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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Nursing Jobs in Las Vegas

As the life expectancy of the general population continues to increase, the healthcare industry has to grow, at least in number of employees, in order to accommodate the larger work load. Because of this, nurses are in such high demand that many hospitals are unable to keep enough on staff, particularly in cities such as Las Vegas.

Between the size of the population and the fact that the area does not have enough residents who are properly trained, nursing jobs in Las Vegas exist in abundance. According to the US Department of Labor Bureau's statistics, registered nurse is the largest healthcare occupation. Approximately 2.5 million jobs exist throughout the country, 59 percent of which are in hospitals. The remainder of these nursing jobs are located between private practices, nursing homes, and other care facilities.

It is believed that registered nurses are projected to generate about 587,00 new jobs between 2006 and 2016, which is a 23 percent increase, making it one of the fastest growing careers in the country. Those searching for nursing jobs will be happy to know overall job opportunities in Las Vegas are expected to be excellent. As the country is forced to face a shortage of qualified nurses, salaries will rise as hospitals compete to attracted the best employees possible.

Due to the low numbers of nurses in the area, Las Vegas hospitals are having to look elsewhere for new employees. Internet recruitment for this career continues to grow as the city tries to avoid being hit hard by the expected nursing shortage. Because of increasing salaries and the number of available positions, areas like Las Vegas and parts of California are considered some of the best for those searching for nursing jobs to relocate to.

Salaries will continue to be effected by the level of education the individual in question has. Different specialties require different degrees, but jobs exist for everyone from those with nursing diplomas to those with graduate degrees.


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