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Thursday, September 25, 2008


Kansas Medical Jobs Pay the Most in the State

Kansas medical jobs pay better than any other careers in the state, according to the state Department of Labor’s annual Wage Survey. The list, which was released on Wednesday, September 24th found that the top ten highest paid professions in the state are all in healthcare.

The survey found that maxillofacial surgeons make the most in the Kansas. Statistics show that these individuals make, on average, $97.73 an hour. The other ten careers were obstetricians and gynecologists, physicians and surgeons (all other types), anesthesiologists, family doctors and general practitioners, psychiatrists, internists, podiatrists and dentists.

A similar report put out by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics on the national wage averages found Psychiatrists to be the highest paid workers in the country. These individuals may make less than oral surgeons in Kansas, earning $90.51 an hour, but they still top the list. Throughout the country, 8 of the 10 highest paying careers are healthcare jobs.

The Kansas Wage Survey found that when in the state an individual works also matters. Pharmacists in Wichita, for example, average $47.31 an hour. Professionals in the same career in Kansas City and Topeka make $42.86 and those in Lawrence earn $39.48 an hour.

The report showed that workers in the state average $17.45 an hour, which is $2 below the national average. Out of near by states, residents in Missouri and Colorado make more, while those in Nebraska and Oklahoma earn less.

The workers who made the least in Kansas were counter attendants in cafeterias, good concession and coffee shop workers. On average, these individuals earned $7.08 an hour, while the national average is $8.57.

In Kansas the industry with the highest rate of employment was the service sector. Retail salespeople, cashiers, customer service representative and wait staff were at the top. Only one healthcare job, registered nurses, made this part of the list.

Those who conducted the survey grouped each job in to categories. Out of the, management, which made $39.77 an hour, had the highest average wages, followed by the legal field, earning $32.28. Architecture and engineering rounded off the top three, making $30.86 an hour.

Only employees of the farming, fishing and forestry industry in Kansas made a higher average hourly wage than the national average for a category. These individuals earned $13.98, while most in the country only made $10.89 an hour.


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