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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Finding Dallas Jobs

Good news for those looking for Dallas jobs; several companies are looking into relocating or opening an office in the area. Officials hope that this will keep the city in the black even if the national economy continues it’s descent into recession.

The city’s central location, growing workforce, low business costs in the area and the major airport make it top on employers’ list for relocations and new distribution centers. Last year, a good number of Dallas jobs were created when Comerica Inc. and Research in Motion Ltd were attracted to the area for these reasons.

According to one of the real estate broker Staubach Co.’s executive vice presidents, “Dallas is absolutely in the sweet spot as far as being in a position to attract the employers that have jobs and people looking for good high-paying jobs.” He went on to say that “Texas is the highest growth state in the country. Every wants to be here.”

Dallas is currently the fastest growing U.S. metro area and it’s population of 6 million makes it the fourth largest. At this time there are several businesses considering bringing operations to the area, which would mean a good number of new jobs in Dallas.

Deloitte is considering buying land and building a $300 million training center. If plans go through, 500 Dallas jobs would be created. Dick’s Sporting Goods is also thinking about creating a distribution center in the area. The plan calls for the building to be at least 600,000 square feet.

Savannah College of Art & Design, located in Georgia, is seeking more than 300,00 square feet for another campus. Both Dallas and San Diego are under consideration. There is no estimate at this time how many jobs would be created if this plan comes into being.



Eli Lilly Jobs in Indianapolis

Pharmaceutical drug manufacture, Eli Lilly & Co. recently announced that it will soon be doing away with as many as 500 Indianapolis jobs. The company plans on abandoning its development of inhaled insulin thus making these positions unnecessary.

The termination of these Indianapolis jobs will effect those who work in manufacturing the insulin products Humalog and Humulin, along with those who work with the osteoporosis drug Forteo. Along with these positions, the company says they also plan to do away with some of its research and development jobs. Eli Lilly & Co. plans to reduce their staff numbers, if possible, through voluntary buyouts.

According to Edward Sagebiel, a company spokesperson, the layoffs will result in doing away with 4.2 percent of the Indianapolis jobs that the company offers. Over the last four years Lilly has decreased its worldwide employment by 5,500 people, or 12 percent. As of December 31st the company had 40,600 employees throughout the globe, 12,000 of which were located in Indianapolis.

He went on to say that there are several reasons for the necessity of the cuts. Between Lilly’s recent announcement that they will no longer be producing AIR insulin and improvements in how the company manufactures its pharmaceuticals, Sagebiel says that they can now meet the same demands with a smaller number of staff members.

Those employees that accept the buyouts will be leaving the company within the next three months.

Indiana’s March unemployment rate equaled that of the national average for the month at 5.1 percent, according to the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. Overall statewide employment decreased by 1,100 jobs, falling from 2,986,500 to 2,985,400 workers. The decline was attributed to seasonally-low construction growth caused partially by bad weather along with troubles in the housing market and the loss of jobs in Indianapolis and elsewhere in the manufacturing industry.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Diversity Resumes and Interview Advice

By Sean O’Grady, CareerTV

Drexel University Associate Vice Provost Peter Franks has the goods on how to add diversity to an interview or a resume.

Work Experience

Student Question: My only job experience is waiting tables. How can I make that sound more diverse?

Peter Franks: All work has value and you need to be able to access the kinds of skills that you have in waiting tables and how can that apply to other situations. You may say, “I’m good at customer service, I’m good at keeping details, showing up on time, dependability”.

Networking is also something of value. You learn how to meet people, how to deal with them. Those are all skills that are transferable to other situations. Think about how you can use those skills to tell an employer how you can apply those skills to a new opportunity.

Controversial Topics

Student Question: I am religious and lead a religious organization on my campus, but I’m not sure if I should bring this up during an interview. Is it okay to talk about religion during an interview?

Peter Franks: It is okay, but you want to do it in the context of the interview. You want to use the interview time to promote yourself in a positive way. So if your religious experience included leadership experience, details, or forming new products for the religious organization, then you can bring it up in the areas of skills that you have learned, and demonstrate that to the interviewer as “I was a leader in this religious organization and these are the events we did…”. Bringing up those skill sets makes it appropriate.


Student Question: During a recent internship interview, I was asked to talk about my role in team settings. What’s the best way to answer that question?

Peter Franks: All employers are seeking people who work well in teams, so it’s a key attribute that any interviewer will be looking at. What you want to say is not what we as a group did, but what did you contribute to the group that resulted in specific outcomes. While most young people are fearful about appearing to be bragging, in a job interview situation, that is really what you have to do. Focus on what you did specifically with the team, how did you work well with collaborating with the team, and what did the team accomplish.

See the video of this article at Diversity Resumes and Interview Advice and get more career help and employer videos at where you’ll find the largest collection of career videos online.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008


Healthcare Resume Tips

Given the scientific background of many health care jobs, writing a resume for these positions can be more difficult than for others. One reason that causes this problem is the fact that there are two formats which can be followed.

The typical resume is often used for healthcare jobs that have more of an office background such as those that purely distractive. In these circumstances it is best to list one’s experience in reversed chronological order. This gives the hiring manager the ability to see advancements and salary increases most easily. If one plans to apply online for a this sort of healthcare job it is important to remember than most application tracking software uses filters that sometimes accidentally remove the information of even qualified candidates.

Because of this it is important to make sure that keywords are present. One way to make sure that a resume is not unrightfully discarded is to mimic the job description to some degree. For example; if the announcement asked for four years experience in a medical office background and the applicant possesses this, then it is important to list this qualification in the same words.

The other format of resume used to apply for healthcare jobs is called the Curriculum Vitae, which is Latin for “course of one’s life.” This is mostly used by individuals who are in the medical, academic, and scientific fields. Where as a typical resume may boost one’s achievements, the Curriculum Vitae is slightly more discreet. Since in this form of an application for healthcare jobs requires the writer to list all their credentials, it can be any number of pages in length. Typical topics included in the Curriculum Vitae include professional experience, education, internships, awards, information on publications, conferences, professional affiliations, and speaking engagements.

One particular bit of information that one should not forget to include in a resume for healthcare jobs is any experience in fundraising. Since hospitals and other medical facilities often work to gain sponsorship and federal grants, this type of know-how will make an applicant stand out in the eyes of any hiring manager.

Monday, April 07, 2008


Chicago Area Job Growth

Illinois’ unemployment rate dropped slightly in February from 5.6 percent to 5.5 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Despite the small decline, the state’s jobless rate remained above the national average of 4.8 percent. According to the state’s Department of Employment Security, Illinois has led the Midwest in job growth since January of 2004. Approximately 34,000 jobs have been created in the past year, many of which were added in the Chicago area.

Despite the decrease in unemployment and steady job growth in the area, the housing market crisis is still effecting area employment. National City Mortgage began layoffs on March 15th with plans of doing away with 51 jobs in Chicago. According to the Chicago Tribune, this is at least the ninth mortgage lender in Illinois to announce layoffs since April of 2007. Over 1,420 jobs in Chicago have been lost through reductions in staff at various mortgage lenders in the last eleven months.

National City Mortgage is doing away with these jobs in Chicago as part of their exit from the wholesale mortgage lending, which means that the loans originate through a mortgage broker network. National City plans to shift their focus to retail mortgages, eliminating the middle man and lending directly to consumers at its mortgage office and bank branches. The Chicago jobs that will soon be done away with were located at the lender’s 2300 N. Barrington Rd. office in Hoffman Estates.



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