members of Generation Y have different concerns than their predecessors. Right now, one of the biggest issues that has caught the interest of the younger portion of the working world is eco-friendliness. According to there are many things a job seeker can do to turn their job search green.

The presence of paperless job search options has helped this effort a lot. With websites geared toward finding employment opportunities, those who are concerned with mother earth now have the ability to find work without sacrificing their stance on the issue. In the same vein, Internet networking can also help. Contacting people you know through social networking sites, uploading resumes and corresponding via e-mail can all help to find work without hurting the environment. writer Trey Granger also said that those are worried about the carbon emissions put out by cars during all the driving going to job interviews take have several options. For starters, the individual can plan to attend to several different interviews in one area in the same day. This will cut down on some of the emissions give off by their vehicle. Another thing the econ-conscious can do is take public transportation to their job interviews. This makes an even bigger difference to the environment than the first option does.

Those who are in a field that causes them to receive a lot of business cards should also consider recycling these after they have put the information in their phones or online contact information. Another good idea is to only use recycled products if a paper resume is requested. Individuals who are particularly concerned with the health of the globe should consider looking for an actual green job. Since many areas are looking into increasing the number of positions in things like renewable energy to stimulate the economy, there may soon be many more of these jobs available.


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