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Monday, July 30, 2007


NAS encouraging texting in recruiting

NAS Recruitment Communications is conducting some interesting recruitment experiments. They are really at the forefront of trying new ways to recruit. I'm working on jobcasts with a few of their clients and I just came across this idea of texting and tags. Neat idea.

Employers Going 'Mobile' to Reach Prospective Employees

Recruitment Communications firm NAS relies on qtags to add mobility link to client advertising.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) July 30, 2007 -- NAS Recruitment Communications of Cleveland, known for helping many of America's largest companies find good employees, announces they now provide mobility solutions powered by qtags text.

Well-known brands such as Fidelity Investments, Toyota, Verizon Wireless, Caremark, Constellation Energy and many others rely on NAS - a division of McCann Worldgroup - to reach prospective candidates through a wide range of advertising efforts. In 2007 NAS has helped these brands add text messaging to their recruiting campaigns, enabling them to go "mobile" to facilitate communication with today's fast-moving audience.

"In our media-saturated world, it's tough to catch the attention of busy people," says Denise Amato, Senior Vice President of NAS. "But one thing is certain - almost everyone has their cell phone with them at all times, and an advertisement that includes a text messaging component allows them to quickly and easily seek more information about an opportunity that might interest them. They can respond to a print, radio, video board or outdoor advertisement in the time it takes them to send a text, and they can do so while on the bus, waiting for a table in a restaurant, at a sporting event - anyway and everywhere they commute, work and play."
For example, NAS client Fidelity Investments - seeking technical employees in the Research Triangle Park region of North Carolina - advertised in newspapers, at malls and airports, on campus buses and at North Carolina State basketball games. Fidelity's arena ads encouraged interested candidates to text the word "techjob" to 78247; those who did received a reply message with a specialized web address that could be visited later.

Currently, Verizon Wireless is searching for call center employees with drive-time radio advertising that includes the qtag "Verizon." Cell phone users who text the word to 78247 receive a reply with time and location of upcoming open houses and interview days along with a special web-link where they can submit their resumes electronically.

Tara Repucci, NAS Vice President, says the campaigns have exceeded expectations and that the pairing of text messaging with radio has been a very successful approach for their clients.
"We began with Verizon in one market and we've now recommended a mobile component with all the company's recruitment advertising nationwide because it works," she says. "We're seeing more and more clients recognize the value of allowing people to interact on their own terms."
The ability to respond wherever and whenever via text messaging is what makes the technology so powerful, says qtags President Allison Gower.

"The majority of today's workforce is cell-phone enabled and text-savvy, and their 'mobile' is a very personal item for them - it's a way of connecting with the world," she says. "When an individual responds to an advertisement by texting, they are 'opting in' emotionally to learn more about your company and the opportunity you are describing. They want more information, and that's what advertising is all about."

About NAS Recruitment Communications
NAS Recruitment Communications is a recognized leader in the specialized field of human resource communications. Within our 38-office network, we combine best-of-class service delivery with global, national and local market expertise. Our client partners experience a distinct competitive advantage through the utilization of the NAS Demand Chain, a proprietary process map designed to deliver customized talent management solutions and maximize recruitment strategy ROI.

About qtags, llc
Qtags llc provides Mobility marketing solutions to advertisers throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. Qtags keywords are used to make advertisements easier to remember, to build extremely targeted permission-based groups, to deliver rewards like promotions and coupons, to allow a consumer to order and view rich media content on the mobile phone and on digital displays, to connect to qtags-hosted dot-mobi sites, and to create interactivity with an audience via voting, trivia and feedback text programs. Formed in 2005, qtags' clients include Accenture, NAS Recruitment Communications, Fidelity Investments, Toyota, Scion, Verizon Wireless, Arena-Media Networks, American Express, Shell, Microsoft, Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Wyndham Hotels, XtraMedium Communications and Jack Nadel International.


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