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Friday, September 07, 2007


More on JobFox

I see that Cheezhead mentioned JobFox today. But a larger, more prestigious publication also has featured the new job hunting upstart: Forbes Magazine.

Some interesting quotes by founder Rob McGovern (former CareerBuilder exec) caught my eye. He says among other things;
"The idea of staying with a company and getting promoted from within is becoming the exceptional case. More and more people are finding that you have to leave your present company to go up to the next higher rung on the ladder."
I would agree.
"Based on the migration of users leaving job boards and coming to us I think yeah, it's a trend."

I wouldn't go that far.
"Clearly Monster and CareerBuilder are competitors. We found in our test market that we put a huge dent in their traffic at a fraction of their advertising expense."
How does he know what their traffic was in those markets? That's virtually impossible to tell.
On Craigslist: "I think that five years from now we're all going to look back and say that the idea--call it a "dumb classified"--is dead."
Take that CL!
"The inspiration for Jobfox really takes me back to CareerBuilder. We were seeing that only 5% of the job listings on the site were resulting in a hire. In other words, that's a 95% failure rate. "

Well that bridge has been burned.


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