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Monday, May 07, 2007


I'd hate to be the HR Manager at Disney

The fly just returned from his vacation at Disney World with the family. Mrs Fly and Little Fly went too. While there, he couldn't help but notice what a massive undertaking staffing a bunch of theme parks and resorts must be.

He was impressed by the "cast members" who served and pampered him. They were all polite and their service was top notch. But where do you find almost 60,000 hourly workers in such a small region of Florida?

The answer: anywhere and everywhere.

The fly asked around. Many were local folks but a lot were college students, International workers and a variety of contractors. Disney has a large college internship program so they bring in kids by the truck loads. A student can literally do any job imaginable from manning a cash register to waiting tables to working on a boat. One night he ate at a Canadian Steak place in Epcot. The waitress from was from Nova Scotia.

Can you say global recruiting?

The fly was curious. How long have you worked here he asked? Do they give you room and board?

Yes she replied. She's part of a year long international work exchange and they give her a place to live (10 mins away) and feed her. She took the job for little adventure and meet new people and she loves it.

On the Disney web site you can read more about their internship programs and such. The fly also found some buzz on one person's experience working there. Interesting read.

Would you want to recruit for Disney? It must be difficult and rewarding at times. At least that's what this fly heard on their walls.

Blogosphere request...anyone out there know a Disney recruiter? If so, send them my way. Would love to talk to them.


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